WeckMethod RMT Club Review

WeckMethod’s RMT Club Reviews: Worth The Buy?


The RMT Club from WeckMethod is a useful tool for functional strength training, mobility training, and high-intensity (HIIT) training for specific sports, including golf. Many golfers use it to increase club head speed and swing movement. The product does exactly as advertised. But it’s pricey and probably not worth the hype.

It’s no news that the market is filled with gimmicky fitness products that waste your time and money. So, having instant reservations is normal when encountering training aids like the RMT Club.

Having recently built a gym in my home as a golfer, I wanted something to help with my golf turn and to have some weight on the end to increase speed. Many recommendations on golfer forums pointed at the RMT club. I purchased the 4-pound model and examined how the product measures up closely.

Indeed, the RMT club from WeckMethod is built well and does what it says, which I appreciate, but is it practical? You will find out in this article.

I will also walk you through this training club’s key features, specs, and performance, as well as how it benefits a golfer. You will learn the highs and lows of the RMT club, which will help you decide whether it’s worth your consideration.

RMT Club Specifications

The RMT Club works by creating enhanced rotational power, thereby strengthening your core and hips and letting you effectively serve “through” the ball. Here are the key specifications of the RMT club:

WeckMethod’s RMT Club

WeckMethod RMT Club Review


  • Available in 2 lbs., 4 lbs., 6 lbs., and 8 lbs.
  • Improved mobility and power
  • Increase club head speed
  • Increase rotational power
WeightAvailable in 2 lbs., 4 lbs., 6 lbs., and 8 lbs.
Circumference 20.5″

Many golfers use it to improve and strengthen their shoulders, back, arms, and core to build more power and speed in the backhand and forehand.

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However, its use is not limited to golfers. Tennis players and fitness professionals take advantage of this tool as well.

RMT Club Key Features

The RMT Club features a patented design, and professional athletes and trainers use it in virtually every sport because of its versatility and unique training benefits.

Unlike a kettlebell, dumbbell, or other traditional training equipment, the RMT Club incorporates the following key features:

Key FeaturesBenefit
Fixed reinforced handleIt makes the club connect multi-directional movement and increased range of motion.
Internal shifting weightIt allows the club to create dynamic resistance, act as a counterweight, or provide audible feedback so that you achieve proper positioning, timing, and coordination with the aid of the sound of the internal rattling.
Durable and flexible club headThe club can absorb the maximum impact.

One thing I particularly love about the RMT club is the audible feedback from the shifting weight. It helps me position cues, establish fluid movement patterns, and intensify resistance when changing direction.

Unlike most other training aids, this one engages your entire body and creates counter/anti-rotation.

I also like that you can smash the club head against padded surfaces when completing a functional movement pattern with absolute peace of mind. The club can absorb impact, which means reduced injury risk no matter where you choose to train.

How Does the RMT Club Benefit a Golfer?

Although you will find many gym enthusiasts and tennis players with the RMT club, it’s a popular training instrument among pro golfers. It is little wonder why it has gained Golf Digest’s “Best in Golf” award for four years running.

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Regarding golf, RMT design and how it works allow you to condition your body and improve swing mechanics, rotational power, strength, and shoulder stability.

But as I continue using it twice a week, I realize it goes beyond these. It helps with mobility, trunk rotation, and balance. Whether you’re a new golfer or experienced, here’s how Wechmethod helps with their RMT club:

  1. To increase club head speed: Since the RMT club has shifting weight, exercising with it can help build speed, power, and timing in your swing by strengthening your arms and trunk.
  2. For improved mobility and power, you can do certain exercises with the RMT club that increase the mobility and range of motion needed to create a fluid, powerful swing on the golf course.
  3. Rotational power is one of the key elements to achieving a fantastic drive through the golf call with power. The RMT club engages your hips, pelvis, and core to develop rotational power.

What Does the RMT Club Come With?

When you purchase a new RMT club from WeckMethod, you get the following accessories:

  • The RMT Club head
  • Instructional book/guide
  • Drills, training, and workout video
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

RMT Club Pros and Cons

If you’re planning to buy the RMT club from WeckMethods, keep the following pros and cons in mind:

What I like about this training club

  • Effective for improving mobility and flexibility.
  • It’s impressive that the brand offers structured and progressive training programs via YouTube and on its websites.
  • The club can be adapted for various fitness levels and goals.
  • Works for many sports
  • It’s compact, so it won’t take up space even though you have all the lines.
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What I don’t like about this training club

  • I’m convinced that alternatives such as Orange Whip work much better for movement tempo and swing training.
  • It’s expensive compared to many options on the market, such as the Plastic Indian Club.

What Exercises Can You Do With The RMT Club As A Golfer?

Exercises like ground strikes, samurai squats, lunges, the scoop, the bailer, the windmill, and the shoulder-to-shoulder swing are popular routines that I do to improve my gameplay as a golfer.

I like how Niel, in the video below, demonstrated how he uses the RMT Club to improve his game:

These are exercises you can emulate with the club to see the effect. Meanwhile, the RMT Club is shipped with a wall chart of recommended activities.

The product also comes with a DVD displaying a 40-minute workout and a breakdown of 21 exercises. WeckMethod goes all in to show you how to use their product.

Their YouTube channel shows a wide range of step-by-step exercises to try with the RMT club as a golfer.

RMT Club: My Honest Opinion

Since I bought the 4 pound RMT club, I have to confess that I only use it 1 to 2 times per week, but not in any structured way. While purchasing this training aid, I probably had some visions of how great I could get if I just had that one golf product to help me generate speed and build muscle.

But I suppose that’s where a lot of us get it wrong. These brands use models with the ideal body type, which is probably a 28 handicap, to demonstrate the use case of their training club, which creates the false idea that their club will magically take us from a 100 handicap to a single digit handicap (a little exaggeration here).

Having used the RMT Club for a while, I believe it’s good but not great. Surprisingly, this is the opinion of many golfers who have tried the product.

If you are super disciplined and can build a program yourself that you can stick to and follow, then the RMT may be worth your investment. If not, I’d recommend you get the kettlebell alternative instead and do swings and other exercises.



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