What is John Smoltz’s Golf handicap?

John Smoltz, a legendary former baseball pitcher, has not only left an indelible mark on the diamond but has also found success and passion on the golf course. With an impressive golf handicap of +2.7, Smoltz’s transition from the world of baseball to the fairways showcases his unwavering competitiveness and drive for excellence. As a dominant athlete in two sports, Smoltz’s golfing prowess has earned him recognition as one of the best celebrity golfers of his generation.

John Smoltz’s Golf handicap

A Storied Baseball Career

Born on May 15, 1967, John Smoltz enjoyed a remarkable 22-season career in Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1988 to 2009. As a pitcher, he achieved numerous milestones, becoming the only player in MLB history to record both 200 wins and 150 saves. Smoltz’s excellence on the mound earned him countless accolades, including eight All-Star selections and the 1996 Cy Young Award.

The Transition to Golf

Following his illustrious baseball career, Smoltz turned his attention to golf, channeling his competitive spirit into mastering another challenging sport. Embracing the intricacies and mental fortitude required on the links, he honed his skills with unwavering dedication and commitment. Smoltz’s natural athleticism and tenacity undoubtedly contributed to his rapid progress in the game.

Impressive Handicap and Competitive Drive

By November 2020, Smoltz had achieved a remarkable golf handicap of +2.7, a testament to his skill and dedication. His single-digit handicap places him among the elite ranks of amateur golfers, showcasing his ability to adapt and excel in a new athletic endeavor. Smoltz’s competitive drive, instilled through years of professional sports, has undoubtedly fueled his pursuit of golfing excellence.

Quest for Professional Golf

Smoltz’s passion for golf extends beyond recreational play. In 2010, he tested his skills and ambition by attempting to qualify for the prestigious US Open at the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links. Although falling short in the qualifying tournament, Smoltz’s pursuit of professional golf exemplifies his unwavering desire to compete at the highest level. His dedication and perseverance have inspired both fellow athletes and golf enthusiasts alike.

Recognized as a Celebrity Golfer

Among the pantheon of celebrity golfers, John Smoltz’s name consistently rises to the top. His exceptional skills, combined with his impressive baseball career, have solidified his reputation as one of the most accomplished athletes to grace the golf course. Smoltz’s talent, along with his passion for the game, has earned him admiration and respect within both the sports and entertainment communities.


John Smoltz’s transition from a storied baseball career to becoming an exceptional golfer is a testament to his extraordinary athletic abilities and unwavering dedication. With an impressive handicap of +2.7, Smoltz has proven that his competitive drive transcends sports. Whether dominating on the mound or showcasing his skills on the fairways, Smoltz exemplifies the relentless pursuit of excellence. As he continues to inspire and challenge himself, Smoltz’s presence in the world of golf serves as a reminder that true champions rise to any occasion, leaving an indelible mark wherever their passions take them.

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