The Best Golf Cart Back Seat Kit




The best golf cart back seat kit should feature robust frame construction for lasting durability, straightforward installation, plush and comfortable cushioned seats, and, of course, seamless compatibility with your golf cart. Affordability is also a plus to ensure you stay within your budget.


Over the last two years, my 2010 Yamaha G29 cart has been reliably functional. However, earlier this year, my boys started to join me on the course more often. The challenge of accommodating everyone in the cart became a hassle, taking the joy out of the comfortable rides I always enjoyed. To address this, I invested in a golf cart back seat kit. After testing various models, I’ve compiled a list of the top five that demonstrated outstanding performance during trials.



After thorough consideration and testing, I ultimately chose the Yamaha G29 Drive Rear Flip Seat Kit. The sturdiness of this golf cart back seat kit impressed me, and the installation process was surprisingly straightforward. The overall aesthetic enhancement it brought to my golf cart was noteworthy. The cushions, made of high-quality material, provided exceptional comfort. While the price was slightly higher than my initial budget, the kit’s functionality and quality more than justified the cost. It’s essential to note that the selection of a golf cart back seat kit should align with the specific model of your golf cart, as not all kits are universally compatible. I opted for this model because it was the most suitable for my golf cart’s specifications.


In the rest of this article, I will evaluate alternative options, delve into their functionalities, present a comprehensive assessment of their performance in testing, highlight their advantages, and outline any drawbacks that surfaced during the evaluation. Let’s go.

Specification comparison

These backseat kits for golf carts are constructed from highly durable materials to ensure longevity and incorporate features that enhance their functionality. The table below compares their distinctive features, providing a comprehensive overview to assist you in making a prompt and informed decision about which option best suits your needs.


Golf cart back seat kit Yamaha G29 Drive Rear Flip Seat Kit EZGO RXV Rear Flip Seat Kit EZGO TXT Rear Seat Kit Club Car DS Rear Flip Seat Kit Yamaha G14-G22 Rear Flip Seat Kit
Compatible with Yamaha G29 (2007–2016) and Drive2 (2017 and newer) models of golf carts EZGO RXV Model (2008–2015) EZGO TXT and Medalist make and model golf carts for all years, including the newer 2014 and newer TXT Valor Carts. Club Car DS 1982-2000.5 (Old Style) | Club Car DS 2000.5-2013 (New Style) Yamaha G14/G16/G19/G22 Models
Seat cushion material Upholstered with marine-grade vinyl Marine-grade vinyl Marine-grade vinyl and high-density plastic backer board Upholstered with marine-grade vinyl Upholstered with marine-grade vinyl
Seat Weight 120 lbs 120 lbs 120lbs 120 lbs 90 lbs
Carry Load-Rating 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs 400 lbs
Cargo Bed Material Aluminum diamond plated with an industrial-grade polished finish Steel square tube, aluminum diamond plate Durable powder-coated steel Aluminum diamond plated with an industrial-grade polished finish Aluminum diamond plated with an industrial-grade polished finish
Price $369.95 $369.95 $334.00 $379.99 $369.99


Yamaha G29 Drive Rear Flip Seat Kit

This golf cart back seat kit offers exceptional durability and impressive quality. The cushions provide a level of comfort that is both superb and sturdy. The easy installation process is another standout feature. Thanks to the innovative Flof Golf feature, transforming your cart from a 2-passenger configuration to a 4-passenger setup is a breeze, adding further versatility to this kit.



I was impressed with this seat kit’s folding capability. Flipping and folding the bottom seat cushion effortlessly is a game-changer, turning my 4-passenger golf cart into a versatile cargo bed for easy load transportation.


The construction is top-notch, made from high-quality materials like steel (1″ square tubes), aluminum diamond plate cargo bed, and stainless steel hardware and fasteners. This rear flip seat kit is built tough and designed to handle challenging conditions.


The cushions are made with marine-grade vinyl for long-lasting comfort, style, durability, and UV protection. I appreciate the added safety measures, such as the protective rubber trim along the edges of the diamond plate, ensuring a smooth and secure seating experience.


