30 Best Golf Betting Games

Playing online games is fun, but the fun is never enough if no stakes are involved. The online betting world is vast, but you won’t have as much fun betting on golf games. In golf games, skills matter, but no one knows how the result will be.

Unlike other games, golf has the highest unpredictable rate, and its bets are not on making a hole but instead on how close the ball is to the hole. The game gets hyper-interesting when the ball is closest to the hole, and anyone can become a winner if luck is in their favor.

The best part about this game is that you can play with friends and even make a team and play against multiple teams online. Playing in a team gives you the advantage of brainstorming before making a move. This increases the chances of winning; even if you lose, the loss is shared with the partner. Now, the big question is: what golf betting games have the best winning chances and the biggest bets? Let’s find out.

Golf Betting

Best Golf Betting Games

1. Nassau

We checked a lot of golf games, but Nassau was on top of every other game. I guess people love it too much because it is easy to play and you can start with small bets. The answer became clear when we tried it and discovered that Nassau was the most fun and straightforward golf game to play with friends. The best part is that each bet costs you only $2–$5, and you can back out any time you want to save yourself some money.

This game has nothing to do with Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, but it got its name from the Nassau Country Club. You can play this game with one friend or three friends, making a team of two players. The two-versus-two competition gets really fiery when the ball is about to reach the hole, and both teams have nearly similar scores, making it hard to determine a winner.

Betting Rules in Nassau

  • The betting rules in Nassau are very simple. The option is to place three bets of $2-$5. However, if someone chooses to bet $5, you’ll be betting the same amount for front, back, and 18.
  • The bet for each birdie is $1, so if you have placed three bets of $5 and lose the game, the total loss won’t be $15. Instead, the total loss will be $18 ($5+$5+$5+3); the three dollars are the additional cost for the birdies.
  • The same rule goes for every bet; since the minimum bet is $2, the minimum loss would be $9. We recommend that you start betting with $2, and if you see that you can win the game, up the bet in the next betting try.
  • Everyone has the option to choose the team unless they are playing with friends, and then one can randomly join any side.
  • You can set the game to “automatic”, so if any teams get the two holes, the game automatically restarts instead of wasting anyone’s time.

Remember, the idea is to have a friendly game with friends, not to rob them, so have fun and make puns and jokes for friends after winning the game.

How to Avoid Loss in Nassau

  • Nassau has a term called “pressing”, where, if you were playing a nine-hole game with two or more holes down, you could double the bet and start a new game. This gives you a good chance to avoid the potential loss. However, if you lose the bet again, the loss is double, but gambling is about taking a risk, and there is no better risk than raising the bet to make it all interesting.
  • With the pressing option, you can turn a nine-hole game into an 18-hole game, giving you the power to win bigger and redeem yourself. Also, to keep everything in harmony, this game allows the players to set the rules first before starting the game. So, if neither of you likes to drag the game further, you can skip the option of pressing.

2. Dots (Aka Trash)

Dots is another fun and simple golf game where winning is not based on striking a hole. Instead, you can do activities on each turn and win money on every point. The one with the most points will win the game; it is that simple. The idea is to get more points than your opponents to have more wins.

The best part of this game is that there is no loser. If you win points, you’ll go home with some money in your hands. It could be less than what you placed on bets, but at least you won’t be going back with an empty pocket.

On the other hand, there are chances when you go back with empty hands, especially when you place bets against other players with your winnings. Here is how this works: Suppose three players play this game: one player has 8 points, one has 12, and one has 20; if the payout is $1 for each point, everyone won’t get the money. Instead, only the player with 20 points will get $20. To avoid this, you only need to ensure you don’t get greedy and back off when the time is right. But then again, $20 is not a huge amount, so you can continue, but if the stakes are high, be reasonable.

How to Play Dots

  • There are no standard game modes for Dots. You can make as many as you like. Some players like to make it complicated and exciting, so they make difficult modes, while others like to keep things simple. Most of the time, winning depends on an activity followed by a par or you making a birdie or putt.
  • Every activity will get you one point, but don’t limit yourself there. If you can do the same activity twice in a single move, you get two points, and this is where things get really interesting.
  • Another thing that makes this game more exciting is the number of players. You can join or create a group of 3-20 players and start betting and winning. If you happen to find a group who are more into having fun than winning, trust me, you’ll have the best time of your life while playing the dots.

