Cleveland CBX2 vs Cleveland Zipcore

Cleveland CBX2 Vs CBX Zipcore – Which Is Better


The Cleveland CBX2 and CBX ZipCore are excellent options, but it ultimately depends on your playing style and preferences. The CBX2 offers enhanced forgiveness and versatility, ideal for players seeking forgiveness on approach shots. On the other hand, the CBX ZipCore provides improved spin and control, making it an excellent choice for players focused on shot precision. 

I’ve had the CBX2 48/52/60 (56*) with no intentions of replacing it despite the fuzz about Zipcore. But recently, I forgot the wedge on a course at Key Biscayne and had to replace it with the CBX Zipcore eventually. The first and most significant difference I noticed was that CBX2 zipcore feels solid yet softer at impact. 

I noticed a difference between the two models, so I decided to compare other areas relevant to golfers and write a post about it to help others who might be torn between them.

Meanwhile, I’m a right-handed player and use a Srixon Soft Feel ball. So the review here is based on my honest opinion. However, the comparison in this article gives you a bird’s eye view of which option is worth buying.

Using the Cleveland CBX2: My Honest Review

Cleveland Men’s Cbx2 Black Satin Wedge 1


  • The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge is a forgiving, versatile wedge optimized for golfers who play cavity back irons. It provides tour-level spin and control to help game improvement players upgrade their short game. Additional weight distributed to the perimeter offers more forgiveness at impact.
  • Three different sole grinds deliver more versatility to execute any shot on the course. Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology and a Gelback TPU Insert reduce vibration for a pure feel at impact.
  • Fourth-generation Rotex Face technology delivers our sharpest Tour Zip Grooves and the most aggressive face milling for maximum spin and short game control.
Cleveland CBX2 vs Cleveland Zipcore

The Cleveland CBX2 is a versatile wedge for golfers seeking forgiveness and playability around the greens. 

It was first introduced in 2019. This wedge is crafted to address the needs of golfers who prioritize forgiveness and consistency in their short game. 

It combines a cavity-back design with a wide sole to enhance stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. 

The CBX2’s key feature is its Dual-V Sole, which promotes smoother turf interaction and improved versatility on different lines. 

This unique design element sets it apart from the rest of Cleveland’s wedge lineup, catering specifically to golfers who desire forgiveness without compromising performance.

That’s why Cleveland CBX 2 wedges were created,” says Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Cleveland Golf, while introducing the lineup in a report. “They make the short game easier and more forgiving for most golfers playing game-improvement equipment.”

What I loved while using Cleveland CBX2 wedges

  • Forgiveness and stability on off-center hits.
  • Exceptional feel and feedback.
  • Enhanced spin and control due to Rotex Face Technology.
  • Wide range of loft and bounce options for customization.
  • Versatility and playability from different lies and situations.

What I didn’t like about Cleveland CBX2 wedges

  • Limited options for left-handed golfers (most models are right-handed).
  • Some players may prefer a more compact blade-style wedge for better shot-shaping capabilities.
  • Higher price point compared to some other wedges on the market.
  • The more comprehensive sole design may be less suitable for your swing style or course conditions.

Using the Cleveland CBX Zipcore: My Honest Review

Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Black Satin Wedge


  • ZipCore Technology: The RTX ZipCore wedge incorporates Cleveland’s innovative ZipCore technology, which involves removing weight from the clubhead’s center and redistributing it to the periphery. This enhances the overall feel, stability, and forgiveness of the wedge.
  • UltiZip Grooves: The wedge features Cleveland’s UltiZip grooves, which are deeper and sharper than previous models. These grooves maximize spin and control, especially on partial and greenside shots, allowing for better-stopping power and improved accuracy.
  • Heat Treatment: The clubhead undergoes a heat treatment process to increase durability and prolong the life of the wedge. This treatment ensures the wedge remains in excellent condition, even with frequent use.
  • Tour-Validated Design: The RTX ZipCore wedge is designed with input from professional tour players, ensuring that it meets the demands of the best golfers. The club’s shape, sole grind options, and overall performance have been refined to cater to the needs of players of all skill levels.
  • Multiple Bounce and Grind Options: Cleveland offers a range of bounce and sole grind options for the RTX ZipCore wedge, allowing golfers to choose the configuration that best suits their playing style and course conditions. This customization ensures players can optimize performance for various shots and turf conditions.
Cleveland CBX2 vs Cleveland Zipcore

The Cleveland CBX wedges changed my perspective about the short game. Most reviews highlighted this model’s extra forgiveness around the green.

