How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Golf Cart



Disconnect the battery to remove the speed limiter on your electric golf cart. Afterward, locate the speed limiter and disconnect it; once disconnected, you can remove it. Then, you can reconnect the battery and test it to ensure it is properly connected.


I’ve had the opportunity to use various golf carts on the course, finding them incredibly practical, especially since I no longer have to carry my clubs on foot. Considering the convenience, I invested in my electric golf cart last year. It has proven highly functional, serving well on and off the course. I even use it during golf outings with my friends, like fishing.


However, I did notice one aspect that could use improvement—the speed. My cart had a top speed of 12 MPH, and I felt that a bit more speed would enhance the overall experience. After consulting with my neighborhood technician, he suggested removing the speed limiter. Following his advice, I successfully removed the limiter, resulting in a significant increase in speed. This modification has notably improved the performance of my electric golf cart.


In the rest of this article, I will guide you through removing the speed limiter on an electric golf cart. Additionally, I’ll delve into essential precautions to consider while undertaking the removal of the speed limiter.


A step-by-step guide to removing the speed limiter on your electric golf cart


Tools needed to remove the speed limiter on your electric golf cart:


When removing the speed limiter from your electric golf cart, having the right tools is essential to ensuring a smooth and safe process. You’ll need the following tools for this modification:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • clamp
  • Zip ties
  • Safety glasses
  • gloves


1. Start by disconnecting the battery.

To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  • Begin by locating the black clip that secures the red wires. This clip serves as a fastening mechanism for the cables on the battery terminals.
  • Carefully remove the black clip from the red wires using an appropriate tool. This could be a clamp or fastener holding the cables in place. Gently detach it to free the red wires.
  • Remove the red wire from the battery terminal with the black clip removed. Use a wrench or screwdriver to loosen the nut securing the red wire to the battery’s positive terminal (+).
  • Once the red wire is detached, place it in a secure location where it won’t come into contact with any other metal pieces. This precaution is crucial to prevent accidental contact, reducing the risk of sparks or electrical discharge.
  • Use a cable tie or secure it in a designated area to ensure isolation.
  • During this process, exercise caution and prioritize safety. The goal is to disconnect the battery safely, preventing electrical hazards and protecting yourself and the golf cart’s components.
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2. Find the speed limiter.

  • Your next step is to locate the speed limiter on your electric golf cart. The speed limiter is typically a small black box with two wires connected to it, and it is situated near the speed control system of the cart.
  • It could also be found near the left side of the motor housing, either under the seat or in the back of the cart in the battery area. Inspect these areas for the small black box, paying attention to its wiring.
  • If you encounter difficulties locating the speed limiter, consult the manufacturer’s documentation for your golf cart model. Alternatively, seek guidance from a professional technician familiar with your electric golf cart’s specific features and components.


3. Disconnect and remove the speed limiter.

  • After successfully locating the speed limiter on your electric golf cart, the next step is to disconnect it.
  • Press down on the tabs and carefully remove the wires from the speed limiter. Note which wire corresponds to each terminal to ensure proper reconnection later. Alternatively, you can use a wire cutter to make clean cuts on the wires. Wear gloves during this step to protect your hands from sharp edges or wire ends.
  • Once the wires are disconnected, set them aside in a safe location.
  • The next step involves removing the limiter from the motor housing. To accomplish this, gently insert the flathead screwdriver between the speed limiter and the motor housing, applying even pressure to release it.
  • Exercise caution during this step to avoid damaging any surrounding components. If any clips or fasteners are securing the limiter, ensure they are disengaged before attempting to remove it.
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4. Reconnect the battery and test:

  • Once the speed limiter is successfully detached, you can discard it. This step marks the completion of removing the speed limiter from the electric golf cart. Remember to dispose of the speed limiter responsibly and under local regulations.
  • Now that the speed limiter has been successfully removed, proceed to the next step by reconnecting the battery. Ensure that you connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal. This step is crucial for restoring power to the electric golf cart.
  • You may notice that the lights don’t immediately come on. The lights will illuminate once you start the cart, signaling that power has been restored.
  • After securely reconnecting the battery, it’s time to test the electric golf cart. Turn the key or use the designated power switch to start the cart and observe its behavior. Take note of any changes in acceleration or speed, ensuring that the removal of the speed limiter has the desired effect.

Precautions to take when removing the speed limiter on your electric golf cart.

When removing the speed limiter on your electric golf cart, it’s crucial to take certain precautions to ensure safety and compliance:

  • Understand local laws and regulations:

Thoroughly understand and comply with local laws and regulations related to golf cart modifications. Familiarize yourself with any restrictions or requirements to avoid legal consequences.

  • Prioritize safety gear:

Wear essential protective gear, including gloves and goggles, to shield yourself from potential hazards during modification. Safety should be a top priority.

  • Exercise Caution with the Battery:
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When working with the battery, exercise caution to prevent accidental rolling. This precaution is vital for your safety and the integrity of the battery, reducing the risk of unexpected discharges.

  • Thorough testing before use:

Before using the modified golf cart, conduct thorough tests in a secure setting. Assess its handling performance and check for any potential issues resulting from the modification. This testing ensures that the changes made do not compromise safety.


  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions:

Always adhere to any instructions provided by the golf cart manufacturer. Understanding how modifying the speed limiter affects the vehicle’s performance is essential for safe operation. Be aware that such modifications might void warranties, so proceed with caution.

  • Consider Potential Warranty Implications:

Be aware that modifying the speed limiter could void warranties provided by the manufacturer. Understand the potential implications and proceed with awareness of any warranty-related consequences.

  • Consult with a professional technician:

If uncertainties arise or issues persist during the modification process, consider consulting with a professional technician who is familiar with the specifics of your golf cart model. Their expertise can provide valuable guidance.


Final thoughts

Removing the speed limiter is a great way to increase the speed of your electric golf cart. The process must be executed with care and attention to safety. You must exercise caution at every step, from disconnecting the battery and taking out the speed limiter to reconnecting the battery to your electric cart.


Understand and comply with your local laws, prioritize safety with protective gear, and always exercise caution. This will ensure you achieve improved golf cart speed while minimizing risks and maintaining reliability.




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