Ellewee Golf Cart Review

Ellewee Golf Cart Review


Ellewee golf cart storms the market uniquely. It answers the prayer of golfers and course managers looking for a compact, fast, eco-friendly, affordable cart to move around the fairway.

I particularly enjoy the engine brake for safe downhill riding and the gyroscope that saves the cart from tipping over. Selling for only $6,500, the Ellewee golf cart takes time to charge and doesn’t have a canopy or windshield to save you from sun, rain, and dust. So brace up!

It’s super interesting to see how technology in the golf industry has spread its tentacles from clubs and balls into on-course mobility. It gets more interesting when we consider models like the four-wheel single-rider vehicle produced by Ellewee.

According to the manufacturer, their golf carts, produced in two main lineups – Easy and X models – and powered by a lithium battery, hold a charge for up to four rounds a day or about 65 kilometers. 

I decided to purchase the Ellewee Easy Golf cart buggy listed on PowerHouse. The initial goal was to test the machine, see how it lives up to the hype, and give an honest review. But gladly, at the moment, it has become the present replacement for my Axis NV ACE. 

In the rest of this article, I will walk you through all you need to know about Ellewee carts for golf courses. The information you gain from this article should help you decide if this model is worth your investment. 

Ellewee Golf Cart

Ellewee Golf Cart Review


  • Single Rider Efficiency: Takes approximately 25% less time compared to ordinary two-seater and four-seater golf carts.
  • Low Turf Impact: Tires run at just 3.2 PSI, reducing damage to the golf course turf compared to the typical 5.7 PSI of other golf carts.
  • Electrified Power-Train: Powered by a cutting-edge power-train control system developed by Cabeco, a renowned automotive manufacturer.
  • Green and Affordable: Ellewee is the first green and affordable multi-purpose vehicle in its class.

Ellewee Easy Golf Cart Buggy Specification

Below are the specific and technical details of the Ellewee Easy Golf cart model I currently use: 

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Dry weight (with battery) 160kg (350lb)
Total weight (Dry weight + Max load)320kg (705lb)
Max load front multi-holder 30kg (66lb)
Max load rear multi-holder 30kg (66lb)
Lithium Battery 48V 63Ah or 48V 100Ah
Recharge 15A/h
Factory speed setting 20 km/h (12mph) (there’s an optional maximum speed of 25 km/h)
Ground clearance10 cm (4in)
Seating capacity One occupant
Parking brake Electric (switch controlled)Electric (controlled by switch). It has a mechanical drum brake on each side
Motor 1500 W, 3500 rpm
Tire size16 x 7,50 – 8 (Turf)
Rim size 8 x 5,5 (Alluminuim)
LightsFront light LED, 12V Rear Light LED, 12V
Motor controllerASI USB outlet 2 x 5V 3.1A

Ellewee Golf Cart Key Features

What makes the Ellewee carts stand out from the crowd (which is already saturated by the Big 3 – Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO) is that it’s a single rider that has been tested to take roughly 25% less time than when using ordinary two-seater and four-seater golf carts. 

However, after using the Ellewee Easy for a few months, which shares a lot of similarity with the Ellewee X model, I could identify other unique features of this golf cart that underscores what the manufacturer claims on the website. For example: 

  • The tires cause less damage to the turf because they run at just 3.2 PSI, almost half of the typical golf cart PSI of 5.7.
  • Ellewee offers gyro control, GPS, lane assist, and auto-breaking because it is powered by an electrified power-train control system developed by Cabeco, a world-renowned automotive manufacturer. 
  • It is the first green, affordable, multi-purpose vehicle.

The Appearance

The Ellewee Easy and X golf cart models look a lot alike. But there’s a noticeable difference in utility, especially haulage. Easy Golf Cart lets you carry your golf bag at the front, while the X model puts the cargo holder at the rear. 

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Available in only super matt black, dental white, and deep blue metallic, Ellewee golf carts are designed with ATV in mind but move like a scooter. 

The Performance

Ellewee golf carts need 4 AGM 12-volt batteries to run, and it has a simple charging system. However, telling when the battery will go out is always unpredictable. This applies to all electric golf carts

On the performance side, the single-seater cart lessens its speed whenever the charge goes down. It has a charging time of 8 hours, which is a relatively slow charge compared to most other electric golf carts. Let’s not talk about when the batteries get older and perform less in holding heads. 

This scooter-like golf cart may only be your best option if you can commit to a particular charging routine. 

The Speed

The first bold claim that the Ellewee brand slams to our face is that the single riders make your rounds 25% faster than two-seaters. 

After testing the Easy Buggy model, I am happy to see that this lives up to the hype. What is even more interesting is the comfortable feel during this fast ride. 

I like the large and lightweight wheels. It takes 50% less air pressure than my Axis NV ACE cart. Even though the low air pressure will eventually make the tires wear down quickly, I can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. 

The price

Ellewe golf carts sell for different prices depending on the dealer you shop from. However, the price for the two significant lines is between $4,950 and $7,500, depending on the year model. 

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Generally, Ellwee X comes at around $6.500. At the same time, Ellwee Easy Resort costs nearly $8,000.

This is a pretty affordable option for a golf cart, especially if you’re not looking for a group travel around the golf course and only need a single-seater transport vessel. 

The Pros and Cons

I always say there’s no perfect golf cart out there. I almost challenged this idea when I tested the Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech. But for the Ellewee tech, there are some areas I believe the manufacturer can improve upon, even though it’s an excellent cart. 

What I like about this golf cart

  • It has a stylish appearance that makes heads turn 
  • The gyroscope saves the cart from tipping over.
  • It moves you faster than ordinary two-seater golf carts
  • You have peace of mind regarding turf damage risk
  • It’s an eco-friendly cart 
  • Geo-fencing keeps you away from off-limit areas.

What I don’t like about this golf cart 

  • No weather protection. Since it’s a scooter-like golf cart, it has no canopy or windshield for sun, rain, and dust. 
  • The charging time can be shorter.

My Final Take

Most golf cart manufacturers focus on creating a sweet mix of incredible looks and excellent performance. That’s what sells in the cart industry. And in my opinion, and based on my experience driving the Ellewee Easy cart, this brand has done a pretty good job in that objective. 

Being a one-person golf cart, you no longer need to get on a crowded golf cart or pay the cart rental fee. This is a central, unique point of this cart. But at the same time, it’s an egg and omelet situation because the coach doesn’t provide a canopy that saves you from the sun or rain.

But as long as it carries all my golf clubs and all other needed golf accessories and takes me faster, I think it’s a bang for the buck. 

Still, it’s somehow difficult to see the real value in this cart when you rent it because you won’t get as much rental fee as a gas golf cart or a 4-seater electric golf cart.

It all comes down to your preference.



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