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The loft options of the CBX ZipCore wedge are available in a range of lofts from 46 to 60 degrees. The head design features a cavity back design for forgiveness and perimeter weighting.

CBX ZipCore wedge utilizes Cleveland’s ZipCore technology, which enhances spin and control. It also offers sole grind options for different playing conditions and swing types.

Words on the street are that the Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedge is best used for short-game situations, including chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. 

But my experience playing with it has convinced me that the forgiving cavity back design and optimized weighting make it suitable for a wide range of golfers, including mid-to-high handicappers looking to improve their short-game performance.

What I loved while using the CBX ZipCore wedge

  • Unique spin and control on greens allow players to stop the ball quickly.
  • Forgiving design minimizes the impact of off-center hits, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Versatile sole grind options accommodate different course conditions and player preferences.
  • Multiple loft and shaft options allow golfers to optimize their wedge setup for their game.

What I didn’t like about the CBX ZipCore wedge

  • Limited availability of loft options compared to some other wedge models on the market.
  • Higher price points compared to entry-level wedges, potentially making it less accessible for budget-conscious golfers.
  • It may require some adjustment for players transitioning from a different wedge brand due to variations in feel and performance.
  • You might find the cavity back design less appealing aesthetically compared to more traditional blade-style wedges.
  • While forgiving, the cavity back design may not provide the same shot-shaping control as specialized wedges of skilled players.

Comparing Both Wedges 

FactorsCBX2CBX ZipCore
DesignCavity back designCavity back design with ZipCore technology
Feel and FeedbackSoft, responsive feelSoft, consistent feel
Spin ControlModerateImproved
Center of GravityLow center of gravity for higher launchLower, more centered CG for better control
Sole Grind OptionsLimited sole grind optionsExpanded sole grind options for versatility

Design and Construction

The CBX2 wedge is known for its cavity-back design, which enhances forgiveness and stability during shots. It features a hollow cavity, redistributing weight to the perimeter, resulting in increased forgiveness on off-center hits. 

The Dual-V sole grind aids versatility on different turf conditions and shot types. The CBX2 also incorporates a fourth-generation Rotex face for improved spin and control.

On the other hand, the CBX ZipCore wedge introduces a unique construction. It features a low-density ZipCore design that moves weight from the center to the perimeter, increasing the moment of inertia and forgiveness. 

This design also helps in achieving a higher launch and better control. The UltiZip grooves and heat-treated face increase spin and provide consistent performance.

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So in terms of design and construction, the CBX2’s cavity back design enhances forgiveness. Still, the CBX ZipCore’s innovative ZipCore construction offers a significant weight redistribution and higher moment of inertia, leading to improved forgiveness, launch, and control. 

So if you are mainly concerned with design and construction,  the CBX ZipCore wedge has the edge over the CBX2.

Performance and Feel

Regarding spin control, the CBX2 wedge is designed with a Dual-V sole, which helps increase spin and versatility on various shots. 

Meanwhile, let’s also recognize CBX ZipCore wedge’s new ZipCore technology that shifts the center of gravity for enhanced control and increased spin. 

So both wedges offer excellent spin performance. I notice a big difference in the feel when using CBX ZipCore; this has to be courtesy of the ZipCore technology that provides a slight edge in this aspect.

Regarding trajectory and distance control, both wedges excel. The CBX2 wedge incorporates a hollow cavity design, which promotes a higher launch and more forgiveness. 

The CBX ZipCore wedge features a low-density core that enhances the consistency of the center of gravity, resulting in optimized trajectory and distance control.

As for the feel and impact, the CBX2 wedge is known for its soft feel and crisp strike due to its Gelback TPU insert, providing excellent feedback to the golfer. Similarly, the CBX ZipCore wedge delivers a satisfying feeling upon impact thanks to its improved center of gravity location and optimized construction.

Considering all these factors, while both wedges offer exceptional performance, the CBX ZipCore wedge edges slightly ahead due to its innovative ZipCore technology, providing enhanced spin control and optimized trajectory and distance control.

Sole Design

When comparing the CBX2 and CBX ZipCore golf wedges based on exclusive design, the CBX2 takes the lead in terms of versatility. The CBX2 features a V-shaped sole with substantial heel and toe relief, enhancing turf interaction and versatility across various conditions. 

Its wider sole promotes forgiveness and stability, making it well-suited for bunker shots, flop shots, and challenging lies.

However, the CBX ZipCore possesses a narrower and more traditional sole design, limiting its adaptability in comparison. 

Don’t get me wrong, though. The traditional sole design can make the Zipcore excel in specific shot types like standard full shots and pitch shots, but its narrower sole may struggle in softer turf conditions or when confronted with bunkers or tight lies.