The aluminum diamond-plated cargo bed with an industrial-grade polished finish provides exceptional strength and durability. I also love the use of black industrial-strength powder coating for all seat frames, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and maintaining the cart’s attractive appearance without rusting over time.


With a cargo bed weight rating of 400 lbs, I’m confident it can handle loads within and under this rating. The overall weight of the kit is around 120 lbs, adding to its sturdiness.


It’s worth noting that this kit is specifically designed for Yamaha G29 (2007–2016) and Drive2 (2017 and newer) model golf carts. Unfortunately, it won’t fit on the G2-G22 or other models.


Included in the package are all the necessary components, like

  • a color step-by-step installation guide sheet,
  • footplate with grab bar,
  • armrest,
  • high-strength fasteners,
  • Backrest,
  •  bottom cushion,
  • main brackets.
  • The detailed installation instructions with pictures make the setup process straightforward and user-friendly.


I recently added this back seat to my 2010 Yamaha G29 cart, and the installation process was pretty straightforward, taking roughly 3.5 hours. While mostly clear, the instructions had a couple of confusing points. For instance, the manual suggested removing the roof for access and then supporting it while removing the rear supports, which seemed contradictory. I opted to remove the roof without additional support. Additionally, I had to clean up the threads on two nuts and one bolt.


The quality is impressive. Despite being a large guy at 315 lbs, I can stand on the back platform without issues. The seats are well-made, and I highly recommend this product for your cart.

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I did encounter a small issue with a saw cut and a 3/4″ burr on the seat frame that was powder-coated over and quite sharp, but the fitment to my cart was good.


One thing that stands out about this product is its craftsmanship. Beyond just the quality, the packaging and instructions are commendable. The hardware was well organized and labeled, matching the steps in the instructions. The instructions are printed in color on water-resistant paper with clear photos for each step, and they even specify the wrench size or tool needed for each step.


The seat is sturdy, and the one I received had a grip handle at the back without the little step behind the footrest, making it even better than pictured. I also added seat belts for safety, especially when carrying passengers in the back seat.


Overall, it fits my cart perfectly, and I recommend having a second set of hands to help with the installation, making the process much easier.


What I liked:

  • High-quality materials, including steel tubes, aluminum diamond plates, and stainless steel hardware.
  • Innovative design allows easy transformation from a 2-passenger to a 4-passenger setup.
  • Comfortable cushions for comfort, style, durability, and UV protection.
  • Seamless fits into Yamaha G29 (2007–2016) and Drive2 (2017 and newer) model golf carts.
  • All necessary components are included, along with a step-by-step installation guide.


What I didn’t like:

  • More expensive options
  • The installation instructions had some confusing points.


EZGO RXV Rear Flip Seat Kit

The EZGO RXV Rear Flip Seat Kit distinguishes itself with its user-friendly installation process, and its fold-down feature adds high functionality. However, it falls short in terms of durability. This golf cart back seat kit is designed to fit the EZGO RXV model from 2005 to 2015.



This golf cart back seat kit features a cushion crafted from high-quality marine-grade vinyl. Weighing in at around 90 pounds, it’s one of the lighter options available, making installation a breeze. The frame, created through a specialized tube-bending manufacturing process, gives the kit a robust form while ensuring it maintains strength.


One standout feature is the aluminum diamond-plated cargo bed with an industrial-grade polished finish, offering increased durability and longevity during performance. A cargo bed with a load weight rating of 400 lbs is designed to handle substantial loads without compromise.


I appreciate the thoughtful design, including a protective rubber trim along the edge of the diamond plate, which provides passenger protection and ensures a comfortable sitting experience. The comprehensive combo package usually includes

  • a rear flip seat with a bag holder kit,
  • footplate support, and installation hardware.
  • User-friendly installation instructions, complete with pictures, make the assembly process straightforward.



While the installation process was pretty straightforward, I felt the instructions could have been a bit more detailed, and clearer pictures would have been helpful. Despite this, the seat and fold-down storage shelf have proven excellent for accommodating extra passengers or transporting items. Getting the Bagwell bar to fit perfectly took a bit of maneuvering, but it eventually slid into place like a glove. I tackled the installation solo and, armed with the right tools, got it done in about 2.5 hours.


