What is Ray Romano’s Golf Handicap?

Ray Romano, widely recognized for his comedic talent, finds solace and joy on the golf course. With a handicap ranging from 14 to 17, Romano showcases his love for the game through his dedication and memorable experiences. Let’s explore Ray Romano’s golf journey, from his entertainment career to his adventures on the fairways.

Ray Romano’s Golf Handicap

A Versatile Entertainer

Born on December 21, 1957, in New York City, Ray Romano has become a household name as an American stand-up comedian, actor, and screenwriter. While he has entertained audiences with his wit and humor on television, Romano’s passion for golf provides him with an outlet for relaxation and enjoyment.

Pebble Beach and Favorite Courses

Among the picturesque golf courses that Ray Romano frequents, Pebble Beach holds a special place in his heart. Romano eagerly anticipates playing this renowned course each year, relishing the scenic views and challenging layout. The allure of Pebble Beach speaks to his appreciation for the game and his desire to constantly improve his skills.

Chasing the 80 Mark

Although Ray Romano has achieved notable success on the golf course, shooting an impressive 80 on multiple occasions, he has yet to break this milestone. Romano’s pursuit of consistently better scores embodies the competitive spirit and determination that drive many golf enthusiasts to continually strive for improvement.

Unforgettable Bunker Shot

During the 2018 AT&T Pro-Am, Ray Romano found himself in a comical yet memorable situation. While attempting a bunker shot, his execution didn’t go as planned, resulting in a mishap that almost struck professional golfer Jordan Spieth on the head. This light-hearted incident showcases the unpredictable and humorous moments that can occur on the golf course.


Ray Romano’s golf journey, with a handicap ranging from 14 to 17, demonstrates his commitment to the sport and his unwavering passion for improvement. Beyond his successful entertainment career, Romano finds solace and enjoyment in the game of golf, regularly participating in events at iconic venues like Pebble Beach. As he continues to chase his personal milestones and embrace the unpredictable nature of the game, Ray Romano leaves a lasting impression as an entertainer and a golf enthusiast.

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