What is Don Cheadle’s Golf Handicap?

Don Cheadle, born on November 29, 1964, is a renowned actor known for his versatile performances on the big screen. Beyond his successful career in Hollywood, Cheadle is an avid golfer with a notable golf handicap. In 2020, he boasted a handicap of 7.6, a testament to his commitment and skill in the sport.

Don Cheadle’s Golf Handicap

Don Cheadle: From the Silver Screen to the Fairways

Don Cheadle’s acting prowess has garnered him critical acclaim, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his role in “Hotel Rwanda” in 2005. However, outside the realm of acting, Cheadle finds solace and joy on the golf course. Playing approximately 50 rounds a year, he immerses himself in the game and showcases his dedication to honing his golfing skills.

Pro-Am Tournaments and Golf Involvement

Don Cheadle’s passion for golf extends beyond casual rounds. He actively participates in several pro-am tournaments, where he has the opportunity to test his skills alongside professional golfers. Through his involvement in these tournaments, Cheadle demonstrates his competitive nature and desire to continually improve his game.

Don Cheadle and the USGA: A Partnership for Golf Access

Recognizing Don Cheadle’s influence and passion for golf, the United States Golf Association (USGA) has chosen him to serve as a brand ambassador for the prestigious US Open. This partnership underscores Cheadle’s commitment to ensuring that future generations of golfers have access to the same opportunities he enjoyed. By lending his support to the USGA, Cheadle aims to promote inclusivity and accessibility within the world of golf.

Don Cheadle’s Fond Memories and Future Goals

Don Cheadle’s love for golf can be traced back to his childhood, where he shared memorable rounds with his father on public courses. These experiences have shaped his perspective and instilled in him the desire to preserve and expand opportunities for aspiring golfers. Cheadle’s dedication to the game is fueled by his belief in creating lasting memories and ensuring that future generations can benefit from the transformative power of golf.


Don Cheadle, celebrated for his acting achievements, is equally passionate about golf. With a handicap of 7.6 in 2020, he showcases his skill and dedication on the fairways. His active participation in pro-am tournaments and partnership with the USGA as a brand ambassador demonstrates his commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in golf. Don Cheadle’s personal connection to the game drives his desire to create opportunities for others to forge their own memories on the golf course.

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