What is Stephen Baldwin’s golf handicap?

Stephen Baldwin, born on May 12, 1966, in Massapequa, New York, is a multifaceted entertainer known for his acting, producing, and directing roles. Beyond his successful career in the entertainment industry, Baldwin also enjoys indulging in his passion for golf. With a golf handicap of around 14, he embraces the challenges and joys of the sport. Let’s delve into Stephen Baldwin’s golfing pursuits and his participation in notable events.

Stephen Baldwin’s golf handicap

A Multitalented Entertainer

Stephen Baldwin has made a name for himself in the entertainment world through his acting, producing, and directing endeavors. Beyond his professional achievements, he finds solace and enjoyment on the golf course, where he can channel his competitive spirit and immerse himself in the game.

Embracing the Fairways

Baldwin’s love for golf extends to his participation in events that bring together fellow enthusiasts. One such event is the Fairway to Heaven Golf Tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. By participating in these gatherings, Baldwin not only engages in friendly competition but also supports charitable causes and enjoys the camaraderie shared among fellow golfers.

Stephen Baldwin’s Golf Handicap

With a golf handicap of around 14, Baldwin’s skill and proficiency on the course are apparent. A handicap of this level indicates that he consistently shoots scores slightly higher than the course’s rating, showcasing his dedication to improving his game and enjoying the challenges presented by golf.


Stephen Baldwin, known for his versatile talents in acting, producing, and directing, also finds great pleasure in playing golf. With a handicap of around 14, he demonstrates a solid level of skill and a commitment to the sport. Through his participation in events like the Fairway to Heaven Golf Tournament, Baldwin combines his love for golf with opportunities to support charitable causes and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Whether on the big screen or the green fairways, Stephen Baldwin’s passion and dedication shine through, enhancing his multifaceted persona.

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