What is Josh Allen’s golf handicap?

Josh Allen, the talented football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, showcases his athletic prowess not only on the gridiron but also on the golf course. With a golf handicap of around 9 in 2023, Allen’s passion for golf and his ability to excel in multiple sports have captivated fans and fellow athletes alike. As he takes his powerful arm and precision-driven mindset from the football field to the fairways, Allen’s golfing journey adds another dimension to his multifaceted athletic career.

Josh Allen’s golf handicap

A Football Star in the Making

Born on May 21, 1996, in Firebaugh, California, Joshua Patrick Allen emerged as a promising talent in the world of football. As the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League (NFL), Allen’s strong arm, agility, and leadership skills have garnered widespread recognition. He has quickly become one of the NFL’s rising stars, captivating fans with his exceptional play and remarkable performances.

The Golfing Side of Josh Allen

Beyond his achievements on the football field, Allen has developed a genuine passion for golf. Embracing the challenge and strategy of the game, he has honed his skills on the fairways to complement his athletic prowess. With a golf handicap of around 9 in 2023, Allen’s dedication to improving his golf game demonstrates his commitment to excellence across different sports.

Taking on the Pro-Am Circuit

In 2023, Josh Allen had the opportunity to showcase his golfing abilities by participating in the highly esteemed AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Rubbing shoulders with professional golfers, celebrities, and fellow athletes, Allen’s presence on the course added an exciting dynamic to the tournament. His ability to adapt to the unique challenges of the Pro-Am format underscores his versatility as an athlete.

Unleashing Power on the Fairways

As a professional football quarterback known for his strong arm, it comes as no surprise that Allen’s drives on the golf course are equally formidable. He has shared that his well-struck shots can carry an impressive distance of 310 to 315 yards, provided he finds his rhythm and executes a solid swing. Allen’s ability to generate power and precision showcases his athleticism and adaptability across different sports.

Inspiring Fans and Fellow Athletes

Josh Allen’s pursuit of golf excellence not only impresses fans but also inspires fellow athletes. His dedication to improving his golf game while excelling in professional football serves as a reminder of the importance of a well-rounded approach to sports. Allen’s willingness to challenge himself on the fairways exemplifies his competitive spirit and determination to continually push the boundaries of his athletic abilities.


Josh Allen’s presence on the golf course as a talented football quarterback highlights his versatility as an athlete. With a golf handicap around 9 in 2023, Allen’s passion for the game and commitment to honing his golfing skills further solidify his status as an exceptional athlete. As he continues to make strides in both football and golf, Allen’s journey serves as a source of inspiration for fans and athletes, reminding us that the pursuit of excellence transcends the boundaries of any single sport.

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