What is Rob Lowe’s Golf Handicap?

Rob Lowe, a versatile American actor, producer, director, and podcaster, not only graces the screens with his talent but also finds solace and excitement on the golf course. With a handicap of around 14.5, Lowe showcases his passion for the game and actively participates in celebrity Pro-Am tournaments. Let’s explore Rob Lowe’s golfing journey and how he combines his multifaceted career with his love for the fairways.

Rob Lowe’s Golf Handicap

A Multifaceted Career

Born on March 1, 1964, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Rob Lowe has carved a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. With notable roles in film and television, Lowe has captivated audiences with his acting prowess, and his contributions as a producer, director, and podcaster have further solidified his reputation as a multifaceted talent.

A Passion for Golf

Beyond his achievements in the entertainment world, Rob Lowe has a deep passion for golf. He embraces the game as a means of relaxation, challenge, and connection with like-minded individuals. Lowe’s dedication to the sport is evident through his involvement in celebrity Pro-Am tournaments, where he showcases his skills while also supporting charitable causes.

A Handicap of Around 14.5

Rob Lowe’s golf handicap is reported to be around 14.5, reflecting his skill level and competitiveness in the golfing community. With his dedication to the game and commitment to improvement, Lowe continually strives to refine his technique and enhance his performance on the course. His handicap serves as a measure of his progress and an incentive to keep honing his skills.


Rob Lowe’s journey in the entertainment industry extends beyond the realm of acting, as he finds solace, excitement, and camaraderie on the golf course. With a handicap of around 14.5, Lowe demonstrates his dedication to the sport and his continuous pursuit of improvement. His participation in celebrity Pro-Am tournaments not only showcases his skills but also reflects his support for charitable causes. Through his multifaceted career and passion for golf, Rob Lowe exemplifies how one can embrace diverse pursuits and find fulfillment both on and off the fairways.

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