The Best Golf Bag for a Push Cart


The best golf bag for push carts is the Sun Mountain C-130 2023. Featuring a classic design, this bag is easy to load and unload. It offers ample storage, a 14-way top for organized club placement, and accommodation for full-sized grips. However, it comes at a higher price point. Despite this drawback, its great features make it a valuable investment.


I am more of a Sunday golf bag golfer; I rarely carry a complete set of clubs to the course, so I rarely use my cart bag. I started visiting the system with a few more clubs sometime last month and needed more space.

I already had a golf bag for the pushcart, but when I brought it out, I noticed it was worn out, and some of the zippers snapped when I tried to use it. I decided that I needed to get a new one. I needed a functional bag that provided ample storage, sat well in the cart without coming loose, and offered the durability and high quality my previous bag lacked. I was willing to spend more to meet this requirement. After extensive research and testing, some golf bags outperformed the others as the best for push carts.



Ultimately, I chose the Sun Mountain C-130 2023 Cart Bag, captivated by its impressive, sturdy frame and user-friendly strap system, which facilitates easy access to all pockets while secured on the cart. Despite its higher cost, I was willing to invest more to obtain the desired performance, and the bag was delivered. For budget-conscious golfers, the Datrek Transit Cart Bag provides a more affordable option, although it may not match the durability of the Sun Mountain C-130 2023 Cart Bag.


In the rest of this article, we’ll review the features of each golf bag that make them suitable for push carts, share how they performed during testing, highlight their advantages, and discuss some areas that could be improved. Stick with me; let’s get started.


Specification comparison

These golf bags are crafted to provide ample storage for your clubs and other golfing essentials, such as a rangefinder and putter, and are made with material to ensure durability while catering to a range of price points. The table below presents a concise summary of the key features, allowing for a quick comparison if you’re pressed for time and helping you decide on the bag that best suits your needs.


Golf Bags Weight Dividers Pockets Price
Sun Mountain C-130 2023 Cart Bag 6.5 lbs 14-way 13 $289.99
COBRA Ultralight Pro Cart Bag 5 lbs 14-way 11 $250
Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag 6.5 lbs 14-way 20 $279.99
Datrek Transit Cart Bag 7.4 lbs 14-way 8 $239.99
Titleist Cart 15 2023 Cart Bag 6.5 lbs 15 full-lent 11 $300


Best Overall: Sun Mountain C-130 2023 Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain C-130 2023 Cart Bag offers impressive storage capacity. Its secure smart strap system ensures stability during use and allows you to access all pockets easily. With a selection of 11 colors, you have a variety to choose from to suit your style. Although it is heavier at 7 lbs, this didn’t pose an issue since I intended to use it with a pushcart. The weight contributed to its stability and overall performance during use.


This bag incorporates 14 individual club dividers, with a dedicated putter compartment running the full length to ensure optimal protection for each club. The Smart Strap System, equipped with two Velcro straps, securely attaches the bag to a riding cart. This design ensures stability on the cart and eliminates any interference with accessing the bag’s pocket caused by the riding cart’s straps.


This bag provides ample storage with 13 pockets, including two designed for apparel. Notably, it features a ventilated cooler pocket to keep your drinks cool while playing. Additionally, there are two velour-lined pockets for added luxury and a spacious, velour-lined rangefinder pocket with a convenient magnetic closure.


Moreover, the Smart Strap System has a matching waterproof hood, enhancing the bag’s versatility and functionality.



I like this bag’s 14 individual club dividers, especially the dedicated putter compartment that runs the full length. It’s fantastic for protecting my clubs and preventing them from shifting around. Even though I’ve only had it for about three weeks, it’s exceptionally well-made and should last a long time. It seems highly durable.


Having 15 individual slots for each club is great for keeping things organized, and the numerous pockets with quality zippers add to the overall convenience. The bag fits perfectly on the cart, and I appreciate that the cart strap can slide through, allowing access to all pockets while it’s strapped in. The frame is solid and sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to carry. The padded carry strap adds to the comfort.


