GC Pro Vs TGC 2019 Golf Simulator

GS Pro Vs TGC 2019 Golf Simulator


The GS Pro simulator software is a cheaper option and is constantly upgraded. TGC, on the other hand, has video-gamey and quality graphics. The presence of crowds and commentary adds to a more realistic golfing experience. The best option for you boils down to preference and budget.

GS Pro and The Golf Club 2019 (TGC) are among the most popular home golf simulator software products on the market right now, and many golf simulator owners are wondering which one they should buy. But I have realized that people want to know which programs are worth the money.

When building my simulator, I had a gaming PC with an i9-12900K and 3080 Ti,  the Flightscope Mevo + launch monitor, and a 4K BenQ laser projector. I eventually settled on GS Pro because of the affordability and constant improvement of the software. But I won’t be in a hurry to recommend it without a proper explanation.

Over time, I also purchased the TGC 2019 and have been able to compare both programs side-by-side based on relevant aspects such as price, graphics, customer support, user interface, courses, compatibility, game modes, and multiplayer options.

At the end of this review, you should better know what is best for you and your home golf sims.

GS Pro Or TGC 2019 Golf Simulator Compared

GS Pro

GS Pro

  • Affordable
  • Constant Updates
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Realistic Nature Graphics
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TGC 2019

TGC 2019

  • High-Quality Graphics
  • Large Course Library
  • Crowd and Commentary
  • Established Community
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User Interface 

The Golf Club 2019 was originally developed as a PC or console game by HB Studios. It carries over a quick interface with many gaming artifacts, such as avatars you can customize and reward points you can earn.

Unfortunately, these don’t have any impact at all on the simulated version of the game.

On the other hand, GS Pro has been developed solely as a golf simulator platform by simulator golfers. This explains why the interface is simple and easy to navigate. It has nothing in there that you won’t want to use.

The graphics quality

Many enthusiasts place graphics display as the number one priority for golf simulators. In all fairness, the graphics on The Golf Club 2019 and GS Pro are amazing.

TGC 2019 is somehow a video game that some people like and others dislike. I love the graphics on TGC because they’re realistic and don’t leave out little features like divot pitch marks on the greens and sand trails where the ball is rolled through the bunkers.

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Don’t get me wrong, though. GS Pro has done a wonderful job in terms of graphics. But you don’t get that same video game feel. They tend to be more nature-driven to make it feel like you play real-life golf, but the overall graphics have no finer detail.

However, I love the recent update on the GS Pro, where we now see features like sand splashes when playing shots out of the bunkers, among others.

Courses Available 

TGC has hundreds if not thousands, of courses you can play due to the build-your-own golf course capability, which allows anyone to design and create their system and upload it for others to play.

Many of these courses are poorly designed, but creators have created thousands of real-life golf courses from around the world, such as Augusta National and Whistling States, using Lidar technology that helps to emulate every detail, from hills and undulations to tee positions.

While writing this review, GC Pro, on the other hand, only has >400 courses available for you to play, such as Pacific Dunes 2020 (L) and Wolf Creek Golf Club. The good thing is that these courses are expertly made and are pretty much exact recreations of real classes.

So, for GS Pro, you can be sure not to see amateur-designed or trash-to-play courses.

Audio Quality 

In both pieces of software, you get a variety of soothing nature sounds, like birds chirping away and wind blowing softly through the trees.

However, I am biased toward favoring the TGC 2019 sims regarding audio quality because it also provides a quite sarcastic commentator (John) talking to you through your round (this can be turned off if you prefer it).

On TGC, you can also play games with a crowd watching you, which is quite a nice feeling, especially when you get applauded for hitting a good shot.

Unfortunately, GS Pro has no commentator or crowd watching you play. But I get a round of applause sound effect when I hold out from 90 yards on the practice range. But I’m positive that GS Pro may add crowds and commentary in future updates.


TGC 2019 has fixed penalties for wherever you land. For example, if you land on a heavy roof, your shot will have a 14-distance liability. If you land in the light rough, it will have seven sentences.

If you land on the fairway bunker or any bunker more than 40 yards away from the pin, your shot will have a seven-distance penalty.

