What was Donald Trump’s handicap when he moved into the White House?

When Donald Trump took office as President, his golf handicap stood at an impressive 2.8, showcasing his dedication and skill as a golfer. With a lifelong love for the sport, Trump’s golfing journey has been marked by achievements, ownership of golf courses, and insights from notable figures in the golfing world.

Donald Trump’s Golf handicap

Donald Trump’s Accomplishments on the Golf Course

Beyond his political career, Donald Trump has garnered recognition for his success in golf. With an impressive tally of 19 club championships, including Senior Club Championships, he has proven his competitiveness and commitment to excellence in the game.

The Trump Golf Empire

Trump’s influence in the golfing world extends beyond his personal achievements. At the time of his presidency, he owned 17 golf courses, showcasing his ambition to create exceptional golfing experiences. These courses serve as a testament to his passion for the sport and his desire to leave a lasting legacy.

Insights into Trump’s Golfing Persona

Golf Digest provides valuable insights into Donald Trump’s approach to the game. From his techniques to his overall attitude, this publication offers a comprehensive examination of his golfing experiences, shedding light on his skills and passion for the sport.

Trump’s Golfing Legacy

During his presidency, Donald Trump’s golf outings often drew attention and sparked various reactions. Websites like “trumpgolfcount.com” meticulously tracked his golfing activities, adding to the ongoing discussion about his commitment to the game. Whether amusing or controversial, these records contribute to his golfing legacy.

Light-hearted Memorabilia

For those seeking a touch of humor or novelty, Trump logo golf balls and other golfing souvenirs provide a light-hearted way to engage with the golfing world associated with the former President. These items serve as unique keepsakes and collectors’ items, reflecting the distinctive branding and appeal of Trump’s golfing persona.

Jack Nicklaus on Trump’s Love for Golf

Renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus has publicly acknowledged Donald Trump’s genuine passion for the game. According to Nicklaus, Trump’s love for golf surpasses his love for money, underscoring the deep connection he has formed with the sport. This endorsement from a golfing legend sheds light on Trump’s dedication and appreciation for golf.


Donald Trump’s golf handicap of 2.8 when he assumed the presidency exemplifies his skill and commitment as a golfer. His achievements on the golf course, ownership of golf courses, insights from publications like Golf Digest, and endorsements from respected figures like Jack Nicklaus all contribute to his golfing legacy. Regardless of one’s political stance, Trump’s passion for the game has left an indelible mark on the world of golf.

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