3. Skins (AKA Cuts)

We all know winners take everything in betting, but what if the rules are changed? What if the one at the bottom gets the win and those on top can only enjoy their high points? Yup, that is what happens in Skins, where the player with the lowest score wins it all. The rules are so strict that only one player has to be at the bottom. If there are two players with the same score, no one wins the game. So, it all depends on how you out-trick your opponent in the last moments to give him some points.

The best part about this game is that you can combine it with other games. For example, you can play Skins with a team of four and at the same time play Nassau with three other players. Since the way you earn points is the same in Skins and Nassau, you can place the same bets in both games and get lower and higher points, respectively.

How to Play Skins

  • If you have ever played a golf betting game before, this game will be simple for you to understand. The rules are simple, everyone must submit a small sum, so the one hosting the game can instantly provide the winning and start the room for another game.
  • This is by far the most significant advantage in this game. Another good thing is that all famous golf tournaments like the PGA, LPGA Tour, and more will host this contest, giving everyone a chance to participate. You can even throw a party at home and bet on your favorite players. However, for this to work correctly, everyone in the room must know the rules of golf, so no one has to keep asking, “What happened?”
  • On the other hand, you can also skip gross scoring and choose net scoring to get the win. Instead of paying first, everyone pays when one person wins. This also allows people to withdraw without paying more if the bet continues.
  • Also, every hole in Skins can have a different amount; it doesn’t really have to be fixed. For example, the amount for the first six holes can be $2, the next six holes can be worth $6, and the last six holes can get the winner $10. However, the amount should be determined before the game starts.

Someone Has to Win

  • This might be the only rule of Skins that makes betting more interesting. There are no draws in this game like all others, someone has to win, or the game continues. However, no more bets once the final scores are revealed. So, if there are two winners, they’ll continue the game until someone becomes victorious.
  • On the other hand, if players are interested in raising the stakes, everyone can continue if the game is tied. This, again, makes the game more interesting as every player on the table has a chance to win, plus continued draws can pile up a huge winning, allowing you to get good fortune from one game.

4. 6-6-6

There are times when players start blaming each other for the loss, and when the stakes are high, the chances of blaming are high too. This is where 6-6-6 comes in, with the same rules as Nassau but good for those who can’t stick to one team. This game is designed for four players, but if you consider modifying it, you can add 8–12 players.

The teams are made of two players, and after every win, the players are switched, making new teams. This is why 6-6-6 is one of the most interesting golf betting games, but it also gets complicated with more players. So, we recommend that you keep the number of teams smaller so it is easy to swap players.

How to Play 6-6-6

  • It is fairly simple; you follow the same rules as Nassau, betting for each hole. There are no betting limits, but we recommend that you start with a lower bet and gradually increase it. You can start from $2; if the stakes are not interesting, increase the amount to $5. The game ends after the sixth hole, and the new bet starts. If both teams have the same points at the end, they can share the winnings. However, it is highly unlikely to draw this game as the rules won’t allow it to.
  • You switch your partner and start a new bet every time the game ends. This gives you an idea of how the previous player was and how the new combination turns out to be. The choice is yours; opt for a partner from the opponent’s team, or you can bring a new guy. However, you must set the rules about swapping partners before the game.
  • The betting rules are the same; you bet $3 for each match plus $1 as a birdie. Once six bets are done, the game resets, and you bet again for the next six holes.

5. Wolf

Wolf is the best game for you if you want every hole to be more exciting. The first reason is that everyone gets to determine how much each hole will weigh. That you can decide to start with lower bets and drastically increase them as the games become exciting. There are no teams in this game; a group of four to five people is enough, and trust me, having too many players only ruins the experience. Everyone will have a different idea, making the game complicated. Have fewer people, and you’ll be fine placing bets.

Wolf is the simplest golf betting game where no one needs to understand the rules, and anyone can join once a wolf becomes a victor.

Wolf Rules

  • The rules of this game are the simplest; you do a toss to determine the wolf playing for the hole. Everyone determines the payout, which should be equally distributed among the players. No one can expect to pay more than the previous person.
  • This game is better suited for four people, at least, who can take turns to be a wolf. The first tee box determines the order of the game, and the rest of the games follow that order. However, the wolf always remains at last to hit the tee ball.
  • The wolf has the option to choose a teammate or go solo as a “lone wolf” once all the players have hit their shot. The benefit of being the lone wolf is that you’ll get the winning of all four people, but if you have a partner, you’ll have to share the winnings. Trust me, playing solo is what makes this game exciting, having a partner only increases your chances of winning, which, to be honest, makes the game boring.
  • The disadvantage of going solo is that you’ll lose everything if any of the other players beat you. The idea of this game is to reach the highest point possible, so the best option is to become the lone wolf and earn as high as possible.
  • If you keep your nerves cool and make your shots responsibly, you can be the lone wolf and win the game. There is another variant of this game known as “blind wolf,” allowing users to decide on a lone wolf before the shots are hit.

