What is Jack Nicholson’s golf handicap?

Jack Nicholson, widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, has not only captivated audiences on the silver screen but has also found solace and enjoyment on the golf course. With a golf handicap of around 12, Nicholson has demonstrated his passion for the sport and his ability to balance his illustrious acting career with his love for golf. Let’s explore Jack Nicholson’s golf journey and his unique practice setup.

Jack Nicholson’s golf handicap

A Hollywood Icon

Born on April 22, 1937, in Neptune City, New Jersey, Jack Nicholson has left an indelible mark on the film industry. With three Academy Awards to his name, Nicholson’s talent and versatility as an actor have earned him critical acclaim and a permanent place in Hollywood history.

Golfing Endeavors

Beyond his iconic acting career, Jack Nicholson has also dedicated time to his passion for golf. With a handicap of around 12, he has honed his skills on the fairway and embraced the challenges of the game. Nicholson’s commitment to golf is further highlighted by his appearance on the cover of Golf Digest in December 2007, an honor bestowed upon Hollywood’s Top 100 Golfers.

A Unique Practice Range

Jack Nicholson’s dedication to golf extends to his own property, where he has created a private practice range. Complete with an AstroTurf mat, this personal facility allows him to hit balls and refine his swing without leaving the comfort of his home. This setup showcases Nicholson’s commitment to improving his golf game and his desire to pursue his passion for the sport.


Jack Nicholson’s golf handicap of around 12 demonstrates his genuine interest in golf and his ability to immerse himself in a different realm outside of acting. His appearance on the cover of Golf Digest and his private practice range exemplify his dedication to the game and his commitment to improving his skills. As a Hollywood legend who has found solace and joy on the fairway, Nicholson serves as an inspiration to others seeking to balance their professional careers with their personal passions.

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