What is Alfonso Ribeiro’s Golf Handicap?

Alfonso Ribeiro, the multi-talented American actor, television host, director, and comedian, has a golf handicap estimated to be around 2-4, based on information from various online sources.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Golf Handicap

Early Life and Background

Born on September 21, 1971, in New York City, Alfonso Ribeiro rose to fame through his memorable portrayal of Carlton Banks on the popular NBC sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, alongside Will Smith. While Ribeiro was an athlete during his high school years, his journey into the world of golf did not begin until he turned 18.

A Natural Affinity for the Game Despite starting relatively late, Alfonso Ribeiro took to golf with remarkable enthusiasm. He quickly developed a passion for the sport and spent several years playing without formal lessons. His dedication and natural talent allowed him to make significant progress on his own.

Rapid Improvement and Handicap Reduction

With a little guidance and instruction, Alfonso Ribeiro’s golf handicap witnessed a notable decline. In just one year, he was able to slash his handicap from 14 to 7, showcasing his dedication and commitment to refining his skills on the course.

Current Handicap and Tournament Participation

Presently, Alfonso Ribeiro maintains a handicap that hovers around the range of 2-4, reflecting his continued growth and proficiency in the game. His love for golf extends beyond recreational play, as he regularly participates in the esteemed Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-AM tournament, rubbing shoulders with professional golfers and celebrities alike.


Alfonso Ribeiro’s golf handicap of around 2-4 is a testament to his dedication and talent in the sport. From his early introduction to golf at the age of 18 to his rapid improvement and active participation in prestigious tournaments like the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-AM, Ribeiro’s passion for the game shines through. Beyond his notable achievements in the entertainment industry, Ribeiro’s presence on the golf course highlights his versatile abilities and commitment to mastering different aspects of his life.

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