What is Kelly Rohrbach’s golf handicap?

Kelly Rohrbach, renowned for her acting skills and modeling prowess, is not only a talented entertainer but also an avid golfer. With a golf handicap of around 6, Rohrbach showcases her passion and dedication to the game. Beyond her successful career in the entertainment industry, she has actively participated in notable Pro-AM golf tournaments, leaving a mark on the golfing community and advocating for increased interest in women’s golf.

Kelly Rohrbach’s golf handicap

Kelly Rohrbach’s Golfing Prowess

In addition to her on-screen talent, Kelly Rohrbach possesses a genuine love for golf and a commendable golf handicap of around 6. Her commitment to the game is evident in her continuous efforts to improve her skills and participate in prestigious golf tournaments. Rohrbach’s dedication to golf extends beyond her personal enjoyment, as she embraces opportunities to inspire others and contribute to the growth of women’s golf.

Participation in Pro-AM Tournaments

Kelly Rohrbach has showcased her golfing abilities by participating in various Pro-AM tournaments, including the esteemed Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and the AT&T at Pebble Beach. These tournaments provide a platform for both professional golfers and celebrities to come together and compete in a friendly yet competitive environment. Rohrbach’s involvement in these events demonstrates her commitment to the sport and her willingness to challenge herself on the golf course.

Advocating for Women’s Golf

As a prominent female figure in the entertainment industry, Kelly Rohrbach recognizes the significance of women’s participation in golf and supports its increasing popularity. She acknowledges the growing interest in women’s golf and considers it an honor to be part of the movement. Rohrbach’s enthusiasm and presence in the AT&T tournament, which showcases a diverse range of talented golfers, including women, contribute to breaking barriers and creating opportunities for female golfers to shine.


Kelly Rohrbach’s remarkable talent extends beyond the realm of entertainment to the golf course, where she exhibits her passion and dedication to the game. With a golf handicap of around 6, Rohrbach’s commitment to golf is evident in her participation in prestigious Pro-AM tournaments and her advocacy for women’s golf. As she continues to inspire others with her skills and enthusiasm, Rohrbach leaves a lasting impact on the golfing community and encourages the growth of the sport, particularly among women. Her contributions highlight the power of determination, dedication, and a love for the game, inspiring aspiring golfers to embrace their passions and excel on and off the golf course.

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