I also like the extra features, such as the side cooler-lined pocket, top grab handles, and a base grab handle, which make it easy to take in and out of my vehicle. The color match and design are aesthetically pleasing.


I appreciate the absence of full-length tubes, and the range finder compartment is perfect for quick retrieval. While the lack of a dedicated tee holder is a bit disappointing, the mesh holder does the job. The cooler compartment is smaller but not a major concern since I use a hard cooler on the cart.


This bag has met and exceeded my expectations regarding design, functionality, and quality of materials. However, there is a noticeable flaw—the metal ring at the top of the bag, where the strap goes through, creates an annoying squeaking sound when I walk with the clubs. I’m thinking of trying some silicon spray to see if that helps.


While this bag is pricier than others on the market, its superior cart-securing mechanism and the layout of individual club slots make it a worthwhile investment. I would recommend this bag.

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What I liked:

  • This bag has plenty of room for all my golf gear.
  • The strap system keeps it secure on the cart, and I can easily reach all the pockets.
  • I love that it comes in 11 colors, so I can pick one that suits my style.
  • The fourteen dividers and dedicated putter compartment keep my clubs safe and organized.
  • The included waterproof hood adds extra protection during unpredictable weather.


What I didn’t like:

  • At 7 lbs, it’s a bit weighty, especially if you prefer lighter bags.
  • The metal ring at the top can be annoying as it produces a squeaking sound.
  • It’s on the pricier side compared to other options at $289.99.

COBRA Ultralight Pro Cart Bag

This cart bag stands out as one of the lighter options, weighing only 5 lbs, yet it provides substantial storage space for its weight. It comes at a more affordable price than other alternatives at $250 and includes impressive features such as a dedicated pocket for your range finder and a spacious cooler pouch capable of holding up to six beverage cans. However, a significant drawback is its lack of durability compared to competing alternatives. The polyester material used in the bag falls short in terms of quality.




This bag features a 14-way top with three full-length dividers, ensuring easy access to your clubs. One standout aspect is its insulated cooler pocket, capable of keeping up to nine cans of your beverage cold. Additionally, it includes a built-in pass-thru for attaching to a cart without limiting access to the pockets. The material is polyester, which is good but may not provide the same level of durability as some other alternatives.


One feature that particularly impressed me is the slanted downward putter storage, which prevents it from banging around the club heads. This thoughtful design adds protection and convenience, enhancing the overall user experience.


The cooler pocket is a feature I appreciated. I could easily fit six cans with a slim ice pack to keep things cool. I can vouch for the magnet’s strength on the range finder pocket; there’s no concern about it accidentally opening.


The pass-through for the cart strap is a brilliant feature, allowing easy access to all the top pockets without any hassle. I appreciate having pass-throughs on both sides and the front, although it depends on the cart whether I can use all three or just one side and the front. Regardless, reaching the pockets is always convenient.


It accommodates my Cobra Woods and Ben Hogan irons with covers, a necessity due to the rough cart paths where I usually play.


It’s a lightweight, durable cart bag that looks nice and offers ample pocket space. I did, however, notice that the top side pockets can be a bit challenging to use when covered by the cart strap.


Also, the absence of the rain cover mentioned in the product information was disappointing. Living in Florida, where rain showers can pop up anytime, a rain cover would have been a valuable addition to keep my gear dry.


What I liked:

  • Weighing only 5 pounds, it’s easy to handle and transport.
  • It comes at a more budget-friendly price compared to other alternatives.
  • Includes specialized pockets for a range finder and a cooler pouch for up to six beverages.
  • The downward-slanted putter storage prevents damage to club heads.

What I didn’t like:

  • The polyester material may not be as durable as alternatives made with higher-quality materials.
  • Not fully waterproof.
  • The cart strap can hinder the positioning of the top side pockets.


Best Premium: Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag

This bag stands out as a premium option with an extensive storage capacity and about 20 pockets. Despite its weight of around 6.5 pounds, it feels surprisingly lightweight. The strap system is a thoughtful feature, ensuring secure attachment and preventing any damage even if the cart strap is tightened. However, a notable drawback is that while the bag offers 20 pockets, many of them, like the ball compartment, are too small and can be challenging to access. It’s also a more expensive golf bag.


