What was Alice Cooper’s lowest handicap?

Alice Cooper, the renowned American singer, songwriter, and actor, achieved his lowest handicap of 5.3 during his golfing journey.

Alice Cooper’s lowest handicap

A Musical Icon’s Golfing Passion

Born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4, 1948, Alice Cooper has left an indelible mark on the music industry with a career spanning over five decades. Beyond his musical prowess, Cooper is an avid golfer who attributes the game to saving his life.

A Lifelong Pursuit of Golf

Alice Cooper’s love for golf began over 35 years ago, and he has since embraced it wholeheartedly. In an impressive feat of dedication, he played 36 holes every day for an entire year, showcasing his commitment to the sport.

Membership at Phoenix Country Club

As a testament to his passion, Alice Cooper holds a membership at the esteemed Phoenix Country Club in Arizona. This affiliation allows him to indulge in his love for the game while surrounded by a vibrant golfing community.

Favorite Golf Course

Muirfield Village Among the multitude of golf courses Cooper has experienced throughout his golfing journey, his favorite is Jack Nicklaus’ iconic Muirfield Village located in Ohio. This renowned course holds a special place in his heart, likely due to its captivating design and the memorable experiences it has provided.


Alice Cooper’s golfing journey encompasses both personal achievement and a profound appreciation for the sport. With his lowest handicap recorded at 5.3, he has demonstrated skill and dedication on the golf course. His fervor for golf extends beyond mere recreation, as he attributes its transformative power to positively impacting his life. As a member of Phoenix Country Club and a lover of Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village, Alice Cooper’s golfing adventures continue to inspire both his fans and fellow golf enthusiasts around the world.

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