Foresight GChawk Review

Foresight Sports GCHawk Launch Monitor Review


The Foresight GC-Hawk Launch Monitor is a state-of-the-art device that stands out among other Foresight launch monitors on the market. It is positioned as a game-changer, promising golfers of all skill levels real-time data with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

Think of it as a touch of luxury that transforms every golf game into a heavenly experience, where every shot is analyzed, and you can access iconic courses like Augusta National or St. Andrews, all from the comfort of your home. Its hands-off feature sets it apart, which puts it ahead of other launch monitors. Most online reviews have nothing but praise for this launch monitor. But does it live up to the hype? To find out, I decided to conduct a thorough test myself.

Upon concluding my investigation and review, the standout feature of the GCHawk became evident: the GC Hawk presents an impressive lineup of specifications, including its hands-off capability, all geared towards enhancing convenience and delivering unparalleled accuracy in shot analysis. An intuitive interface and lifelike graphics allow you to seamlessly transition from refining your swings on a local golf course to playing rounds on a world-class system.

In this piece, I will examine the standout features, assess its performance, evaluate its price value, and explore how this device has the potential to enhance your overall golfing experience.

Foresight Sports GCHawk Launch Monitor



  • High Accuracy: Employs advanced technology for precise club and ball data measurement.
  • Seamless Integration: Ideal for residential or commercial setups, with easy switching for different players.
  • Higher Cost: Significantly more expensive compared to similar models like the GCQuad.
  • Installation & Portability: Complex installation requirements and limited portability due to its ceiling-mounted design

Pros and Cons

I discovered some pros and cons after reviewing the GCHawk Launch Monitor. 

What I liked: 

  1. Professional-Grade Accuracy: Utilizes high-speed cameras and infrared object tracking measurements for precise club and ball performance metrics​​.
  2. Seamless Integration: Designed for residential and commercial environments, easily integrates with golf simulator enclosures or home theatres​​.
  3. Hands-Off Experience: Overhead mounting provides a convenient, non-intrusive setup for players, with no repositioning needed for different players​​.
  4. Comprehensive Software Compatibility: Works with Foresight Sports’ FSX software suite and various third-party solutions, offering extensive golf simulation and practice options​​.

What I Didnt Like

  1. High Cost: It’s one of the most expensive options in Foresight Sports’ lineup, nearly $5000 more than the GCQuad while offering similar accuracy​​.
  2. Limited Putting Analysis: Unlike the GCQuad, it doesn’t offer advanced putting analysis, although it reads putts effectively​​.
  3. Complex Installation: Requires professional installation, which can be costly and time-consuming and is not covered by warranty in case of mistakes​​.
  4. Lack of Portability: Its ceiling-mounted design limits its portability compared to other models like the GCQuad, restricting its use to fixed locations
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The GCHawk’s unique multi-sport functionality is a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from other Foresight launch monitors. Its precise ball and club data measurement makes it a great choice for athletes and avid golfers. Additionally, its ability to provide unparalleled virtual realism in every swing enhances the overall immersive simulation experience.

Here’s a look at its features:

Dimensions226.3cm (L) x19.3cm (H) x 15.5cm (W)
Hitting zone52” x 30”
Weight16.3kg / 36lbs
TechnologyQuadrascopic and Infrared Technology
Network connectivityWi-Fi or internet-enabled PC, Bluetooth
PC connectivityEthernet or USB-C Cable
Battery Life5-7 hours Lithium-ion
CompatibilityApple and Android via App
Ball Data CollectedBall speed, carry distance, horizontal & vertical launch angle, spin, side spin
Club Data Collectedclub head speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attackface angle, closure rate, clubface impact location, lie & loft at impact

 Appearance and setting up 

Unboxing days are like Christmas mornings, and I’m usually excited. Unboxing the GChawk launch monitor made this excitement worth it. 

As I opened the box, the first thing that caught my eye was its sleek design.

The device came with some added accessories, like:

  • 2 Different Ceiling Mounts 
  • Alignment Wand
  • 2 Rubber Tees

After unboxing, I was ready to set up the launch monitor. This is where it can get tricky—you must ensure the monitor is mounted on the ceiling.

While the launch monitor does come with an instruction manual, I strongly recommend having a licensed contractor handle the installation.

Someone came in to mount the launch monitor in my garage to avoid potential damage to the device.

Once the mounting and power supply were connected to the launch monitor, I inserted the power cord and data lines into their respective ports and turned it on using the wireless remote.

Next, I had to ensure that it was properly calibrated. I connected it to my iPad through the internet and downloaded the GCHawk software on my iPad to complete the setup process.

And voila! The setup process was relatively straightforward. After the mounting, there were no glitches, and I could finish setting up on my own. On a scale of 1 to 10 for setup difficulty, I rate it a solid 7.

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Build and technology 

The GChawk impressed me with its durability and robust build, making it able to withstand regular use.