6. Vegas

Yes, the casino capital Vegas has made its way into golf betting, and it is the most unique game you’ll ever see. Unlike all other golf games, this one has a different scoring system where even the smallest number can make the total score huge.

This game is for those who are not afraid to lose anything but are ready to get the highest number to win. You can make teams, but we recommend not going above two players per team, so calculating the numbers remains easy. We also recommend that you don’t allow more than three teams to participate, so everyone gets an equal chance to increase their score.

A higher number of individuals is much better when it comes to games where betting is based on draws. When it comes to adding a score, it is better to have fewer people to give everyone a fair chance.

How to Play Vegas

  • The team with the higher score wins, but the traditional calculation doesn’t apply here. Instead of going with 2+2=4, you get 2+2=22; yes, having two 4s makes the score 44 instead of eight.
  • This game brings the stupid mistakes kids make when adding numbers and makes it a reality. However, the lowest number will be placed first. For example, if one player gets a 9 while the other player gets a 6, the total score will be 69 instead of 96.
  • The rules are a bit different if someone hits a double number. For example, if one player hits a 10 and the second player hits a 4, the total score will be 104, not 401. If both players hit double figures, the smallest will come first, but that will mark their victory unless the other team hits double figures as well.
  • You can determine the payouts per point, but those points are calculated based on the difference between the two scores. So, it is better to determine the winnings in the smallest amount because sometimes the difference becomes huge.
  • For example, if one team has a 66 and the second team has a 75, the difference will be nine. The winning team receives the full amount of the payout after multiplying it by nine.

7. Riding Time

Riding Time is another unique game you must play without another game like 6-6-6 or Nassau. This is more like an add-on, so you can have a thrilling betting experience that you might lack while playing Nassau. The idea behind this game is simple, and that is to keep you busy for as long as the game is going. Sometimes, if you keep on adding the stakes after every hole, the final winning becomes so high that what you have lost on Nassau, you can get back 10–15 times more. However, the person you are playing against must have the passion to continue betting as long as the game goes on.

Keep Riding, Keep Winning

  • The rules of this game are simple; you keep betting for the next hole to keep honors or the tee box. For every hole you make, you get money, and you continue the game to keep the honors.
  • If you keep getting holes, you can continue, but if you believe you have earned enough or the next shot might not make it, withdraw from the game and collect your winnings. However, we have never seen anyone withdrawing from this game; they keep playing, and one winner gets away with lots of money.
  • Even if you place the bets low, let’s say $1-$3, if you keep halving holes, it increases the stakes by a lot, and one person can win high, and one can lose like crazy. We highly recommend that you set how many holes one can make in one turn before starting the game so it becomes easy for everyone. You don’t want to end the game after hours with lots of angry friends or someone who doesn’t have enough money to pay.
  • The problem with this game is that you cannot collect the payouts before because you don’t know when it will end. The only way to ensure that you collect the money first is by limiting the number of holes, which many players don’t like.

8. 9-Point Game

Enough about the games that are more suitable for two or four people; it is time we introduce a game more suitable for three people. There are times when things do go according to plan and you have one less person on your team. This game won’t let you limit yourself, allowing you to have a blast with your two friends.

Furthermore, this game is easy for anyone to understand and play. The winner of each session can continue the game as he likes, but it is better to refresh the bets every time a player wins the game. This gives every player a chance to start fresh without the tension of adding more money to the game. You can start with a $5 bet, but if you want more excitement, increase the money and distribute it among all three players.

Yes, in this game, the winner doesn’t take everything; instead, the points are distributed among players, and every player gets some money based on the points.


  • The rules are simple; as the name states, nine points are distributed among players on every hole. It is better to decide the worth of each point before starting the game. The player on the first will get five points, the second player will get three points, and the third player will get one point. The one having five points is the winner and gets money for those points.
  • If two players get four points each, they’ll get the money for their points, and one player gets money for the one point. The same goes if every player gets three points to tie the game. At the end of the game, the one with the most money is the winner, but no one goes home with empty pockets.
  • This game is more suitable for those who like to stay safe and don’t want to lose everything. Because of its scoring, it is better for three players, but you can modify and double the total score to add more players if you are getting bored with only three players.

