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golf industry job

Top 5 Tips to Find a Job in a Golf Industry

Golfing is considered the most relaxing and high-class sport there is. A good round of golf is enough to get any distinguishable gentleman interested. Looking at job sites like Jooble, you should know a few bits of info before getting started. With this knowledge, you can begin working as a golf coach or become a player yourself. You can get started with these top 5 tips we know already. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. We’re happy to share what could be vital in your next dream job.

Become an Intern

Internships are a go-to for any high-class job. It is the perfect way to gain valuable and actual experience in your chosen field. The best place to find real work is in the PGA, State Golf Association. There you can find some great openings that lead to professional careers. It can also help you build up a network of contacts to help you secure more positions. The more you learn, the more confident you can be in actual interviews. However, the experience you get doesn’t guarantee you a job already.

Become a Volunteer


This is another way to gain experience in golf. While an internship is more likely to get you paid work, the volunteer route is more of a service. You can volunteer to help out new players or official tournaments. You can gain a more personal experience with this route, and it can give you more casual work to adapt around. There are thousands of volunteer opportunities in golf clubs as they are always grateful for the help. You may be able to learn more about the sport itself, being in a more observing role.

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Supporting Golf Charities

While it can be nice to help out for free, you may want to prove yourself further. Supporting the many charities run by golfing is one way to do it. You can donate money, your services or help raise awareness. These charities have strong ties to the golf industry, making them ideal for networking. The best way to prove you are good-natured and hard-working is by helping out a good cause. Be sure to research the charity you are supporting and the golf establishment that runs it. That way, you can know what needs to be said and appropriate for the event.

A Golf Writer

Writing content for various sources is a way to get into all sorts of businesses. Many sportswriters specializing in a particular kind of sport start with a blog. You can write about many things to do with gold and the many elements surrounding its industry. It can start as a hobby but could quickly turn into an actual business. People from this industry might even come to you for new business opportunities. It can be from writing about certain players to writing about the latest news. Be sure to always back up your work for it to be placed into a new CV or portfolio.

Gaining Qualifications

getting qualification

Depending on where you wish to work, being accredited is an effective qualification method. If you want to play a part, the proper training will count where it is. For example, being an accountant for Golf events will need qualifications in mathematics. Being an event organizer will need qualifications in business or social sciences. Sometimes you may not need a university qualification. Others can be gained from accredited sources such as the GCSAA affiliate program. These places know what jobs exist in the golf industry and how you can train for them.

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Search online for the job of your choosing and review the facts yourself. A lot of them will ask what they are looking for. This makes it easier for you to pinpoint exactly what you are trained to help with. This is either training from internships, volunteer work, or university degrees. Be sure to keep this in mind so that you do not lose confidence in your skills. If you follow these five tips, you can gain more than enough experience under your belt in preparation. Good luck!


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