What is Will Arnett’s golf handicap?

Will Arnett, born on May 4, 1970, in Toronto, Canada, is a versatile entertainer known for his roles as an actor, comedian, and producer. Beyond his achievements in the entertainment industry, Arnett is also an avid golfer, boasting a handicap of around 15 in the year 2023. Despite his busy career, Arnett finds time to indulge in his passion for golf, even participating in renowned tournaments such as the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM.

Will Arnett’s golf handicap

A Comedic Approach to Golf

While renowned for his comedic talent, Will Arnett’s golf game demonstrates his dedication and skill on the fairways. With a handicap of around 15, he showcases a respectable level of proficiency in the game. Arnett’s love for golf is evident in his commitment to improving his skills and his participation in notable events within the golfing community.

The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM Experience

In 2023, Will Arnett had the opportunity to compete in the prestigious AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM. This renowned event combines professional golfers with celebrities, providing Arnett with a platform to showcase his golfing abilities alongside some of the sport’s biggest names. His participation in this tournament demonstrates his passion for the game and his desire to immerse himself in the golfing community.

Balancing Act: Golf and Entertainment

Despite his busy schedule in the entertainment industry, Will Arnett manages to strike a balance between his career and his love for golf. While known for his comedic roles, Arnett’s dedication to golf underscores his commitment to mastering the sport. By participating in tournaments and maintaining a handicap of around 15, he shows a genuine passion for the game and a desire to continually improve his skills.


Will Arnett’s golf handicap of around 15 is a testament to his commitment to the sport and his ability to balance his entertainment career with his passion for golf. As an accomplished actor, comedian, and producer, Arnett’s involvement in the golfing community adds another dimension to his multifaceted talents. Whether on the screen or on the fairways, Arnett’s comedic prowess and love for the game continue to entertain and inspire.

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