Foresight GCQuad Review

Foresight GCQuad Review: I Tested for 40 hours


The Foresight GCQuad is a premium golf launch monitor known for its detailed feedback on ball and club performance metrics. It provides real-time shot analysis, which is beneficial for swing improvement. The unit is recognized for its robust build and longevity. Despite its advanced features, the cost is significantly higher than its predecessors, the GC3 and GC2, which may be a consideration for potential buyers.

I use the Bushnell Launch Pro because it provides all the data I need for my casual golfing needs and is a more affordable option. Recently, my golf buddy asked for my opinion on getting a new launch monitor. He had been using Skytrak, which only provided ball data. As he recently became a golfing coach, he wanted access to more comprehensive data and more advanced features, and he was willing to spend a little more on this.

To help him, I researched and tested some high-end golf launch monitors. After careful consideration, I settled on the GCQuad. Its precision and accuracy in providing ball and club data analysis and a top display for easy access during play appealed to me. The real-time data presentation was swift, offering immediate insights after each shot. However, it is quite expensive, with a price tag of $14,000. Unless you are a serious golfer or coach, I recommend exploring more affordable alternatives.

Foresight GCQuad Review

Foresight GCQuad Review


  • Professional-Grade Accuracy: Known as the “workhorse” of launch monitors, the GCQuad is acclaimed for its unmatched precision and is used by professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth for its reliable feedback on ball and club metrics​
  • Advanced Features: It includes auto-leveling and auto-aligning capabilities, a large data display screen, a built-in barometer for altitude measurement, weather resistance, and a large hitting zone (14″x18″). It’s also equipped with a removable battery that lasts about 12 hours and offers wireless and ethernet connectivity.​
  • Golf Simulation: The GCQuad pairs with high-quality graphics software for a realistic virtual golfing experience, enhancing its appeal for both practice and entertainment​
  • Versatility in Use: It operates with no loss in accuracy both indoors and outdoors, although care must be taken to avoid direct sunlight and reflective surfaces that could interfere with its readings

Pros and Cons

While that device offers exceptional accuracy and real-time data feedback, it is imperfect and has some drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of this high-end launch monitor.

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What I Liked:

  • Provides highly accurate data for precise analysis.
  • Portable and easy to handle with a compact structure.
  • Quick and straightforward setup process.
  • Includes valuable features for enhancing putting skills.
  • Offers immediate feedback on shot data.
  • Displays data in real-time during use.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • More expensive
  • It is slightly heavier than other alternatives


Let’s look at key specifications that make this launch monitor stand out. Here’s a table outlining the compatibility, dimension, weight, and data captured by the Foresight GCQuad:

Dimensions4″D x 7″W x 12.5″H
Weight7.5 lbs
TechnologyQuadrascopic & Infrared Technology
Network connectivityWi-Fi or internet-enabled PC,
PC connectivityEthernet or USB-C Cable
Battery Life12 hours
CompatibilityApple and Android 
Ball Data CollectedBall speed, Ball launch angle, Internal horizontal angle, Total backspin rpm, Spin tilt axis
Club Data CollectedClub speed, Impact Point, Angle of attack, Club path, Delivered face angle, Delivered lie angle, Impact loft, Closure rate

First impression

I like that it came with a backpack, which offered additional protection and was also good for transportation because I planned to take it to the course to test.

It was compact and portable, although heavier than the GC3 I tried on the course. The top handle is a practical addition, simplifying carrying the launch monitor.

Setting up

The GCQuad proved incredibly straightforward; the instruction manual was clear and easy to follow. I placed the monitor 22 inches from the hitting area, ensuring the base was level with the hitting surfaces. After powering the device, it was ready to use. The only extra step involved placing club stickers on my clubs for tracking club data. Overall, the setup process was smooth and user-friendly. The launch monitor came with:

  • FSX Software (2020, Play, Pro) 
  • 25 Simulated Courses
  • USB-C Cable
  • Alignment Stick
  • Club marker dispenser

Technology and software 

The GCQuad utilizes a quadrascopic system with high-speed cameras at each corner. These cameras capture thousands of images per second to construct a detailed 3D model of the club and ball at the moment of impact.

With the GCQuad, you can access the Foresight Suite core software, which includes FSX 2020, FSX Play, FSX Pro, Foresight Fairgrounds, and the Foresight app. Additionally, it allows for integration with third-party software such as E6 Connect, GSPro, Awesome Golf, Creative Golf 3D, and Swing Catalyst.

While FSX 2020 offers a range of impressive features and functionality, it is important to note that its graphics are not as advanced as those of FSX Play and FSX Pro. However, if you are willing to pay for the upgrade, you can enhance your experience with these superior graphics. It is worth mentioning that the upgrade comes with an additional cost, which some may consider overpriced.

