What is Céline Dion’s Golf Handicap?

Céline Dion, born on March 30, 1968, in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada, is a renowned Grammy award-winning singer known for her powerful vocals and captivating performances. Throughout her successful musical career, Dion has captured the hearts of millions with her emotive and soul-stirring voice. However, beyond her musical endeavors, Dion has also developed a passion for the game of golf.

Céline Dion’s Golf Handicap

Céline Dion’s Golf Handicap: A Skillful Pursuit

Céline Dion’s golf handicap is estimated to be around 17. This suggests that while she possesses skills on the golf course, she still has room for improvement. Like many golf enthusiasts, Dion’s journey in the game involves honing her abilities, mastering different aspects of the sport, and striving to enhance her overall performance.

Le Mirage: Céline Dion’s Golf Course Venture

Céline Dion and her husband once embarked on a unique endeavor in the world of golf. They owned and operated their own golf course called Le Mirage, located in Canada. This venture exemplifies Dion’s deep involvement and commitment to the sport, as she not only enjoyed playing golf but also sought to create a golfing haven for enthusiasts to enjoy.


Céline Dion, renowned for her powerful vocals and musical prowess, is not only a global sensation on stage but also a passionate golfer offstage. With a golf handicap of around 17, Dion showcases her dedication to the game and her continuous pursuit of golfing excellence. Additionally, her involvement in the ownership of Le Mirage Golf Course reflects her desire to contribute to the golfing community and create a unique golfing experience. As Dion continues to balance her successful music career with her love for golf, her journey serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking to explore their passions beyond their primary areas of expertise.

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