What is Matt Craven’s golf handicap?

Matt Craven, a talented actor known for his captivating performances on screen, has also found solace and passion on the golf course. With a golf handicap that has reached as low as 4.5, Craven showcases his dedication and skill in the game. Born on November 10th, 1956, in Ontario, Canada, Craven has made a significant impact in the film industry, appearing in over 40 films. Beyond his acting achievements, Craven’s love for golf has become a significant part of his life, allowing him to immerse himself in the challenges and rewards of the game.

Matt Craven’s golf handicap

Matt Craven: An Acting Journey

Matt Craven’s acting career spans several decades and encompasses a diverse range of roles. Known for his memorable performances in films such as “Crimson Tide” and “A Few Good Men,” Craven has captivated audiences with his versatility and talent. His dedication to his craft has earned him respect and recognition in the film industry.

A Passion for Golf

Alongside his successful acting career, Matt Craven has cultivated a deep passion for the game of golf. With a golf handicap that has reached an impressive low of 4.5, Craven demonstrates his commitment to honing his skills on the fairways. Golf provides Craven with an outlet for relaxation and enjoyment, allowing him to connect with the game’s challenges and intricacies.

Embracing the Annual Emmy’s Golf Classic

As a passionate golfer, Matt Craven frequently participates in the Annual Emmy’s Golf Classic held at the prestigious Riviera Country Club. This event brings together industry professionals and enthusiasts to compete in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Craven’s presence at this esteemed event showcases his dedication to the sport and his desire to engage with like-minded individuals who share his love for both acting and golf.


Matt Craven, a seasoned actor with a rich portfolio of roles, has discovered a genuine passion for golf. With a remarkable golf handicap that has reached as low as 4.5, Craven exemplifies his commitment and skill on the course. In addition to his acting achievements, Craven embraces the challenges and joys of golf, allowing the game to provide a balance to his life. By participating in events like the Annual Emmy’s Golf Classic, Craven showcases his enthusiasm for golf and his desire to connect with others who share his passion. Matt Craven’s journey in both acting and golf serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the enriching experiences that can be found beyond the silver screen.

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