This bag stands out with its premium features. The 14-Way Top Cuff with an Integrated Large Putter Well is designed to ensure organized club storage.


I particularly value the rubberized grab handle integrated into the top cuff, which provides an additional grip when carrying or adjusting the bag. The Cart Strap Channel with Durable, Abrasion-Resistant Material is a valuable addition, offering long-term protection against the wear and tear caused by cart straps.


The Magnetic Closure Pocket with Fleece Lining is a standout feature, providing extra protection for items requiring special care. Additionally, the Extra Large Insulated Cooler Pocket with Drain Holes is noteworthy, offering convenient storage for extra beverages, especially on scorching hot days.


The Mission Control Organizer Panel is another standout feature, providing an all-in-one panel with multiple pockets for easy access to anything you might need during your round. In summary, these premium features collectively make this bag an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts seeking a high-quality and feature-rich option.



I’m pleased with the individual club holes and the large well for the putter featured in this book. It’s accommodating for larger grips, like my SuperStroke. Even with clubs and balls in it, the bag remains lightweight. The extra-large pouches on both sides, the medium-sized ones above them, and the spacious cooler pouch are definite highlights. The magnetic valuables pouch is a nice touch, and it seems quite durable after about 13 rounds of use.


However, I found some pockets oddly shaped and challenging to access. A notable issue for some is the tight compartments due to a large plastic compartment for the putter, hindering the full insertion of clubs and prompting a return for a few users.

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While I appreciate the solid zippers, a significant concern emerged during heavy rain. The zippers, which I thought would be waterproof, leaked, which was quite disappointing. I would not recommend this bag if you play on a predominantly wet course.


What I liked:

  • Offers around 20 pockets for ample storage.
  • It features a 14-way top cuff with an integrated putter well.
  • Features a protective magnetic closure pocket that ensures extra protection for valuable items.
  • The Mission Control Organizer Panel provides easy access.


What I didn’t like:

  • Most of the pockets were too small and challenging to access.
  • Pricier than alternatives at $279.99.
  • Zippers are not fully waterproof, leading to leakage.


Best for walking: Datrek Transit Cart Bag

This bag is an excellent choice for senior golfers due to its convenient rolling feature, which provides ease of movement on the course. It’s notably more portable compared to other alternatives. However, it’s worth noting that the wheels may not be as functional as desired, as they tend to be quite loud during use.


This bag is designed with a 14-way top featuring full-length individual dividers, providing excellent organization for your clubs. The retracting telescopic handle with push-button adjustment adds to its convenience.


A dedicated soft-grip putter well ensures that your putter is easily accessible and well-protected. The inclusion of wheels makes rolling and moving the bag around the course effortless.

In terms of storage, the bag offers 8 zippered pockets, catering to various needs. These include a fleece-lined valuables pocket, four full-length garment pockets, an oversized insulated cooler pocket, an accessory pocket, and a large ball pocket.


Additional features like the umbrella holder and matching rain hood with dual access enhance the bag’s functionality, ensuring you’re prepared for different weather conditions on the course.



The introduction of wheels was a game-changer, especially for someone like me who found lugging an 80-pound cart bag quite a workout. It’s important to note that these wheels aren’t a replacement for a push cart for walkers but work well on smooth surfaces with the narrow bag stance, as long as you exercise caution.


The eight zippered pockets are a standout feature, with three on each side and two in front, offering ample storage space.


My 75-year-old dad tried out this bag, and he was impressed with the bag’s ease of rolling and the practicality of the 14 dividers for organizing clubs. The multiple pockets were indeed useful, and I followed the suggestion to add extra-large carabiner-type hooks for added convenience.


However, not everything about the bag was perfect. I noticed its instability on uneven terrain, and the plastic wheels were surprisingly loud on cement. The design seemed more suited for use with a push cart, as attempting to walk with it on grassy areas posed the risk of tipping over.


