What is Tom Dreesen’s golf handicap?

Tom Dreesen, born on September 11, 1935, in Chicago, Illinois, has made a name for himself as an actor and stand-up comedian. Beyond his talents in entertainment, Dreesen has also ventured onto the golf course, where he has showcased his skills and achieved an impressive golf handicap. With a reported lowest handicap of around 4.5, Dreesen demonstrates his commitment to the game and finds ways to combine his love for golf with philanthropic efforts through hosting an annual celebrity golf tournament.

Tom Dreesen’s golf handicap

Tom Dreesen

A Multi-Talented Entertainer: Tom Dreesen’s career in show business has spanned several decades, where he has garnered recognition for his wit and comedic performances. As an actor and stand-up comedian, Dreesen has entertained audiences with his unique style and comedic timing. However, his talents extend beyond the stage and screen, as he has discovered a passion for golf and dedicated himself to improving his skills on the course.

Golf Handicap Achievement

According to various sources, Tom Dreesen’s lowest golf handicap has been reported to be around 4.5. This handicap serves as a testament to Dreesen’s dedication to the game and his ability to compete at a high level. Achieving a handicap of this magnitude requires consistent practice, skill, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the game. Dreesen’s commitment to honing his golfing abilities showcases his versatility as an entertainer and athlete.

Tom Dreesen and Friends Celebrity Classic

Beyond his personal pursuit of golfing excellence, Tom Dreesen has also found a way to combine his love for the game with philanthropy. Dreesen hosts an annual golf tournament called the Tom Dreesen and Friends Celebrity Classic. This event brings together notable figures from the world of entertainment and sports to raise funds for charitable causes. Through this tournament, Dreesen not only showcases his passion for golf but also utilizes his platform to make a positive impact in the community.


Tom Dreesen’s journey from the stage to the golf course demonstrates his multifaceted talents and passions. With a reported lowest golf handicap of around 4.5, Dreesen has proven his skill and dedication to the game. Beyond personal achievement, Dreesen uses his love for golf to give back to the community by hosting the Tom Dreesen and Friends Celebrity Classic. Through this event, he combines his passion for golf with philanthropy, further solidifying his status as a versatile entertainer and a compassionate individual.

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