The final result closely resembled the provided picture, although there were some issues with bolt lengths, requiring the use of spacers. The footrest brackets were not as wide as depicted, prompting the need to drill new bolt holes. While this wasn’t a major setback, it did add some extra time to the installation process.


In terms of construction, the kit is well-built, but it’s important to note that the seat is somewhat narrow compared to fixed seats or other 2-in-1 options. It might be a bit cramped for two adults on an extended journey, but it works well for kids.


A couple of suggestions for improvement would be to paint the metal with a gloss finish to better match the EXGO color and address the hole pattern discrepancy between the seat and seat bracket.


Another hiccup was with the D-ring that opens the hatch for the cooler—it cracked due to thin plastic. Aside from that issue, the kit performs perfectly.

What I liked:

  • Fold-down feature for extra storage or passengers.
  • High-grade materials, including marine-grade vinyl and a strong frame.
  • It comes with the necessary hardware and accessories.


What I didn’t like:

  • Designed for EZGO RXV 2005–2015, it is unsuitable for other models.
  • Seats may be cramped for two adults on longer journeys.
  • Installation instructions could be better.


EZGO TXT Rear Seat Kit


This kit is compatible with all-year EZGO TXT makes and models, including the newer 2014-to-date TXT Valor cart. It can comfortably accommodate two adults or, if you prefer, use it to transport cargo. However, it’s important to note that it may not be the most durable option and doesn’t match the high quality of some other golf cart back seat kits that have been tested. It is, however, a more affordable option.



I fitted these seats to an EZGO TXT, and they’re compatible with all makes and models, including the newer TXT Valor carts from 2014 onwards. The frame is meticulously crafted from durable, powder-coated steel, ensuring a lightweight yet robust, rust-resistant build.


The cushions are thoughtfully designed with a high-density plastic backer board instead of plywood, ensuring extended life and enhanced durability. I was pleased to find integrated seat belt mounting brackets for passengers facing the rear included in the kit.


The Easy Flip Seat feature makes it effortless to convert the seating area into a cargo bed when needed. I had the option to choose from tan, black, or white for the color of this golf cart’s back seat.


The flip seats feature a sturdy framework made of steel, complemented by a rigid aluminum step pan and stylish side rails crafted from 14-gauge steel. Stainless steel hardware is incorporated to prevent rust, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable product. It was a great upgrade for my EZGO, combining functionality and durability.

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I expected to make some small modifications to fit it onto my cart, and that part went as planned. While the instructions weren’t stellar, they weren’t terrible either.


The installation took about 3 hours, and it was a one-person job. I chose this kit over cheaper alternatives because of concerns about poor instructions, missing hardware, or the wrong size bolts. I highly recommend this kit, especially for a 1999 EZ-Go TXT Freedom.


I liked the design of the seat and flip bed, especially the rounded corners and the plastic cover on the footrest.


However, some aspects I didn’t like outweighed the positives. Quality control appears to be lacking. The seat foam is too firm, and the covers are not tightly wrapped, showing unsightly wrinkles and looseness.


I’ll have to redo the stapling to make it tighter. The assembly bolts have large heads protruding both physically and aesthetically. The use of black-finished carriage bolts could have looked much better. The flip part seems flimsy, and the metal angle part that bolts on to stiffen it feels like an afterthought. The seat doesn’t lay flat in either position, requiring disassembly and the pivot bolt holes elongating to resolve.


Additionally, the bed part has a small crack in a stress point that is likely to worsen. While I can probably make it serviceable, spending several hours fixing design and quality issues is disappointing. I do not consider this rear flip seat kit a well-made product. It was filled with flaws and didn’t provide enough value for the cost.

What I liked:


  • Fits all-year EZGO TXT models, including newer TXT Valor carts.
  • Comfortably seats two adults or folds down for cargo transport.
  • Uses a plastic backer board for extended life and durability.
  • Provides safety features for passengers facing the rear.
  • There are tan, black, or white color choices for the golf cart back seat, so you have a variety to choose from.


What I didn’t like:

  • It may not match the high quality of some other golf cart back seat kits I tested.
  • Installation instructions are not stellar but manageable.
  • The flip part feels flimsy, and the metal angle part seems like an afterthought.