9. $X Per Hole

Don’t take any naughty meaning from the name of this game, as it has nothing to do with such activities. If the above golf games are a bit complicated for you and make the experience bland, this game is simple enough to let you have a good time without spending a lot of time understanding the rules. While betting on activities is fun, making the ultimate bet on the holes is the biggest gamble in golf.

In other words, if there is no hole, there is no winner. This will keep everyone on the edge of their chairs as the balls slowly move toward the hole, and every time a shot is made, it will be thrilling until the ball hits the ground and gets closer to the hole.

$X per hole is also great for those who want to bet huge but also want the stakes to be high.

Rules of $X Per Hole

  • The rules of $X Per Hole are simple; you win the money per hole. Since the bet is fixed, you can collect the payout before and hand it over to the person who wins the game. On the other hand, if you want to continue the game, the bet will continue until another hole is made and the money is doubled.
  • If you don’t want to make the game thrilling, we recommend that you reset the game after everyone; however, for the best betting experience, keep playing the game until the stakes are really high.
  • While this game is great in one versus one scenario, adding a new player can make things even more interesting. A team of two players playing against two players can make it a challenge to win the game. Now, keep in mind that you can modify the game to make sure that every team has a chance.
  • For example, standard $X Per Hole rules state that a team wins as soon as they win a hole. However, you can change the rules and give the other team a chance to win a hole. If both teams win a hole, the game will end up in a draw, and they’ll have to continue. While this might make the game longer, giving everyone a fair chance to win makes the betting more thrilling.

10. Quota System

If you have tons of friends who want to bet on golf games, there is no better option than Quota System. However, every player needs a handicap, so they can subtract that from 36; the results will be the quota they need to reach every round to win the game. There is no limit to how much extra you can get from this quota, but you’ll have to reach that particular number at least. The fun part of this game is mixing numbers while playing in a group to make it complicated to reach the quota or make it easy.

In the end, it all depends on your handicap; the better handicap you have, the easier it is for you to reach the quota. For example, having a bigger handicap gives you the advantage of playing slowly to get a lower number, whereas having a smaller handicap gives you the freedom to opt for a bigger score, which is relatively easier to achieve.

Quota System Rules

These rules are not difficult to understand if you have knowledge of golf’s scoring system.

  • First, you must set a handicap and subtract it from 36 to get a quota number; that number is your minimum target to achieve every round.
  • The point system goes like this; one point for a bogey, two points for par, four points for a birdie, and eight points for an eagle. These are typical numbers; you can adjust them as you like to make the game more interesting.
  • The player with the most points above the quota wins the game or a predetermined pot. You must consult this amount before starting the game, so everyone has an idea about how much they’ll win.
  • If the scores are tied or no one reaches the quota, the game continues until one player or team has more points than the others.

The reason I love this game is because of its fairly simple rules and the option to win instantly. However, this game can reach higher stakes if there is a draw, as you raise the stake so people can keep playing. If no one reaches the quota, the winnings remain the same.

11. Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

If someone is new to golf betting games and would like to learn a bit before joining the big tables, this game can be a good starting point for them. There are no complicated rules to play this game; all you need is to reach the green, be the closest to the pin once all the balls are green, or be the first player to get the ball into the cap to win the game.

The best part is that you have so many opportunities to score; hence, everyone can have a fair chance to win the game. The game can take a drastic turn once all the balls are in play. Anyone who was losing the game before, if he gets the ball closer to the pin, can win the game. Plus, anyone who hasn’t been getting a good score in the first half, if that player gets the ball into the goal, wins all the money despite how poor he was at the start.

The score Won’t Matter

  • In Bingo, Bango, Bongo!, your score has no value if someone else gets the ball into the cap. Similarly, you being close to the cap has no value if a player from the edge of the green can get into the cap. One reason why this game is more popular among those who like to stay excited throughout the game and also among newbies who don’t want to lose the game as soon as they join the session.

12. Rabbit

Have you ever played tag? Well, this game is kind of like that, where two to four players tag each other until the game reaches nine or 18 goals. Since this game doesn’t require any hard mathematical calculations, anyone with zero knowledge about golf can bet on it.

One thing that is different here is that you become the rabbit by getting to the hole first. Once you are the rabbit, you must wait until someone else takes the hole and becomes the rabbit. The game continues until nine or 18 points, and whoever is still the rabbit after the ninth or 18th hole is the winner after the payouts are determined.

