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Renegade Golf carts may not be among the famous names in the market, but their coaches are impressive. The Renegade 1.0 model has fewer features than the 2.0 and Renegade Plus. However, the cart generally holds up and outperforms much of its competition in features and durability, and it sells for around $10,000 at Lowe’s.

The first impression of many golf cart enthusiasts towards the Renegade golf cart is that it looks like a Club Car clone. It’s tricky to determine if this idea is a compliment or otherwise. But if you’re shopping for a new cart, you may come across the Renengade at a local dealer. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews about this model, and I would understand since many people prefer to err on the side of caution and buy from the Big 3 (Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO). 

At first glance, my recently purchased 48V Renegade Electric Golf cart shares many similarities with the Club Car Precedent, from the alloy frame to the Club Car-like shape. But it’s blessed with other unique features, including 4-wheel disk brakes, coil double a-arm suspension, and lithium batteries.

In the rest of this article, I will walk you through the specifications, features, benefits, and driving performance of the Renegade Plus 2.0 golf cart. I will also share my reservations about this golf cart and what to consider before throwing money on it. 

Renegade Golf Cart Specifications

Below are the specifications of the Renegade golf cart: 

Engine TypeAC Electric Motor
Rated Power5,000 watts
Battery48V / 6 of 8V Deep Cycle
Charging Port120V
Top Speed25 MPH
Charging Time120V: 6.5 Hours
Overall Length120 in.
Overall Height80 in.
Overall Width53 in.
Seat Height32 in.
Ground Clearance7.8 in.
Front and Rear Tire23 x 10.5-14
Wheelbase65.7 in.
Dry Weight1,455 lbs
ColorsBlue, Red, Silver, White
Aluminum WheelsYes
Warranty12 Months Limited Warranty

Renegade Golf Cart

Renegade Golf Cart


  • Charger is in the battery bay for easy charging access.
  • You can transfer accessories between the two golf carts, such as the Fender Flares, to minimize dirt pick-up and seat covers.
  • Advanced tech and controls 


Starting from the front view, the Renegade Plus 2.0 has an ample rectangular LED light that beams brightly and casts on the ground for better vision. It also has lights on the side with integrated side signals.

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The tires are 14-inch rims ruggedly designed for off-road use, allowing you to drive it both on the golf course and off-road. 

The cart has a lovely spacious front basket, bowl guard, and two hitches in the front for load haulage, which makes it more versatile than a golf cart. 

Meanwhile, I like the extended roof that covers all passengers. As you’d expect, the rear seat flips over like a regular golf cart into a utility bed, and underneath the middle, there’s a cooler for storing drinks and all.

The unique thing about the rear design of the Renegade Plus 2.0 golf cart is the bag holder. So you’re not going to sacrifice golfing for the four seats even though the component comes off easily if you don’t prefer to install it. 


On the golf cart’s control area, the horn level doubles as the switch for turn signals. It features a slot for USB and Type C cable. It also has a port for plugging Walkman or Discman. The dash screen is touch-enabled and allows you to connect via Bluetooth. The cart is designed with a locking optional dash.  

The neutral, drive, and reverse are controlled by buttons on the dash, the same with the low beam and flashers. It has a rearview camera, which you can adjust on the dash screen.

The steering wheel is designed with carbon fiber, and there’s a nice sticker on the steering wheel detailing the golfing instructions, 


According to Renegade, the golf cart will cruise up to 25 miles per hour, which is pretty impressive compared to competitors like Coleman or Candy, which only go 12 to 14 mph. 

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While driving, the 5000-watt Renegade goes much quicker and easier to navigate. I like the simplicity of the design. 


The comfort of the Renegrade cart is decent. There is nothing special about the details that account for convenience on this vehicle, but I like that it features over-the-shoulder seat belt holders (not lap belts), which apply to front and rear passengers. 

There are also four cup holders for front passengers and two for each rear passenger, which is wide enough to accommodate modern bottle shape and size. 


The Renegade Golf cart comes with a standard onboard charger – a 110 outlet wall outlet that plugs right into the cart so you don’t have to flip the driver’s seat over for a charge. The charging time is 6.5 hours to get 120V.

The cart has friendly sealed lead acid batteries with no maintenance needed. However, specific dealers offer options for upgrades to lithium batteries. 

Renegade Golf Cart Pros And Cons

There’s no perfect cart out there. Renegade has many features that make it appealing, and it was hard for me to pinpoint a single flaw in its design. But if you’re looking to purchase this cart, any model, look at for these pros and cons: 

What I like about this golf cart 

  • Unlike most other golf carts, the charger is in the battery bay for easy charging access.
  • It shares many similar design features with the Club Car, so there is no learning curve, and you can transfer accessories between the two golf carts, such as the Fender Flares, to minimize dirt pick-up and seat covers.
  • Affordable
  • The Renegade 2.0 has a golf bag holder add-on, so you don’t sacrifice this for a utility bed at the rear.
  • Advanced tech and controls 
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What I don’t like about this golf cart

  • The engine brake was too aggressive for my driving style. This may not be the experience of everyone who has driven the Renegade, but it’s worth paying attention to. 
  • You will likely pay over the price of a used Club Car when buying the Renegade Golf Cart, but the price is worth it, considering all the features that come with it.

Renegade Golf Cart Operation Guide

You can operate the Renegade Golf cart as you would with any other general golf cart. I love how SaferWholesale, a provider of recreational products, demonstrated the use of this cart in the video below: 

48v Electric Renegade Golf Cart With 5000 Watt Motor & Many Options

The Renegade golf cart also comes with an owner’s manual to guide you on its operation guidelines and troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues. 

My Final Take 

For me, purchasing a Renegade Golf Cart is synonymous with pulling the trigger because it’s a relatively novel and unpopular brand, so you can’t be sure what to expect. To my surprise, I’ve had it for about a month, and it has performed decently. 

Performance-wise, the speedo in the dash shows maximum speeds of 20 to 22mph, depending on terrain. But from my driving experience, it is faster than my older Club Car Precedent. 

I love how the cart fantastically holds speed going up pretty steep hills. It dramatically benefits me because I live in a hilly neighborhood. 

Renegade Golf carts come with sealed AGM batteries, a lift kit, brush guard, horn, tow hitch, Ice cooler, rearview mirrors, turn signals, Bluetooth speakers, hazard signals, and a speed governing switch. 

These are unique features that will make your golf cart driving experience wholesome. The suspension will also impress you when you notice how smooth it is on gravel roads at full speed. 

I have been keeping up with the rear drums of my Club Car, but seeing the 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes in Renegade is like an answered prayer because I can now cruise at max speed and stop on time.

Overall, the Renegade Golf Cart is worth the investment – no caveat. Do you have a different view? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section about this model.

Thanks for reading. 



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