Club Car DS Rear Flip Seat Kit


This golf cart back seat kit is exceptionally sturdy and specifically designed for Club Car DS 1982–2000.5 (Old Style) and Club Car DS 2000.5–2013. Despite its robust construction, the installation process is not the easiest. One notable drawback is that this kit does not fit all Club Car DS models, limiting its compatibility. It also costs a bit more than other golf cart back seat kits.



I recently got my hands on this rear flip kit and am impressed with its design. The flip deck is incredibly sturdy, and the marine-grade vinyl on the cushions adds comfort, durability, style, and UV protection. The materials used, including steel square tubes, aluminum diamond plates, and high-quality hardware, make the Steeleng rear flip seat tough and built to withstand.


One feature that caught my attention is the diamond-plate-patterned composite plastic deck, which is a more durable option than alternatives. The strong frame design and grab strap make opening the flip deck easy. With a seat weight of 120 pounds, it feels robust and substantial.


Compatibility-wise, this golf cart seat is best suited for Club Car DS models from 1982–2000.5 (Old Style) and Club Car DS 2000.5–2013. This kit combines durability, unique features, and a good fit for Club Car golf carts, making it a compelling option for anyone looking to upgrade their rear seating.



I successfully installed this rear flip seat on a 2006 Club Car DS, and it fits seamlessly without any issues, completing the process in just 45 minutes. However, it was a different story with a 2008 Club Car; unfortunately, it didn’t fit.


The seat itself is notably heavy and impressively sturdy, providing a sense of durability.

I’m pleased with how sturdy it was, and the color almost perfectly matches the factory shade. I would recommend it to others.


Assembling the product was a positive experience. All the necessary parts were included, and the instructions were good, even though the bolt sizes were in millimeters. I improvised with terms like small, medium, and large for lengths.


While the final installation was excellent, the process demanded patience, time, and careful study. A helpful YouTube video provided additional guidance for a smoother installation.


One suggestion for improvement would be to include shorter bolts for the front seat. The original bolts, designed for a 1-inch square tube mounting bracket, may protrude into the foam of the front seat due to a design change. I opted for shorter bolts from my collection to avoid this issue.


Besides that, the product features thick metal and substantial bolts. I enhanced its functionality by adding seat belts, which provided a safety feature.


What I liked:

  • Built for durability in Club Car DS 1982–2000.5 (Old Style) and 2000.5–2013.
  • Handy grab strap for a hassle-free flip deck.
  • The color closely matches the original factory shade.


What I didn’t like:

  • It doesn’t fit every Club Car DS cart.
  • Bolt sizes are given in millimeters, requiring extra effort to understand.


Yamaha G14-G22 Rear Flip Seat Kit

One standout feature of this kit is its versatility, as it seamlessly fits into all Yamaha G14/G16/G19/G22 models. It delivers great quality for the price. However, it’s worth noting that the installation process may not be the easiest.



The polished aluminum diamond-plated cargo bed with the grab bar attachment adds a touch of sophistication. What’s great is that it’s designed to be compatible with Yamaha G14, G16, and G19/G22 models.


The kit includes all the essentials, including:

  • A comfortable backseat for passengers
  • An easy-to-follow, all-color installation guide
  • A footplate with a grab bar
  • Armrest
  • High-strength fasteners
  • The backrest and bottom cushion
  • Main brackets
  • Rear roof supports
  • Aluminum diamond-plated cargo bed assembly
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With a weight of 90 lbs, this kit is built with a special tube-bending manufacturing process, creating a sturdy frame while maintaining strength. The cargo bed, featuring an industrial-grade polished finish, impressively supports a load weight of up to 400 lbs. Passenger safety is a top priority, evident in the protective rubber trim installed on the edge of the diamond plate, ensuring a smooth and safe surface.


The kit doesn’t just stop at functionality; it also prioritizes comfort. The very strong flip deck and marine-grade vinyl on the cushions offer both durability and a comfortable ride. The diamond-plate-patterned composite plastic deck and a robust frame design guarantee exceptional durability.


One feature that stood out to me is the grab strap, which makes it easy to open the flip deck and convert seats to cargo beds effortlessly. It’s a well-rounded kit that combines style, durability, and practicality.



