What is Andy Garcia’s golf handicap?

According to various sources, Andy Garcia’s golf handicap is approximately 9. This respectable handicap showcases his skill and dedication to the game.

Andy Garcia’s golf handicap

A Multifaceted Talent

Born on April 12, 1956, in Havana, Cuba, Andy Garcia is widely recognized as a talented actor and director. Beyond his accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Garcia has also cultivated a deep passion for golf.

Home Club at Lakeside

Garcia’s home club is Lakeside, located in Los Angeles. This exclusive club boasts a rich history of attracting members from the film and entertainment industry, making it a fitting environment for Garcia to enjoy his golfing pursuits.

A Regular at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach holds a special place in Andy Garcia’s golfing endeavors. He is a regular participant at the renowned Pebble Beach Golf Links, an iconic golf course known for its breathtaking views and challenging layout. Notably, Garcia secured the AT&T Pro-Am title in 1997, partnering with professional golfer Paul Stankowski to achieve this remarkable victory.

Memorable Moment at Pebble Beach

During the third round of the 2013 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Andy Garcia displayed his golfing prowess on the par-3 17th hole. His tee shot landed inches away from the hole, setting up a birdie opportunity. This impressive shot stands as a testament to Garcia’s skill and ability on the golf course.


With a golf handicap of around 9, he demonstrates proficiency and commitment to the sport. As a member of Lakeside, he enjoys the camaraderie and facilities offered by his home club. Additionally, his regular presence at Pebble Beach and memorable achievements in the AT&T Pro-Am solidify his status as a dedicated golfer. Andy Garcia’s involvement in the golfing world serves as an inspiration to both fans and fellow golf enthusiasts worldwide.

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