What is J. R. Smith’s Golf Handicap?

J. R. Smith, renowned for his successful basketball career, has showcased his athletic prowess on the basketball court. However, beyond his basketball achievements, Smith has also delved into the world of golf, demonstrating his skills and passion for the sport. In 2021, Smith boasted an impressive golf handicap of around 3.8, reflecting his dedication to honing his golfing abilities. Let’s delve into J. R. Smith’s golf journey and his noteworthy college golf tournament debut.

J. R. Smith’s Golf Handicap

Basketball Career and Achievements

Born on September 9, 1985, J. R. Smith made a name for himself as a professional NBA player. Throughout his career, he achieved remarkable success, clinching two NBA Championships. His first championship came in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, followed by another triumph in 2020 with the Los Angeles Lakers. These accomplishments solidify his legacy as a skilled and accomplished basketball player.

Transitioning to the Fairway

Beyond his basketball endeavors, J. R. Smith’s passion for golf has become evident. He has taken on the challenge of perfecting his golfing skills, resulting in an impressive golf handicap of around 3.8 in 2021. This remarkable handicap demonstrates his commitment to excellence and his ability to translate his athleticism from the basketball court to the golf course.

College Golf Tournament Debut

In a notable development, J. R. Smith showcased his golfing talents by participating in his first college golf tournament as a freshman. Representing North Carolina A&T, Smith competed in Elon’s Phoenix Invitational in 2021. This marked a significant milestone in his golfing journey, providing him with valuable experience and exposure to the competitive world of college golf.


J. R. Smith’s golf handicap of around 3.8 and his participation in a college golf tournament as a freshman highlight his dedication and passion for the sport. While he has achieved great success on the basketball court, Smith’s transition to the fairway showcases his versatility as an athlete. As he continues to refine his golfing skills and explore new opportunities in the world of golf, J. R. Smith’s journey serves as an inspiration for athletes seeking to pursue their passions across different sports domains.

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