Icon Golf Cart Reviews: Worth The Buy?

Icon Golf Cart Reviews: Worth The Buy?


Icon is among the new options in the golf cart industry, but many reviews from owners have associated them with durability. There are reservations about the cart’s long-term value; still, it is packed with amazing features for an improved driving experience around the golf course.

It has a wide range of trims to select from, and all are offered at reasonable prices that give other top brands a run for their money.

Maybe you’re looking to buy an electric golf cart and have gone to a dealer for options. It is easy to find models from Yamaha, Club Car, and even EZGO because these brands are at the top. Icon of is a manufacturer of EV golf carts and has only been since 2017, but their models are fast becoming one of the more popular cart brands on the market due to the quality and looks of the product.

ICON produces a long line of golf carts. In this article, I will walk you through all the options, how they perform, the pros and cons to expect, and other relevant information about the Icon Golf carts to help you decide e whether this brand is worth your consideration. 

Comparing Icon Golf Cart Models

One particular thing I love about the Icon company is that they have produced a series of golf carts that will suit every need in the market. Because of the different needs of each customer, Icon has created four different model-series golf carts with varying availability of trim options.

These include the 

  • ICON i20
  • ICON i40
  • ICON i60
  • ICON i80.

Each of these models has its different trims and is different primarily based on the seating capacity. 



  • 1215 lbs.
  • 96x49x72 inches
  • Best for budget


  • 1278 lbs
  • 101x53x82 inches
  • Lifted with 12″ aluminum wheels


  • 1316 lbs.
  • 108x49x72 inches
  • Four seating capacity


  • 1384 lbs.
  • 113x53x82 inches
  • Best for different terrains


  • 1378 lbs.
  • 113x53x82 inches
  • All passenger seats face forward


  • 1442 lbs.
  • 128x53x82 inches
  • Lifted with 12″ aluminum wheels All passenger seats face forward


  • 1477 lbs.
  • 134x49x75 inches
  • Six passenger capacity


  • 1541 lbs.
  • 149x53x82 inches
  • Best all-in-one cart


  • 1550 lbs.
  • All seats face forward, and 350 AH motor


  • 1550 lbs.
  • 168x49x75 inches
  • 8-passenger capacity and higher max forward speed
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Icon Golf Carts Key Features

No matter the model you buy from Icon carts, the following features are standard and come with all versions: 

  1. 10″ Aluminum Wheels
  2. Digital gauges
  3. Horns
  4. Two-tone seats
  5. RearFlip-Downn Seat High-speed rear ends
  6. Painted rooftops
  7. On-board charger
  8. Charger indicator
  9. Extended Canopy Suntop with Grab Handles
  10. Toyota 350 AMPFour-wheel disc brakes
  11. Complete set of lights (Headlights, Taillights, Signal lights, and Brake lights)
  12. USB Charging Port
  13. Forward / Reverse Switch
  14. Side Mirrors
  15. Powder-coated steel chassis
  16. Front and rear bumper

Dash Components:

  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse Switch
  • USB and 12V Plugs
  • Cubby Storage
  • Multiple Cup Holders
  • Key Switch
  • Instrumentation Cluster

Icon Golf Carts Design and Appearance

We can review the appearance of Icon carts from different angles, depending on the model. There’s much detail to discuss, from the base trim carrying two passengers to the long stretches accommodating eight passengers. 

But a factor that runs through all models is the sturdy and compact design. Icon purposefully put a stylish touch to the appearance of their cart that makes it look premium, which is even true with the i20. 

The typical Icon golf cart from the front view has a foldable acrylic (or optional DOT acrylic) windshield and an extensive air-deflecting roof design with a full, high-strength aluminium frame. 

The floor of the Icon golf cart is made of high-density polyethene molded for extra strength and toughness with a rubber floor mat.

There are turn signals and mirrors, a reversing camera, a horn, 3-point seat belts for all seats, and hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes for safety. Depending on the model and trim, you have 10-inch aluminum wheels with a superior traction system for excellent performance under various operating conditions.

