What is Larry Fitzgerald’s Golf Handicap?

Larry Fitzgerald, a legendary NFL wide receiver, has not only left an indelible mark on the football field but also found a deep appreciation for the game of golf. With a handicap index of 10.6 and a course handicap of 13 during the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Fitzgerald’s golfing prowess showcases his dedication and skill in navigating the fairways. From his victory at the prestigious Pro-Am tournament to his pursuit of joining the exclusive Whisper Rock club, Fitzgerald’s journey in golf is a testament to his commitment to excellence in all aspects of his life.

Larry Fitzgerald’s Golf Handicap

A Stellar Football Career

Larry Fitzgerald’s impressive athletic career began when he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2004 NFL Draft. Over the course of his 17-season tenure with the Cardinals, Fitzgerald established himself as one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. Known for his exceptional route-running, reliable hands, and remarkable ability to make clutch catches, Fitzgerald earned numerous accolades and the respect of fans and peers alike.

Victory at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

In 2020, Larry Fitzgerald joined forces with professional golfer Kevin Streelman to secure a remarkable victory at the prestigious AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Their stellar performance, shooting an impressive 33 under par, placed them five strokes ahead of their closest competitors. This triumph highlighted Fitzgerald’s golfing prowess and showcased his ability to excel in a different arena beyond football.

The Pursuit of Joining Whisper Rock

Whisper Rock Golf Club holds a special place in the hearts of many golf enthusiasts, including Larry Fitzgerald. In order to gain membership to this exclusive club, Fitzgerald set his sights on a specific goal: breaking 90. With unwavering determination, he honed his skills, practiced diligently, and worked towards achieving this milestone. Finally, Fitzgerald’s persistence paid off as he successfully achieved his goal and earned the privilege of joining the prestigious Whisper Rock club.

A Commitment to Excellence

Larry Fitzgerald’s journey in golf mirrors his approach to football and life as a whole. Known for his relentless work ethic and dedication to excellence, Fitzgerald’s pursuit of mastery extends beyond the gridiron. Through his passion for golf, he embodies the values of discipline, perseverance, and continuous improvement, characteristics that have defined his illustrious career in football.

A Multifaceted Athlete

Larry Fitzgerald’s talents extend far beyond his football and golf skills. As a versatile athlete and dedicated sportsman, he exemplifies the notion of a well-rounded individual. Fitzgerald’s ability to excel in multiple arenas demonstrates his commitment to personal growth, athleticism, and the pursuit of new challenges.


Larry Fitzgerald, a celebrated NFL player and avid golfer, showcases his commitment to excellence both on and off the football field. With a golf handicap index of 10.6 and a course handicap of 13 during the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Fitzgerald’s talent and dedication to the game are evident. His victory at the Pro-Am tournament and his pursuit of joining Whisper Rock reflect his unwavering pursuit of excellence and passion for continuous improvement. As Fitzgerald’s career continues to inspire fans and athletes around the world, his foray into the world of golf adds another dimension to his remarkable athletic legacy.

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