One feature that stood out to me was its compact footprint. I appreciated this because it didn’t require a lot of space and was perfect for my garage.

The camera system is a star player, capturing an impressive 10,000 shots per second and creating a detailed 3D model of the ball and club impact. It felt like having a personal coach, offering insights into ball speed, launch, and spin rate to improve each swing.

This launch monitor comes with a comprehensive software package that includes the Foresight Sports software suite, featuring FX2020, FSX Play, FSX Pro, Foresight Fairground, and compatibility with third-party software solutions like E6 Connect, GSpro, Creative Golf 3D, Swing Catalyst, and the Foresight app (similar to GC2 and GC3).

However, it also has a unique software solution, the skill drill, exclusive to the GCHawk.

The GChawk offers the most realistic virtual golfing experience thanks to cutting-edge algorithms and infrared lightwave technology. This launch monitor delivers an authentic virtual golfing experience with various course simulations.

Its high-tech algorithm and infrared lightwave feature provide one of the most realistic virtual golfing experiences, with various course simulations.


The requirement for the GCHawk to be securely overhead is a crucial design feature. This feature eliminates any potential disruptions to alignment and minimizes the risk of calibration errors. Additionally, this unique setup significantly enhances the overall reliability of the device.

I was excited to try out the precision and accuracy of the GCHawk and decided to compare it with the GCQuad Launch Monitor. The data obtained was similar, reinforcing my trust in its accuracy. However, the GCHawk offers fewer details than the GCQuad. Other than that, all other ball and club data obtained were identical.

Of course, I had to try out its advanced-tech simulation. It took virtual exercise to a whole new level. I could almost feel the wind as I took each shot. It was like being on my favourite course with a coach tracking my every shot and providing relevant insight to improve my swings, round after round. It was a 10/10 experience in simulation.

The interface was straightforward, and all the data was easy to view and review when needed.

The price value

The GCHawk launch monitor is available for $19,500 from the indoor golf shop. This purchase includes the FSX 2020 software license, the FSX Play, and a skill drill license for soccer gameplay.

If you require additional club data to access information such as angle of attack, loft at impact, lie and face angle at impact, and location on the clubface, there is an option to purchase the club data add-on for $4,000.

Additionally, there are various third-party software integrations available.

However, other pricing models are available, each offering different packages. 

  • Model 2: GCHawk, FSX Suite, Club Data at $23,500.
  • Model 3: GCHawk, FSX Suite, Club Data, E6 Connect at $26,000.
  • Model 4: GCHawk, FSX Suite, Creative Golf 3D at $20,700.

While the price tag is relatively high compared to competitors in the market, the GCHawk offers a wealth of features and precise data. 

 If you prioritize a casual golfing experience over detailed shot analysis, opting for a more affordable option with the necessary features might be a practical choice. 

However, if you would rather go for the premium, all-inclusive, immersive experience, it would be a worthwhile investment in your golfing game

Multi-sport capacity 

The GCHawk is a versatile device that offers multi-sport features, allowing you to explore other sports on days when you are in the mood for something different. Currently, soccer simulation is the only sport available, but the good news is that you can also access your game performance data while playing soccer. This includes ball speed, carry distance, total spin, spin tilt axis, and horizontal/vertical launch angle.

Comparison with alternatives

The GCHawk distinguishes itself from other alternatives with its unique ceiling-mounted capability; however, its pricing presents a significant drawback. Fortunately, the Uneekor Eye XO Launch Monitor provides a similar ceiling-mounted feature at a more budget-friendly price point. Let’s compare these two monitors side by side.

FeatureForesight Sport GCHawkUneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor
Data CapturedBall speed, Launch angle, Side angle | Total spin,  Backspin, Spin axis / Side spin, Club head speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attackBall Speed, Clubhead Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Side Angle, Launch Angle, Angle of Descent, Flight distance to Apex, Carry Distance, Roll Distance, Total Distance, Dynamic Loft, Angle of Attack, Smash Factor, Club Path, face Angle, Club Face to Path, Club Lie Angle, Club Loft AngleImpact Point Vertical, Impact Point Horizontal
Price $20,500$10,000
Simulation featuresYesYes
Accuracy+/- 0.1mph+/-0.5mph
Multi-Sport CapabilitiesYesNo
Physical AdaptabilityYesLimited
Software compatibility YesYes 
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Final thoughts

The GChawk stands out as a revolutionary launch monitor, enhancing the indoor golfing experience with unparalleled precision and data analysis accuracy. The added convenience of its hands-free mounting option adds to its appeal.

However, the steep price tag makes it a launch monitor I wasn’t inclined towards. Other commendable alternatives on the market offer similar accuracy and reliability at a more affordable cost. I would likely opt for a more budget-friendly option.

But what are your thoughts? Would you prefer this, despite its premium pricing? 



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