Rabbit Rules

  • The rules of this game are simple, anyone who gets the hole is the rabbit, and now he has to pray that no one else becomes the rabbit.
  • In my opinion, becoming the rabbit at the start is no fun; anyone can take over. The fun really starts when there are fewer goals, and you become the rabbit. It doesn’t matter who becomes the rabbit the most; the person being the last rabbit after the final goal is hit will win everything.
  • The option to alter the rules of winning is still valid; the person who has the most tags can be the winner instead of the last man standing.
  • I recommend not extending it to 18 points; instead, reset the game at nine points so everyone can play fresh quickly. However, if players want to determine the winner on the most tags, they can take it to 18 points.

13. Banker

This is another game that is more suitable for three people, but the host can add as many people as they like. The best part of this game is the amount of bet; unlike all other golf games where the bet is low, in this game, the bet can be up to $50. The minimum and maximum amounts must be determined before starting the game, allowing everyone to bet the amount they can easily afford. There is no need to set the biggest amount for the victor; if there are enough players, even a $2 bet can become $100 in no time.

Before starting the game, choose a banker who keeps all the money. So, if the betting is happening in a bar, it is better not to give this position to the drunkest guy. Also, this position keeps rotating, giving everyone a chance to keep the money before handing it over to the winner.

The Rules

  • Here is the thing, no one is competing against each other; instead, everyone is playing against the banker. So, even the banker has a good chance to win the game without even spending a little dime. However, this also means they can lose everything and go home empty-handed.
  • Since the betting is between the banker and players, the banker position keeps revolving, so every player must have an offset against other players to see who has the best luck.
  • Remember, no player is bound to pay a specific sum; for example, if one player pays the banker $10 for the hole, the next player can pay $12, and the third player can give $20.
  • Instead of randomly switching the banker position, we recommend letting the player with fewer goals become the banker as a chance for redemption.
  • While most people end the game once the banker wins or loses a hole, there is always an option to continue it. For example, the winner can double the bet, increasing the stakes. However, the banker is at a loss here as he’ll have to accept an increase from everyone. The only good thing is that if the banker hits the tee, he can press everyone.

14. Daytona

Another foursome game requires a team of two, where the score combination matters the most. Typically, in betting games, the one who gets the most points wins the game. Even in teams, the team with the highest points wins, but things are very different in Daytona.

Another different aspect of this game is that the winner is declared based on the lowest score instead of the highest. The team with the lower score at the end of the game wins it all. However, if both teams agree to have a threshold and any team going below that threshold wins, the game is also an option here.

How to Play Daytona

  • The rules of Daytona are fairly simple. Both team players must get the same number, which will add to their score. If everyone gets a similar score, for example, 6-6, their total score would be 66 instead of 12. The game will depend on the par if they don’t get a similar score.
  • The lower number will go first to get a par; if they make a bogey or something even lower, the higher number will take its turn. At the end of the round, the team with the lowest score wins the game.
  • Having more teams increases the fun of this game, but it also increases the stakes. We recommend that two teams should start and players can swap their partner and see who has the best luck and tactics in this game.

15. Hammer

I have played Texas Holdem, and this game reminded me of it. You know how people keep increasing the bet if they have a better hand and let the dealer keep spreading the cards until everything is in their favor? Well, this game follows the same pattern, where one player can either win everything or add more money to raise the stakes. However, there is no chance that player can win again; it’s all about luck and showing courage.

In Hammer, everything depends on the perfect shot; if the first team can’t deliver a hole, they can’t hammer the other team. On the other hand, both parties or players can alter the rules to determine the perfect shot. It can be a hole or a ball reaching the green area. Once any team hits the perfect shot, they can hammer the other team to raise or fold—double or lose the current money, respectively.

How to Win Hammer

  • The trick to winning this game is easy: folding when you know that the player you bet on can’t do anything good. It is the same as betting on cars, where no one will bet on a car showing signs of exhaustion.
  • On the other hand, if the player you bet on plays better when the ball is near the hole, take the hammer and up the bet, forcing the other team to decide whether they should fold or continue.
  • The real fun of this game begins when the ball is only 20 feet away from the hole. Then each team can hammer the other team for every foot the ball covers, and the winner is decided when the ball reaches the hole.
  • This is where playing with the mind is helpful; if one player knows that hammering the other team can give them the advantage, turn the tides in their favor by raising the bet on an almost impossible option. For example, one team can put the hammer, and the ball will reach one foot away from the hole, forcing the other team to raise the bet on making a hole. That team will get all the winnings if there is no hole in the next move.

16. Snake

Not every time is about reaching the highest score to win the game; sometimes, how the game is played contains more entertainment than winning. For example, every golfer must hit the ball multiple times to put it in the hole. Some people bet on these hits and see when the ball will reach the hole; this makes the game more interesting. However, such betting happens at a higher level.

