What is Thomas Keller’s golf handicap?

Thomas Keller, born on October 14, 1955, in Oceanside, California, is a renowned chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author. While Keller has earned widespread acclaim for his culinary expertise, he also possesses a passion for golf. With a golf handicap of around 16 in early 2023, Keller demonstrates his commitment to the sport and his desire to continually improve his skills. In addition to his personal golf endeavors, Keller actively engages in charitable initiatives, including hosting the Thomas Keller Golf Classic, which supports a scholarship fund at the Culinary Institute of America. Let’s delve into Thomas Keller’s golf handicap and his involvement in the golfing world.

Thomas Keller’s golf handicap

The Chef’s Handicap

Thomas Keller maintains a golf handicap of around 16, indicating a solid level of play on the course. This handicap showcases Keller’s dedication to golf, as he continues to refine his game and strive for improvement. With consistent practice and a love for the sport, Keller embraces the challenges and rewards that golf offers, both as a recreational activity and a means of personal growth.

Hosting the Thomas Keller Golf Classic

Thomas Keller’s passion for golf extends beyond his own pursuits. Each year, he hosts the Thomas Keller Golf Classic, a charitable event that raises funds for a scholarship fund at the Culinary Institute of America. This event serves as a platform to bring together individuals who share a love for golf and a commitment to supporting culinary education. Keller’s involvement in this classic highlights his dedication to giving back to the culinary community and providing opportunities for aspiring chefs to pursue their dreams.

Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-AM

Thomas Keller’s affinity for golf is evident in his participation in the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-AM. This prestigious tournament attracts professional golfers, celebrities, and notable individuals from various industries. Keller’s involvement in the event signifies his connection to the world of golf and his desire to engage with fellow enthusiasts on a larger stage. By participating in the Pro-AM, Keller embraces the camaraderie and competitive spirit of the sport, while also showcasing his skills to a wider audience.


Thomas Keller’s golf handicap of around 16 exemplifies his dedication to the game and his continuous quest for improvement. As a renowned chef, Keller’s involvement in golf highlights his diverse interests and his pursuit of excellence in various endeavors. Whether hosting charitable events, competing in tournaments like the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-AM, or simply enjoying a round of golf, Thomas Keller embodies the spirit of the sport and the joy it brings. Through his culinary and golfing achievements, Keller continues to inspire and contribute to the worlds of both fine dining and golf.

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