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Nevertheless, the upgrade may be worth the expense for serious golfers willing to invest $14,000 in this launch monitor. On the other hand, the free Foresight app has limited features compared to other software options.


Based on my experience with the GCQuad, here’s a data table that reflects the performance from my use of the GC Quad

Shot TypeClubTotal ShotsWithin Target RangeAverage Deviation (Yards)Notes
IndoorVarious2020<1Discrepancies in face angle measurements due to curved faces.
Outdoor (Pitching Wedge)Pitching Wedge20165Occasional overreporting on low spin, high launch shots.
Outdoor (Driver)Driver107Discrepancies in face angle measurements due to curved face.
PuttingPutter1515<2Accurate putting feedback, useful for lessons and fittings.
Outdoor (Various Clubs)6-iron to Pitching Wedge20187Consistent and reliable across different clubs.

Using the GCQuad has been an impressive experience, particularly regarding accuracy and quick data feedback. I conducted indoor tests alongside a Trackman launch monitor, and the results closely matched those of the Trackman. However, I noticed some differences when testing outdoors, where the Trackman seemed more reliable.

The GCQuad didn’t miss a single shot during indoor testing, showcasing its precision. Outdoors accurately read my pitching wedge, with 16 out of 20 shots falling within 5 yards of the actual range finder distance. However, there were occasional instances of overreported distance on shots with low spin and high launch.

The absence of calibration adds to its user-friendly nature. I opted for the version without add-on club data, but even so, full simulation and putting capabilities are unlocked when paired with FSX 2020. I found the putting feature valuable, and my buddy found it particularly useful for lessons and fittings.

I did notice some discrepancies in measuring face angles with drivers due to their curved faces. Additionally, sunlight can affect outdoor performance because the GCQuad is an optical measuring system.

Across different clubs, from a six-iron to a pitching wedge, the GCQuad consistently provided reliable feedback. It accurately tracked 18 out of 20 shots within 7 yards of the rangefinder’s measurement.

What I appreciate most about the GCQuad is its convenience. You can set it down and take your shot; it tracks everything, providing instant feedback. The GCQuad is designed to provide tour-level feedback and comprehensive data.

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Foresight GCQuad Review

Foresight GCQuad Review


  • The Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor is reputed for its precision, offering comprehensive ball and club data indoors and outdoors. It has features like auto-leveling, a built-in barometer, and a large hitting zone.
  • The device is noted for its professional-grade accuracy and is used widely among tour professionals. It offers golf simulation capabilities when paired with suitable software.
  • However, it is also one of the more expensive launch monitors on the market, positioned as a premium option for serious players and coaches seeking detailed swing analysis.


The launch monitor is priced at $14,500 at the indoor golf shop, including FSX 2020 and FSX Play. The Club Analysis add-on at $4,000 and the Essential Putting Analysis at $2,500 are also available.

The data provided by the FSX software is comprehensive enough for most users, making the Club Analysis add-on unnecessary. However, the Essential Putting Analysis could be a valuable investment for those looking to improve their putting skills and practice on a real-life putting green.

Although third-party software integration is possible at an additional cost, the functionality of the available FSX software is already robust. Therefore, opting for third-party integrations is not essential.

Comparison with Alternatives

While the GCQuad launch monitor delivers impressive performance, its high price tag makes it more suitable for coaches and dedicated golf enthusiasts. For those seeking a more budget-friendly yet effective option, the Foresight GC3 is a compelling choice.

On the other hand, the SkyTrak+, positioned as a more affordable alternative, is well-suited for casual golfers, offering reliable performance. Let’s compare their specifications side by side.

FeatureForesight Sport GCQuadForesight Sport GC3SkyTrak+
Data CapturedBall speed, Ball launch angle, Internal horizontal angle, Total backspin rpm, Spin tilt axis, Club speed, Impact Point, Angle of attack, Club path, Delivered face angle, Delivered lie angle, Impact loft, Closure rateBall speed, Launch angle, Side angle | Total spin,  Backspin, Spin axis / Side spin, Club head speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attackClubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, total distance, smash factor, angle of attack, and club path
Price $14,999$6,999$2,695
Simulation featuresYesYesYes
Build QualityRobustRobustHigh
Realtime feedbackYesYesLimited
Software compatibility YesYesYes 

Final thoughts

The GCQuad is a state-of-the-art device with many amazing features that can greatly enhance your game; some may say too many features. Unless you’re a professional athlete or a golf coach, you might find some of these features unnecessary. 

Considering the high price tag, exploring more affordable options with excellent performance might be a practical choice if you are a casual golfer.



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