Therefore, considering the ability to handle different turf conditions and shot types, the CBX2 is the superior choice due to its versatile sole design, accommodating a broader range of shots and improving performance across various scenarios.

Groove Technology

The ZipCore’s grooves have a unique shape, with a modified V-sole design that helps increase shot consistency and spin control. 

The groove dimensions on the CBX ZipCore are optimized for maximum spin generation, promoting enhanced control and stopping power on the greens. 

Apart from that, the grooves are strategically spaced apart to ensure better channeling of debris and moisture, resulting in cleaner contact between the ball and the clubface.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for Zipcore loyalists), CBX2’s grooves are not as advanced as those found on the CBX ZipCore. 

The ZipCore’s groove design gives golfers superior spin and control, making it the better choice for players seeking enhanced performance.


The CBX2 incorporates features like perimeter weighting and a cavity-back design that enhance forgiveness. 

As you probably already know, perimeter weighting involves distributing weight around the clubhead’s perimeter, which increases stability and reduces the adverse effects of off-center hits. This design ensures that mishits retain more ball speed and accuracy.

So when comparing the CBX2 and CBX ZipCore golf wedges in terms of forgiveness, CBX2 takes the edge. 

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Moreover, the CBX2’s cavity-back design removes weight from the center and redistributes it to the heel and toe areas, resulting in a higher moment of inertia (MOI). 

The increased MOI minimizes twisting and offers greater forgiveness on shots struck away from the sweet spot.

While the CBX ZipCore wedge is still a reliable choice, the CBX2’s emphasis on perimeter weighting and cavity-back design gives it an advantage in forgiveness, making it a better option for those seeking maximum forgiveness on our wedge shots.

Customization Options

Since I started with the CBX ZipCore, I now believe it offers a broader array of choices than its counterpart.

First, the CBX ZipCore allows for greater personalization through its loft and bounce combinations. It provides various loft options, ranging from 46 to 64 degrees, and multiple bounce options, including low, standard, and high. 

This versatility lets me fine-tune my wedge selection to suit my playing style and course conditions.

While the CBX2 also offers customization options, its range is comparatively limited. It provides fewer loft options, typically 48 to 60 degrees, and a narrower selection of bounce variations. 

I speak for many golfers who seek a more precise fit for their game when I say that this narrower range is restricting.

So considering the broader scope of customization options offered by the CBX ZipCore, it emerges as the better choice for golfers looking to tailor their wedges more precisely. 

Price and Value

When comparing the CBX2 and CBX ZipCore golf wedges based on price and value, the CBX ZipCore takes the lead. 

While both wedges offer exceptional performance, the CBX ZipCore provides more excellent value for its price – not necessarily in terms of affordability but purely based on how the cost matches the value.

2022 Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge sells for $155 on Amazon but ranges between $149 – $159 on the official Cleveland store, a little above the $140 for CBX2 steel and $150 for CBX2 graphite. 

Despite the margin difference in price, it is fair to conclude that ZipCore’s reasonable price point makes it an attractive option for its value—innovative technology, including the low-density core and high-density perimeter weighting.

User Reviews and Feedback

When you’re on the edge of buying, you’d want to know what other users are saying about each wedge as they go a long way to help you pick.

This particular Reddit thread piqued my interest during my research to swap my forgotten CBX2 for Zipcore.

After perusing user reviews and various golf forums, I conclude that most golfers prefer the CBX ZipCore — many praise it for its exceptional feel, control, and versatility, allowing players to execute a wide range of shots confidently. 

My feedback so far is that the ZipCore has improved spin and consistency on approach shots and around the green. 

I realized that CBX2 received positive feedback for forgiveness and playability ever since Cleveland rolled it out. Still, the consensus leans towards the CBX ZipCore as the better option, providing golfers superior performance and shot-making capabilities.

My Final Verdict

As I finish, let me mention that above are my observations from using both wedges on the greens personally and the products of my research. 

So I understand that individual golfers may have different experiences while using CBX2 or Zipcore and preferences based on their playing style, skill level, and personal preferences. 

But we have common ground here. Suppose you’ve narrowed your search to choosing between the CBX2 and CBX Zipcore. In that case, you’re probably struggling around the greens and need a wedge that introduces another level of forgiveness that your blade-style wedges, perhaps, aren’t offering.

I recommend you go for the Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedge to take care of chunking it short or flying it over the green.

It has to be the best choice if you want exceptional spin, forgiveness, and versatility to enhance your short-game performance. 

You only have to bear the limitations regarding loft options and price — areas where the CBX2 somewhat flourishes.


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