While the directions could have had clearer pictures, the packaging was secure, arriving in two separate boxes for the hardware and cushions. The step-up felt quite flimsy.


Unfortunately, it didn’t fit the 2004 Yamaha G22 as the mounting holes differed. I had to make modifications to get it to work.


An interesting note is that the roof uprights were said to be included for the G16E, but I found that the existing one-piece roof bolted right down on the new setup. I did cut some off the included uprights and bolted them on, adding extra strength without compromising the existing structure.


As a suggestion, adding some armrest cup holders would be a great enhancement to the kit.

Overall, it’s a decent product with an almost reasonable price. It looks good, too. Though lacking real photographs, the instructions could be improved to speed up the installation process.


To sum it up, the installation was not the easiest, and the product is not the most durable.


What I liked:

  • Fits Yamaha G14, G16, and G19/G22 models.
  • Budget-friendly compared to alternatives.
  • Sturdy frame via a special tube-bending process.
  • The Grab strap facilitates effortless seat-to-bed transformation.


What I liked:

  • Requires modifications and does not align with all models.
  • Missing armrest cup holders for added convenience.


Factors to consider when choosing the best golf cart back seat kit

Cart compatibility

This should always be your first consideration. You need to choose a back seat kit tailored to the make and model of your golf cart, ensuring seamless integration with its unique frame structure. Look for options that complement the existing design or allow for personalization, enhancing aesthetics and functionality. It’s essential to assess how the back seat kit aligns with your cart’s rear accessories, such as cargo beds. If your cart didn’t initially have a rear seat, explore conversion kits designed specifically for your model.


Prioritizing compatibility ensures that your golf cart’s new addition looks good and performs reliably during your rounds on the course.


Frame structure and durability:

A sturdy frame not only enhances the safety of passengers but also ensures that the back seat withstands the wear and tear associated with regular use. Choosing a back seat kit with a well-engineered and sturdy frame adds to the reliability and longevity of your golf cart.


Always prioritize durability by opting for cart kits made from high-quality materials. Opting for a sturdy frame is like choosing the right club for a shot; it makes all the difference. Look for materials like steel or aluminum; they’re the heavy hitters in the frame game. These materials provide durability and ensure stability, especially when navigating the twists and turns of the golf course.


Seat material and cushioning:

The seat material and cushioning choice are crucial when selecting a golf cart back seat kit. Look for materials like marine-grade vinyl or UV-resistant fabrics for the seat upholstery. These materials not only withstand outdoor elements but also contribute to long-term durability.


Think about UV-resistant fabrics too, because, you know, the sun can be relentless out there. Now, about cushioning—it’s the comfort factor. You want that perfect combo of firm support and cushy goodness for those long rides on the course. So, dive into the details, find the right mix, and ensure your back seat isn’t just durable and the comfiest spot on your golf cart.


Installation ease:


Opt for a kit with clear and comprehensive instructions, facilitating a user-friendly setup. Consider whether the kit includes all the necessary hardware and mounting components. Additionally, check if professional installation services are available or recommended for a seamless and secure setup. Choosing a back seat kit with straightforward installation ensures that you can enjoy the added functionality without unnecessary complications.


Weight capacity:

Every golf cart back seat kit has its weight capacity. So, take a moment to assess the weight limit of the back seat kit—that’s the maximum load it can handle. Consider your usual crew and factor in any potential cargo. You wouldn’t want to exceed the specified limit, as it can affect the stability of your golf cart, and, frankly, nobody wants a bumpy ride on the course. So, check those weight ratings diligently to ensure your golf cart can smoothly carry you, your friends, and maybe a cooler of refreshments without a hitch.


Fold-down option:


Lastly, consider the fold-down option when selecting a golf cart back seat kit. This feature allows the seat to be easily folded, creating additional cargo space when needed. Assessing this functionality can enhance the versatility of your golf cart, providing practical solutions for transporting equipment and gear during your rounds.


Final thoughts

Each kit reviewed in this article has its unique features. Whatever one you decide to go for, you must always consider cart compatibility, frame structure, seat material, installation ease, weight capacity, and fold-down options to align with your specific needs and preferences. I hope you found this review helpful.




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