Golfer Geeks Offers Solid Advice on Golf Products


Today we welcome a special editorial from a website that covers the golf industry like few others.  Enjoy!

An Important Note: So Phil and Bones just split up after 25 years of wedded bliss. WTF!? Who the hell saw this coming? Apparently, Tim Rosaforte.

Anyway, let me get to what I originally wanted to talk about.; that’s my website dedicated to my nearly lifelong love affair with golf. I cover everything from swing theory- read books, videos, etc- to golfing apparel. I’ve got golf equipment reviews, book reviews, golf gadget reviews, and just random thoughts on what’s going on in the game. Along with my lifelong love of golf, I’ve always been passionate about health, fitness, and well-being. I include those topics on the site.

Naturally, I can’t buy every single item I review, and I’m not a big enough dog to get comped these items for testing- YET. What I do is a lot of research on the products I review and bring you the pros and cons as told from those that have used the item, so all you have to do is read my stuff to get the full picture.

My very favorite that has happened to me since I started the website is getting to talk to Tony Clark, the founder and CEO of golf swing plane trainer- PlaneSwing. I’ve been attracted to this product, or specifically, swing plane trainers since I took up golf when I was 23. I featured the PlaneSwing on my site and reached out to Tony via email, asking a few questions about himself, the company, and awesome product. Not only did he answer all my questions in detail, he gave me his number and offered to hop on a call with me. We actually spoke twice and I came away with even more confidence in him, his company.

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You may be asking, “what the heck does this have to do with Phil Mickelson?” I can help here. Phil’s two most prominent coaches, and the ones he got all his majors with, are Randy Smith and Butch Harmon. Ok, whatever, you might say. What these two guys have in common is that they both use the PlaneSwing to train golfers at their academies. I can’t say for certain that Phil has used it, but I think it’s likely he’s at least tried it. He’s noted to be pretty curious.

Anyway, cool things happen when you follow your passions or interests and talk to other people who feel the same. I hope to be talking to many of you soon. Come on over to Golfer Geeks and say hi.


Christopher Diaz

Christopher is an avid golfer who calls Miami home. As a Phil Mickelson fan, he set up this website as an informational portal for all other fans of "Lefty." He also occasionally reviews equipment and golf training programs, but admits he'd rather be on the course than anywhere.