How to Connect Mevo Plus to an E6 iPad



To connect your Mevo Plus to E6 Connect on your iPad, first download and set up the E6 Connect software. Open the E6 Connect app while connected to the internet, log in to your account, and then connect your Mevo Plus to your iPad. In the E6 app, choose Mevo Plus as the tracking system to complete the connection.


When I acquired my Mevo Plus for my simulation setup, I sought access to diverse courses and an immersive simulation experience. The e6 Connect is one of the leading simulation software options, so I opted to try it. However, I encountered a significant challenge in connecting my Mevo Plus to the e6 Connect software on my iPad. Despite numerous attempts, I faced persistent issues. Determined to resolve the problem, I delved into research and experimentation until I successfully established a stable connection between the Mevo Plus and e6 Connect.


If you’re facing challenges connecting your Mevo Plus to the e6 software on your iPad, you’re in the right place. In the rest of this article, I’ll provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to assist you in successfully establishing a connection between your Mevo Plus and the e6 Connect software on your iPad or iPhone. Let’s dive in.


Download and set up the e6 Connect software on your iPad.

  • Start by accessing E6 Connect on your iPad from the App Store. Once installed, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your E6 Connect account, if necessary. To achieve this:
    • First, navigate to the “Profiles” section within the app. From there, select “Log In” and enter your account details.
    • After successfully logging in, your E6 Connect username is displayed under “Roster,” confirming your access. This personalized profile allows the app to track your progress and preferences.
    • Once you’ve confirmed your login and profile details, click “Next” to complete the login process and advance.
  • Ensure your device is connected to a stable internet connection throughout this process.
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Connect your iPad to the Mevo Plus.

  • Navigate to your iPhone or iPad’s home screen by pressing the home button.
  • Proceed to access the settings menu. Establish a connection between your iPhone or iPad and the Mevo+ device within settings. This can typically be achieved through the available wireless connectivity options.


Connect Mevo Plus to the E6 Connect App.

  • Once you’ve successfully connected your iPad to your Mevo Plus, return to the e6 Connect App and find and tap the blue “Cogs” button in the bottom right corner. This action will open up a menu of settings and configurations, allowing you to personalize and adjust various aspects of the application to suit your preferences.
  • To configure your tracking system in the E6 Connect software, start by clicking the “Simulator” button. Once in the simulator menu, navigate to “Tracking System” and choose “FlightScope.” Click on “Configure” to access the settings for FlightScope integration. Here, you can customize the tracking features, such as calibration and sensor alignment, to ensure accurate and optimal performance.
  • If the Mevo+ is properly set up and within range, it should connect automatically to the E6 Connect software. Keep an eye on the status indicator next to “Mevo+”; once successfully connected, the dot should turn green, and you should see “1 Device Detected” to the right.
  • Double-check your Mevo+ settings and the E6 Connect documentation for troubleshooting tips if any issues arise.
  • After successfully connecting your Mevo+ to E6 Connect, your Mevo+ details should be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. This information typically includes relevant data and settings associated with your Mevo+ device. This display ensures that you have real-time information about your Mevo+ within the E6 Connect software, enhancing your ability to customize and optimize the simulation based on your preferences. If you encounter any issues or need further adjustments, refer to the E6 Connect documentation for additional guidance.
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Final thoughts

Connecting your Mevo Plus to E6 Connect on your iPad can be achieved if you follow the simple step-by-step process outlined in this article. This process involves downloading and setting up the E6 Connect software on your iPad, logging in to your account, and configuring the tracking system as Mevo+ within the app. Once successfully connected, you can enjoy an immersive golf simulation experience and get the most out of your Mevo+ and the E6 software.




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