Snakes give you the experience of such a game, but every player will add money to the pot after three-putts, so if all the players are ready to put in the money, this is a must-golf betting game.

Snake Rules

  • Everyone must determine the money to put in the pot before starting the game. After every round, the players can agree to raise the money or stay the same. Increasing the money after each round is mandatory to make the game more interesting.
  • After every three putts, the pot will get the money, which keeps happening throughout the round.
  • The penalty is on the last person to three putts; he must pay each player the same amount. Yes, this is a Yikes moment, but these are the rules that everyone has to follow.
  • In addition to that, the rules can be changed to put the penalty on the person with the most three putts. Furthermore, players can also finish this game in one round by doubling the money after every three putts.

The best part of Snakes is that you can pair it with other games where the ball has to be on the greens.

17. Umbrella

If you are more interested in playing a game where the winner takes all—both points and money— Umbrella is the best option. This game is played in a two-versus-two category, and only six points are available. However, these six points are distributed in multiple ways, making it difficult for one team to win them all. This is one game where the odds can always change to reset the game, giving every team a fair chance to win.

How to Play Umbrella

  • The six available points are scattered like this; two points for a low total, two points for a low score, one point for birdie, and one for the closest to the pin. One side has to get all six points to form an umbrella.
  • Whichever team reaches six points faster than the other team can take the winning or raise the bet to get all 12 points.

18. Hole-by-Hole Opt Out

If someone is not a fan of dragging the game further and would like to get the win after every hole, this game is the best option. Here you don’t have to do complicated math; instead, predetermine the winnings, gather them all, and give them to the one who called for the hole.

For example, everyone gets a chance to call if the next move will make a hole or not. More than one person can also do this, but in the case of a victory, the winnings are distributed equally among them.

Typically, people place their bets before the game has started on their favorite players, but to make the game more interesting, everyone has a chance to change the rules and call out the final move.

The Rules of This Game

  • Here the rules are different, as the game can always be ended after the first hole or can be stretched till the last hole, depending on how the players want it to be.
  • If the game doesn’t end at the first hole, every winner can double the bet, forcing the loser to raise the white flag or continue the game.

19. Two-Man Scramble

If you have ever been to a charity golf tournament, this is one game that you’ll see most players playing. The reason is that this game gives everyone a good chance to settle everything in one move. In this game, hitting the hole or getting close to the hole doesn’t matter much; what matters most is from where the ball arrived. So, if the ball came from the woods and reached closer to the hole, the points are high. If the ball came from a straight shot, the points are low.

This game is more suitable for those with good knowledge about golf and a good idea of whether the ball can reach from a particular place to the hole. Not every player can hit the ball from the dirt, and not everyone can predict when it is getting close to the greens.

The Rules

  • Two-Man Scramble doesn’t have straightforward rules, which is why it is better for only two people. They can bet on multiple activities, but the winner decides to win the bet on the most difficult move.
  • The payment is instant unless both parties agree to increase the bet and would like to declare the winner in the next move.
  • Of course, every player needs to play with a golfer, so they can place bets on the moves. It is better that a bad player must pair with a good player so they can mutually decide the next move.
  • If the skill levels differ significantly and the pairing of good and bad players is insufficient, teams are shuffled randomly.
  • The game will end at a hole, but the overall points are determined by how every team played and how well they made the game more advantageous for them.
  • This game is best for a group of four, so a huge skill difference is rarely seen.

20. Best to Next

If you ever want to break ties while playing a betting game, this is a good option. That doesn’t mean literally breaking the ties, but the idea of this game is to make sure that the other team won’t get a similar score. For example, if one team gets a score of 4-4 ties and the other gets a score of 4-5 ties, the former team wins because they have fewer ties.

Why Best to Next Is a Better Option

  • In Two-Man Scramble, skill differences can change the entire game, but in Best to Next, an elite golf player can easily carry the team. He can easily tie the score by hitting the same point as them.
  • Since individual score also matters in the game to break the tie, one pro player can quickly turn the entire day. However, the rest of the team has to ensure that they should only tie the score a little, giving the pro player a chance to break the tie.
  • Once again, this game is best for a group of four, where they have to play together to avoid ties and get the highest score.

21. Scotch

Enough with the normal and simple games; it is time I introduced some complicated games that are good for pro players. Typically, in gaming games, you only have one option to win the game; mostly, it is to reach the highest score or the lowest one. However, these advanced games change everything by offering multiple ways to win. Same as poker, where one player can choose the best from multiple combinations to attain victory.

