What is Samuel L. Jackson’s Golf Handicap?

Samuel L. Jackson, renowned for his stellar acting career, also possesses a remarkable talent on the golf course. With an official handicap of 6.9 in 2019, Jackson showcases his dedication and skill in the game. Let’s delve into Samuel L. Jackson’s golf journey and notable achievements as an actor and golfer.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Golf Handicap

A Versatile Actor and Producer

Born on December 21, 1948, Samuel L. Jackson has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. His versatile acting skills and captivating performances have earned him acclaim and recognition worldwide. Jackson’s filmography includes a wide range of iconic roles, cementing his status as one of Hollywood’s most respected actors and producers.

Golf Amidst Filmmaking

One unique aspect of Samuel L. Jackson’s career is his passion for golf, even during film shoots. His contracts include a clause that allows him to indulge in his love for the game while working on set. This commitment to golf highlights Jackson’s dedication to balancing his professional obligations with his personal interests.

A Memorable Round at St. Andrews

Jackson’s golfing prowess became even more evident when he played alongside golf legend Tiger Woods at the historic St. Andrews course. On that occasion, he impressively shot a score of 78, demonstrating his ability to hold his own in the company of the world’s best players. Such an accomplishment serves as a testament to Jackson’s skill, focus, and love for the game.

An Impressive Handicap

With an official handicap of 6.9 in 2019, Samuel L. Jackson showcases his golfing prowess and commitment to improving his skills. Achieving such a low handicap requires consistent practice, precision, and a deep understanding of the game. Jackson’s handicap stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for golf.


Samuel L. Jackson, a renowned actor and producer, demonstrates remarkable talent not only on the silver screen but also on the golf course. With an official handicap of 6.9 in 2019, Jackson’s commitment to the game and his impressive skills are undeniable. Whether he’s delivering captivating performances or teeing off on the fairways, Samuel L. Jackson continues to leave a lasting impact on both the entertainment industry and the world of golf.

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