Divot Board Review

Divot Board Review: My New Favorite Training Aid


Golf is a sport where even the slightest error can adversely impact the shot you play, making the game one of the most difficult to master. To help players improve their game of golf, there are many different tools and inventions on the market.

However, in all of my time practicing golf, I’ve used countless golf training aids, devices, and tools to improve my game. To be honest, all of them have failed to help me achieve my training goals, except the Divot Board.

This post will be a Divot Board review, where I will go over the different features and how it has helped me improve my game. Keep reading until the end to find out whether you should invest in this golf swing trainer.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Divot Board?


What Is a Divot Board?

The Divot Board is one of the best training aids I’ve come across in a long time. It is a board that provides immediate feedback on your golf swings regardless of where you are practicing. The Divot Board does not require any setting up. Simply unbox the Divot Board, grab your club, and start swinging.

What’s great about the Divot Board is that you don’t need a golf ball to practice your swings. With every hit, the divot shows you the pattern of your swing.

It helps you identify your movements, allowing you to adjust the next shot. The product is easy to use, and you don’t need a mobile phone app.

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Why Should You Use a Divot Board for Golf?

why use divot board

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money on golf training aids. From a swing trainer to a weighted golf club, putting mat, an impact bag, and other products.

There are all sorts of devices, gadgets, and training aids on the market to assist golfers in practicing their swings and getting better at the other aspects of the game.

However, most of the inventions or products on the market are junk, and they won’t help improve your game. In fact, you’ll find yourself frustrated trying these tools and might eventually give up. Golf can be enjoyable and relaxing, but if you’re not playing it right, you might feel demotivated and ready to quit.

I experienced something similar. After investing thousands of dollars into getting the right gear, buying a training aid, and using the different products, I felt like giving up on the sports. My swing was completely off no matter what until a professional golfer recommended using the Divot Board.

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After giving the game one last chance, I decided to buy the Divot Board and see what it’s all about. The moment I started using it, my swings slowly began to feel more natural and became more consistent.

I found myself enjoying the sport with every shot I made, hoping that the next one would be even better, and let me tell you something: the next swing always got better!

There are a few reasons why I found the Divot Board extremely useful as a training aid, and I’m sure you’ll benefit from it as well, especially if you’re a beginner at the game.

Some of the things about the Divot Board that helped transform my golf experience include the following:

The Divot Board Gives Immediate Feedback

Ground contact is one of the most important ball-striking fundamentals that most golfers don’t talk about. When you hit the range to practice swings, having immediate feedback is essential in improving your game.

However, playing on artificial turf has some limitations, and one of the biggest problems is the inability to measure ground contact due to a lack of feedback.

Golf is all about learning. If you don’t have feedback on your swings, you won’t know what’s wrong and how to improve your game.

With the Divot Board, you can instantly see the ground contact and the impact of your shot after every swing. It helps you understand where you’re hitting on the divot, the pattern of your shot, the direction of your swing, and other helpful information. This real-time feedback lets you make the necessary adjustments to improve your game.

When I first got the Divot Board, there were no buttons, wires, or any form of connectivity. It almost felt like someone played a prank on me. To tell you the truth, after using countless training aids, the Divot Board is the best investment I’ve made so far. It became my daily golf swing trainer and helped me improve my swings.

There are many electronic devices on the market that help track your movements and tell you what’s wrong. These are expensive, and you have to wait until the end of the game to learn more about your swing patterns. This can adversely affect the learning curve.

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The Divot Board is one of the most simple and great golf training aids ever made. It gives the golfers crystal-clear feedback. Is my clubface slightly open at impact? Am I hitting the ball too high or too low on the face? It tells you all of this and more in an instant!

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The Divot Board Helps You Track the Ball Flight

Divot Board Helps You Track the Ball Flight

The Divot Board eliminates all the guesswork and helps you analyze your ball flight by simply looking at the pattern on the board.

Most golfers are unaware of how their golf club interacts with the turf during practice sessions. The divot board acts as a diagnostic tool that you can use to correct your swing and become a consistent ball striker.

By looking at the divot pattern on this simple-to-use swing path trainer, you will be able to determine:

  • If you’re hitting the board too far behind or in front of the golf ball;
  • Whether you’re hitting the ball on the heel or toe of the clubface; and
  • Your swing path.

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Before using the divot board, my average score for 18 holes was around 90. While not terrible, I knew I could do better. After integrating the divot board training aid into my practice routine, I started to notice a significant improvement in my ball striking.

My average score dropped to 78 within a matter of months! That’s a seven-stroke improvement, all thanks to the ability to analyze and refine my swing using the divot patterns left behind on the Divot Board.

The Divot Board essentially acts as your personal golf swing coach. It doesn’t just show you where your divot starts; it paints a clear picture of the entire path your club took through impact.

If you’re experiencing a slice or hook, you can quickly identify the angle at which your clubface met the ball. This invaluable information, combined with instant feedback, allows for precise adjustments in real-time, turning those errant shots into straight drives down the fairway.

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The Divot Board Is Extremely Convenient

Any golfer understands that the equipment they invest in must be light and agile. They can’t be running around the golf course with something that is bulky. Fortunately, the Divot Board is extremely convenient to carry, as it is incredibly portable.

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This swing path trainer aid comes with a rubber grip that provides stability during practice sessions, and you can easily clip it onto your bag. Whether it’s a quick session at the range after work or an impromptu practice session on the course, the Divot Board is easy to carry and always ready to help you improve your game.

How to Use the Divot Board to Improve Your Game

Use the Divot Board to Improve Your Game

Unlike most golf swing trainer aids, the Divot Board is simple to use. Before you start using the equipment, make sure that you have sufficient space to swing the club.

Here is a quick four-step process to help you get started with your Divot Board:

  1. Make sure you position the board so that it aligns with your intended target. Step up to the board as you would with a real golf ball and assume your swinging stance.
  2. Once you’re ready, take the swing as if you were hitting an actual golf ball.
  3. The divot board will provide instant feedback. Your swinging action would make ground contact, turning the board from green to white. Analyze the divot pattern according to the instructions provided to determine how your next shot should be.
  4. Reset the board with your foot by brushing the turf in the opposite direction. Repeat steps one to three as many times as you want to improve your swing path.

Final Thoughts – Should You Invest in the Divot Board?

Buy Divot Board

The Divot Board is all about swinging and learning more about your swing action by studying the divot. It is more than a swing trainer aid. It’s a diagnostic tool.

Before you purchase this perfect training aid, here are a few things you should know about it:

  • The board is raised off the hitting surface;
  • It’ll eventually wear out; and
  • It’s not cheap.

That said, the Divot Board is one of those products that actually help measure ground contact and improve your swing.

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, do yourself a favor and invest in the Divot Board. It is one of the greatest golf training aids money can buy!


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