The first on our list is Scotch, where you can win the game by scoring five points, which are scattered in different ways. There are other ways to win this game, but we share the five-point version because it is the most popular.

The Rules of Five-Point Scotch

This game is best for a group of four people, where every person has to earn a point, and the one with the most points wins the game. However, there is no fixed way to get a point.

  • The lowest score
  • The total score
  • Closest to the pin
  • Birdies
  • The lowest number of total putts

Furthermore, if two players hit a birdie, it will cancel every player’s bet. So, even if someone wins by a good margin, they won’t get anything.

If both teams hit a four, the one with the lowest score won’t get a point. Everyone must set up the winning money before starting the game, and the amount must be paid as soon as one round is over. There is no need to continue playing after a round, as it will only complicate the game.

The best part of this game is that there are no restrictions on setting the rules. Players can make their own rules, making it a challenge for everyone in the group.

22. Wolf Scotch

Wolf Scotch is a modified form of the normal Scotch game, where you get two points instead of one and no points on putts. Instead, this game features two points for proximity instead of one. You get a total of eight points instead of five, and the team with the most points wins the game.

The payment is made on each point, so one team can make up to $80 if they blitz all the point categories. Yes, if one team aced all the categories, their points were doubled, and they got a double reward. However, we determined the reward based on $5 per point; if players decide to bet higher, surely the winning team can win a lot more.

Points in Wolf Scotch

You get two points for each of the following:

  • Low ball
  • Low total sum
  • Birdie
  • Proximity (how close the ball is to the hole)

This game is the dream of every golf gambler, as they have the option to win a huge sum, which they cannot win in any other game.

No matter what happens, make sure not to get blitzed by another team, or you’ll pay a lot. This game also pairs well with a lone wolf, where one person goes against a team of three to win it all. The scores are typically multiplied by the lowest category, but the teams can change the rules to make the game more interesting.

23. Bounce Back

Another favorite game of mine is this one because it is all about those who want to stay tenacious despite the fact that the game is not in their favor. The rewards of this game better suit those who kept playing even during the tough times in the rounds. However, this game is more of a side option that you should pair with other games to make them more attractive.

For example, games like Hole-by-Hole Opt are the best examples to pair with Bounce Back. The players not only get a reward on each hole, but they can also bet on how the ball reached the hole to increase the stakes and win big. Plus, the harder the chances are for the ball to reach the hole, the bigger the winnings are.

Bounce Back Rules

  • Typically, the reward is based on how well a player makes a comeback after a bad hole. However, the score needs to be settled on bogeys, double bogeys, or above.  Whichever player gets the best score after a bad hole has a higher chance of winning the game.
  • The reward for getting a birdie is higher than a par; back-to-back bogeys or doubles can also increase the chances of losing more money.
  • The only way a player can get the predetermined amount is by hitting a bogey or double bogey and hitting a par afterward.
  • Ultimately, you can alter the rules as you like to make the game easier or more complicated if there is a group of pro players on the team.

24. Pressing

If you are playing Nassau but the game is not interesting, adding the Pressing variant can raise the stakes and drastically bring tension to the game. In a nine-hole game, any player with more than two holes down can call for a press.

  • Calling for press resets the game, and the new game has the same value as the original bet, so the overall bet is doubled i.e. from $5 to $10. However, the bet is doubled for only the remaining holes.
  • For example, if a team is two holes down after five holes in a nine-hole game, they call for press, and the bet is double for the next four remaining holes. However, the other team also has to accept the bet; otherwise, the game continues as usual.
  • This allows the losing team to break even by getting two holes from the remaining five holes. Otherwise, they’ll end up paying $4 to the winning team.

25. Let It Ride

If you are at a golf game to gamble, instead of enjoying the game while betting a minor amount, you are there to have some serious gambling, and Let It Ride is the best game. This game is all about winning or losing, plus the betting amount gets higher with each turn, giving the winner a huge sum of money at the end.

There is one downside to this game, and that is the need for someone who can calculate the score. Since this is a point game and the stakes are high, every minor point must be calculated, as it can drastically change the outcome.

