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Par Perfect Golf Putting Mirror Review


Putting is one of the most crucial components of the game of golf, and I’ve spent a lot of time with my students using various putting mirrors.  In case you haven’t seen it, my experience with the Par Perfect Golf mirror blew me away, and it ranks #1 in my list of the top putting mirrors.

Today, I’ll share with you the story of the Par Perfect mirror, tell you how it works, and share some experiences of how it’s helped my students get that perfect putting stroke!

Par Perfect Golf Review

I first came across this when golfer Bryan Harman praised the Par Perfect mirror en route to making the 2023 Ryder Cup Team.  Making the Ryder Cup Team is no small feat, and he gave credit to this golf training aid once he secured his place on the team.  That speaks volumes to me, so I had to check this out and see what it was all about.

“Yeah, I found this – it’s a silly-looking mirror where it’s got like a little better release pattern. I was just kind of cutting my putts too much. I spent a lot of time just feeling the ball, almost hitting like a baby draw with my putter.”

Thats an actual quote from Bryan Harman, who revealed that the mirror helped him make adjustments to improve his putting stroke.

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In fact, he made a jaw dropping 58 out of 59 putts from within 10 feet of the cup at the British Open.  This crazy ability to make putts from a sizable distance was all from the confidence he gained while using the Par Perfect Mirror.

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It takes just minutes a day to use this aid to improve at putting, so after seeing Harman’s success, I decided to start using this myself.

I found that the patented template showed me the actual path and release of my putter head better than any device on the market.  In fact, the product is named “Par Perfect” because the PAR stands for “path and release.”

But, don’t just take my word for it.  I know you probably don’t know me, and I’m not a Touring Pro (one day!), but teaching golf is my life, and my students success is paramount.  I’ve put all of my willing and able students onto this product and they are very happy with their purchase.

Par Perfect Mirror Credentials

As if the above endorsements and rave reviews aren’t enough, this is used on the following tours:

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In fact, upon doing my research, I found that famous golf trainer Rick Smith endorsed this product as well.  He’s coached people of all levels, and has worked with none other than Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, and Jack Nicklaus.  That’s golf royalty right there!

“I like the PAR Perfect Putting Mirror so much, as soon as I was introduced to it, I began using it with all my tour students and amateur students. There is only one putting mirror that has the perfect slightly arcing stroke built right into the mirror and it allows you to easily groove your stroke in your home, office or on the putting green!”

-Rick Smith


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I could go on about how the Par Perfect reviews by my students are off the charts, but it’s something you have to get for yourself and experience to really appreciate.  I can’t say that I’ve seen a golf training aid at such an affordable price have such an impact on beginners all the way to Tour Champions.

Perfect putting is impossible to achieve, let’s be honest.  However, with this mirror, you can get as close to perfect as ever before.

And with that, I’m about to take a few minutes and spend some time on the Par Perfect myself! 

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