What is Michael Jordan’s handicap?

Michael Jordan, renowned as one of the greatest basketball players in history, has seamlessly transitioned his competitive spirit and love for sports to the world of golf. With a handicap ranging between 1.3 and 3, Jordan’s prowess on the course matches his achievements on the basketball court. His passion for golf is evident through his involvement in tournaments, his signature cigar-smoking habit, and his personal investment in a golf club. Let’s delve deeper into Michael Jordan’s affinity for the game and the impact he has made in the golfing world.

Michael Jordan’s golf handicap

From College to the Fairways: Michael Jordan’s Golf Journey

Michael Jordan’s golf journey began during his college years, where he first discovered his love for the game. Since then, he has dedicated himself to improving his skills and has achieved an impressive handicap ranging between 1.3 and 3. Jordan’s relentless pursuit of excellence, honed through his basketball career, has translated into his golf game, making him a formidable competitor on the fairways.

The Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

A Showcase of Skill and Charity: In 2001, Michael Jordan established the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational, a tournament that brings together celebrities from various fields to compete in golf. This event not only showcases Jordan’s passion for the game but also serves as a platform for charitable endeavors. Over the years, the tournament has raised substantial funds for worthy causes, demonstrating Jordan’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the golf course.

Cigars and Swings: A Signature Style

When Michael Jordan takes to the golf course, he is often seen with his trademark cigar in hand. This distinctive habit has become synonymous with his golfing persona, adding an element of flair and relaxation to his game. The image of Jordan confidently puffing on a cigar while making precise shots further solidifies his unique presence on the course.


Michael Jordan’s Golfing Legacy: Michael Jordan’s passion for golf led him to create his own golf club, Grove XXIII. Located in Hobe Sound, Florida, the club is a testament to Jordan’s dedication and commitment to the sport. Named after his iconic jersey number from his time with the Chicago Bulls, Grove XXIII offers a premier golfing experience, reflecting Jordan’s high standards and desire to provide an exceptional environment for golf enthusiasts.


Michael Jordan’s transition from basketball legend to a formidable force in the golfing world is a testament to his unwavering passion and competitive spirit. With a handicap ranging between 1.3 and 3, Jordan has proven himself as a skilled golfer, consistently displaying his athletic prowess on the fairways. Through his involvement in tournaments, his signature cigar-smoking habit, and his investment in Grove XXIII, Jordan continues to leave a lasting impact on the game of golf. His journey serves as an inspiration to athletes and golf enthusiasts alike, reminding us that passion and dedication can transcend boundaries and lead to greatness both on and off the court.

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