Let It Ride Rules

  • Sit down and pay attention, as Let It Ride is not your typical golf gambling game. Plus, grab a calculator or have someone who can keep an eye on each point and record it promptly.
  • Typically the scoring point of this game is 0-5 points for a bogey, 15 points for a par, 30 points for a birdie, and 60 points for an eagle. However, the players can change the points based on how excited they want the game to be.
  • The winner of each round has the option to put the money in their pocket or add it to their table. Having more money on the table compels other players to join in the game as they can redeem what they have lost. Plus, if you know you have more chances to win, you can go all in and win even bigger.
  • Remember, for every hole that is not banked, the point table doubles; for example, by following the standard point system, a birdie can go up to 60 points, and an eagle can reach up to 120 points.
  • While not banking the amount makes the game interesting, it also increases the chances of the non-banked amount returning to zero. For example, if a player makes a double bogey or even worse move, all their non-banked points will return to zero.
  • The player having the highest points will get the predetermined money for each point they earned during the game.

26. Badges

This game is also called Animals because every move is given an animal name, and players getting those moves are given the relevant badges.

For example, a player hitting the sand gets the “camel” badge, whereas a player hitting the three-putt gets the “snake” badge. The one hitting the water gets the “fish” badge, and anyone who hits the tree gets the “squirrel” badge.

Of course, these badges can also be mutated into different animals if the next shot does something different. For example, a camel badge can mutate into a crab if the shot goes from the sand right into the water.


  • There are infinite varieties of this game, as every hit can get a different badge, but you have to determine all this before starting the game. Also, determine which badge has the most value and which mutation gives the most points, so people should easily know about the winner.
  • Additionally, the winner of this game can also be decided based on how many achievements they have. For example, a player who has more badges than others is the winner
  • To make it more accessible for every player, every badge can have some value in money that the player gets at the end of the game. So, even if the person with the most badges gets most of the money, the loser won’t go home empty-handed.

27. Best-Ball

Another simple golf game where having the highest points doesn’t matter, but having lower points can take you to victory. Two teams with two players each are required for this game because the only recorded score is the one that is the lowest among the teams.

  • For example, if one player hits five scores and the other player hits four scores, the score of four is recorded for that hole.
  • In the end, the team with the lowest score wins the game. Teams have the choice to continue the game after every hole or rest the score and start fresh. The amount is predetermined before the game, so everyone gets an idea of who will win, and all the winnings go to the victorious team.

28. Dollar Per Hole

This is the most straightforward golf gambling game, where the rules are so easy that even a kid can understand them. As the name suggests, for every hole, the winner gets a dollar. You can also play in teams, so whenever the team gets a hole, they both get a dollar.

  • Teams can mutually agree to pay more than a dollar for every hole to make it more challenging. For example, they can choose to set $5 or $10 for each hole, so the winner would get some money at least.
  • The best part of this game is that anyone can join at any time, and there are no limits on players. However, all the winnings get to the person who wins the game.
  • The winner can also up the bet instead of getting the money, and if they win again, the amount is doubled, or they’ll get nothing.

29. Side Bets

This is not an actual game, but you can always make side bets when gambling on a golf game. Watch out for some exciting activity happening on the golf course and make a bet on it. The last time I was with a friend, we saw two people on golf carts having a little race, and we bet $10 on the winners. Of course, he won, but it was a fun and thrilling experience until one of the carts won the race.

This works best when the main game is getting boring and you need to do something to pump up the players. See if some animals are on the gold course and make small bets on them. Raccoons are pretty common on golf courses, so if you see two or more raccoons, bet on them and see which one goes back to the tree faster.

30. The Longest Yard

We are not talking about The Longest Yard movie by Adam Sandler, but this is an excellent game for points and bets to see which one has the lowest score with some luck and strategy.

To win this game, one player needs a hole. If a player completes that hole in one shot, they receive 450 points (150 yards times par 4). If it takes three pars to make a hole, that player gets 150 points, as one par is only 150 yards.

While the idea is to get the ball into the hole from the longest distance, if no one makes it, the game gets really interesting when the ball hits the green.

31. Three Little Pigs

If luck has never favored you in gambling, this game can help you get the highest score by eliminating your bad score. In Three Little Pigs,  you can subtract your three worst holes, giving you a chance to get back into the game and potentially beat your opponent. No need to worry if you can’t get a good score in your one shot; you’ll have other shots and the option to remove your worst shots from the table.

Final Words

In conclusion, golf betting games add an exciting competitive layer to the traditional game. With options like Skins, Nassau, or Bingo Bango Bongo, players can challenge their strategic thinking and elevate their skills in a fun, engaging way. These games, while promoting camaraderie, also fuel a healthy competitive spirit. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, integrating these betting games into your golf sessions can transform your experience, making it more thrilling and rewarding. Always remember to engage responsibly and keep the spirit of fair play at the heart of the game.