What was Sean Connery’s golf handicap?

Sir Sean Connery, born on August 25, 1930, in Edinburgh, Scotland, was not only an iconic actor known for his portrayal of James Bond but also a passionate golfer. With a handicap ranging from 20 to 25, Connery found joy and skill on the golf course. Let’s delve into Sean Connery’s golfing endeavors and his notable connections within the golfing world.

Sean Connery’s golf handicap

A Legend of the Screen

Sean Connery’s illustrious career in film spanned several decades, and he made a lasting impact as the original James Bond in 1962’s “Dr. No.” Beyond his on-screen success, Connery had a deep love for golf and enjoyed honing his skills whenever he could.

Golf Lessons from Peter Alliss

In preparation for the famous golf scene in the Bond film “Goldfinger” (1964), Sean Connery received golf lessons from Peter Alliss, a renowned English professional golfer. This experience not only added authenticity to the scene but also fueled Connery’s passion for the sport.

Playing with Golfing Greats

Sean Connery’s enthusiasm for golf extended beyond the confines of the silver screen. He had the opportunity to play alongside legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus on several occasions. Their shared love for the game fostered a camaraderie that transcended their respective fields, resulting in memorable rounds of golf.

A Memorable Partnership

In May 1993, Sean Connery joined forces with fellow Scotsman and renowned race car driver Jackie Stewart to assist Jack Nicklaus in the opening of the PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles in Scotland. This partnership highlighted Connery’s dedication to promoting and celebrating the game of golf.

A Golfing Legacy

Sean Connery’s golf handicap, estimated to be between 20 and 25, reflected his skill and enjoyment on the fairways. Although he may not have been a scratch golfer, his love for the sport shone through in his commitment to the game and his opportunities to play alongside golfing legends.


Sean Connery, a legendary actor and the original James Bond, showcased his passion for golf both on and off the screen. With a golf handicap ranging from 20 to 25, Connery found solace and camaraderie on the golf course, playing with esteemed golfers and leaving his mark within the golfing world. Whether taking lessons from Peter Alliss or teeing up alongside Jack Nicklaus, Sean Connery’s love for the game was evident, and his golfing endeavors have become a part of his enduring legacy.

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