GS Pro is a little more dynamic regarding penalties, and it’s considered much more realistic and true to life. Here’s what I mean:

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For example, when you land on the roof, the penalty will depend on your shot’s launch angle, which stops you from smashing a three-wood out of the heavy top.

Apart from these, I like that GS Pro factors in your lie on every shot. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see some numbers that indicate either a left- or right-hand lie before you take a picture.

Overall, these small features built into GS Pro recreate golfing conditions much more accurately and true to real-life conditions than those in TGC, as far as performance goes.

Availability and compatibility

Both the TGC and GS Pro are available to buy as digital downloads, and currently, they’re only available to us on Windows PCs. At the time of writing, you can’t use them on iPads, tablets, or Macs.

According to the manufacturers of both programs, you need a powerful gaming PC or laptop to run them smoothly. And by “powerful,” it means your device’s graphics card.

GS Pro recommends a slightly more powerful GTX 1070 graphics card, while TGC will run smoothly on a GTX 1060 graphics card. But it’s always good to have something more powerful than these.

For launch monitors

Both the GS Pro and The Golf Club 2019 are compatible with various launch monitors. Here is a rundown of all the launch monitors that each product is compatible with:

GS Pro TGC 2019
Garmin R10Flightscope X3 and Mevo +
Uneekor QEDTrackman 4
Foresight GC2, GC3, Bushnell Launch Pro, and GCQuadErnest Sports
FlightScope Mevo + and X3GSA Golf
 Garmin R10
 Foresight, GC3/Bushnell Launch Pro
 Uneekor QED and Eye XO
 Pro Tee United

Multi-Playability and Gaming Modes

Both pieces of software allow you to play locally at home and online with people worldwide.

You can have up to four players simultaneously playing on TGC 2019 and eight on GS Pro.

We must admit that the TGC is a little more established and has been around longer. I can create and join online communities and play as much as possible. There’s even an official Pro Tee that follows the same schedule as the PGA Tour, which is pretty cool.

On the other hand, GS Pro users are super active and connect mostly on Discord to arrange and play online events and competitions.

Regarding game modes, both options give you different options, such as stroke play, match play, alternative shots, and more.

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Meanwhile, the TGC 2019 does not have scramble mode.


TGC 2019 costs around $980 on Shop Indoor Golf for a lifetime subscription. So, once you’ve bought it, you don’t have to pay anything else. GSPro, on the other hand, costs $250 per year as an annual subscription model. However, you can buy the GSPro as a lifetime purchase for $550, but then you won’t be able to access any future updates to the software.

Meanwhile, you can buy TGC 2019 with an annual subscription as well, which is around $480, but for that price, you get more value for your money just by buying it outright.

Customer Support 

I have to say that TGC is good at getting back to customers when they have issues, and I experienced this firsthand. However, GS Pro trumps TGC in customer service and support, especially due to their Discord channel called SGT Simulator Golf Tour, and the members there are very active. They are amazing at helping you troubleshoot any problems you might have with the software.

Another huge plus for GS Pro in terms of support is that they constantly update the software, showing they listen to their community about which upgrades they would like to see in the next releases.

Final Remark

It’s tough to pick which of these pieces of software is the best, especially coming from someone who has tested and enjoyed both options.

You won’t be disappointed in whichever option you choose because they are both amazing. However, one outdoes the other in certain areas.

For example, if wishes were horses, I’d prefer to merge GS Pro and all its features with TGC’s graphics, commentary, and crowds. But that isn’t possible. And again, budget is a factor.

So, if push comes to shove and I have to recommend one for a new golf simulator owner, I recommend the GC Pro. My reason is that it’s cheaper and constantly getting improved or upgraded. So, a new buyer would see this as better value for money than the TGC 2019.

P.S. No free The Golf Club 2019 or GS Pro demos are available. However, GS Pro does offer a 7-day refund policy, so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work well with your PC, you can get a full refund within the said number of days. The best way to try the TGC is to buy the PC or console version of the game for about $20 and play it to see how you like it.

Ultimately, I hope you find this guide helpful. If you’d love to know anything about this software that I didn’t mention, feel free to share it in the comment section, and I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for reading.



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