I also like the color variant availability of Icon golf carts. They offer all their models in White, Black, Sangria, Orange, Purple, Torch Red, and Champagne. 

You can also find Icon carts in Yellow, Lime Green, Forest Green, Caribbean Blue, Silver, and Indigo Blue. 

Performance of the Icon Golf Carts

Icon Electric Carts run with a 48V Toyota AC motor and advanced battery technology. Many users often report smooth and efficient rides on forums. According to the manufacturer, their models can last up to 50 miles on a single charge. 

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I particularly like the i60 model’s transaxle and aluminum wheels that offer superior traction and handling under various driving conditions.

With a braking distance of only 7 feet, the cart design helps with its performance for optimal driving experience. 

However, many issues reported about Icon carts have to do with defective battery and brake performance. But there’s a silver lining since their carts are sealed under a 2-year warranty. 

The bottom line is that Icon carts have decent performance, but we can’t compare them with the top brands leading the cart industry since they are relatively new. 

Icon Golf Cart Speed

The speed of the average golf cart is a maximum of 19 MPH. So, this gives you a ballpark on determining how fast a particular brand is. Regardless of the model, you can expect any o.f When tested for this Icon golf cart review, these Icon golf carts went up to a top speed of 27 MPH.

However, the i80 model can go as high as 32 miles per hour due to 8-passenger capacity and higher max forward speed. 

Charging And Battery

Icon golf carts use US Lead Acid with NexGen Advanced Lithium (NexGen AGM) battery with the lowest internal resistance, providing 25-50 miles of driving before needing a charge. Their models come with an Onboard charger for convenient and easy charging.

Icon Golf Carts Pros and Cons

If you’re considering a golf cart by the Icon brand, keep the following pros and cons in mind:

What I Like about these carts 

  • They all have a premium appearance. The outward design is appealing 
  • They are street-legal
  • A budget-friendly option compared to the popular names
  • It has impressive speed than the average golf cart in the market 
  • Smooth suspension
  • Two-year warranty
  • Provides high passenger capacity with its models
  • You can choose forward-facing rear seats

What I don’t like about these carts

  • The report from owners about battery troubleshooting help raises concern 
  • Brake issues are common 
  • The bigger size of models like the i80 poses a parking challenge
  • No gas option

Are Icon Golf Carts Made In China?

Icon Golf Carts aren’t primarily made in China, although they used to be. Currently, Icon makes its carts in Tampa, Florida. Still, many of the components originate in China and other Asian countries due to the affordability of obtaining these components. 

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Should I Buy New or Secondhand Icon Golf Carts?

Secondhand icon golf carts are a little cheaper than new ones. But expect to take care of some wear and tear and be ready for issues that must have accumulated over extensive usage. 

I recommend you buy a new icon golf cart. If you have decided to buy a used cart, sticking with popular brands like Club Car and Yamaha would be ideal because it’s easier to find their parts and aftermarket support. 

You can buy used ICON carts on websites like eBay, ATV Trader, and Golf Cart Resource,e where different ICON carts are for sale. But you can find a dealer on the Icon website to purchase a new golf cart from the brand. 

Concluding Thoughts

I have owned an i20 for almost years with no issues. But when I read reviews from my fellow golf buddies about this brand, it’s always about the location of manufacture and how it influences the carts’ quality. 

ICONss is manufactured in Tampa, Florida. They use a combination of American and Asian parts, just like most products sold in the United States

I have realized that different people look out for other things when buying carts. In my case, I am easily satisfied with a cart that does 29 mph and rides great on the street, not only on the golf course. With some models like the i60 L, the ride tends to be rougher,h while the tires make a reasonably loud noise. However, the ride is smooth and quiet with models such as the ICON i40 L.

I have over 4,000 miles on the odometer of my i20, and 90 percent of the miles are on the golf course. I will admit it’s a little stiff on our very rough cart paths at my practice. But it’s a decent performance so far. 

So, I can encourage you to pull the trigger on an Icon golf cart. But if you plan to purchase a used product, you’d be better off with a popular model, or the BIG3, as we call it. This is because getting support for parts or replacement parts on Icon carts when the warranty period is over may be a problem. 



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