The bag’s inability to stand up well and navigate a fairway without additional support was disappointing. Although it came with a rain cover, it didn’t make the bag waterproof, resulting in wet conditions despite covered clubs.

What I liked:

  • great for senior golfers, providing easy mobility.
  • 14-way top with dividers for accessible and organized clubs.
  • Soft-grip well for easy putter access and protection.

What I didn’t like:

  • Some instability is observed on uneven terrain.
  • Plastic wheels are loud on cement, impacting the overall experience.
  • Rain cover doesn’t provide full waterproofing, leading to wet conditions.


Best Waterproof: Titleist Cart 15 2023 Cart Bag

This waterproof bag is a standout feature, providing reliable protection against the elements. Additionally, it is highly durable, offering excellent quality that ensures long-lasting performance. However, it’s worth noting that this bag comes with a higher price tag than most alternatives, at $300.



This bag is thoughtfully designed with 15 full-length dividers, including a dedicated putter, enhancing organization and protection for your clubs. Weighing in at 6.5 lbs, it balances being lightweight with providing the necessary features.


The integrated cart strap adds extra stability and protection when secured to a golf cart. Its notable waterproof feature is achieved through waterproof fabric, tapered seams, and water-resistant zippers, ensuring that your gear stays dry even in inclement weather.


A soft-touch, multi-material top cuff with tour-inspired integrated handles adds a touch of luxury and convenience. The two velour-lined valuables pockets provide a secure and plush storage space for your items. This bag combines functionality, durability, and design elements to enhance the golfing experience.



The bag is built with exceptional quality—the zippers feel tight and well-sewn, providing a perfect fit for all 14 of my clubs, including the hybrids and the seemingly longer Maverick driver.

The price and value of this bag pleased me, and I’d happily recommend it to anyone in need of a cart bag. The smooth-working zippers and the two handles on top for easy maneuvering from the trunk to the cart add to its practicality. Despite carrying all my clubs and belongings, it feels as light as my carry bag.


The full-length dividers work well, and the cooler pocket is conveniently located, though it lacks a drain. I found a simple solution by using a freezer Ziplock bag for ice and water, making it work perfectly and even extending the life of the ice. The removable front cover is a fantastic touch for personalization.


I particularly appreciate the better separation for my clubs, thanks to the design of this model. The ample and well-designed pockets and the solid zippers assure me of its durability. The construction at the top, featuring two solid built-in handles, facilitates easy loading and unloading from the truck. The overall material of the bag is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.


While the zippers are robust, the bag faced a challenge during heavy rain—four holes in, and the zippers leaked like a cheap roof. This raises a concern about the bag’s waterproofing in extreme conditions.

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However, the multitude of pockets and ease of picking up clubs without shifting during cart movement make it a reliable option. The handles on top and the size of certain pockets could use a bit of improvement.


I recommend this bag if you play on a predominantly wet course; you can fully utilize the waterproof feature. If not, I recommend going for less expensive alternatives that offer the same, even better level of performance.

What I liked:

  • Built with enduring materials for long-lasting performance.
  • Dedicated putter and organized club storage.
  • An integrated cart strap adds stability and protection to a golf cart when secured.
  • Luxurious design elements like a soft-touch top cuff with integrated handles for convenience.


What I didn’t like:

  • Zippers leaked during heavy rain, raising questions about extreme weather performance.
  • Comes with a higher price tag.


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Golf Bag for a Push Cart

Compatibility with the push cart:

Go for a golf bag with features that enable use on a cart, such as a cart strap pass-through system. This allows you to secure the bag to the pushcart using cart straps without obstructing access to the pockets. The pass-through should be strategically positioned for stability.


Check the base of the golf bag to ensure it is designed to sit securely on a push cart. The base should be flat and wide enough to provide stability, preventing the bag from tipping over or swaying during movement.


Remember that various push carts may have distinct designs, so verify that the chosen bag aligns with your cart model. Consult with the bag and cart manufacturers if necessary for compatibility recommendations.


Size and weight:

Opt for a bag that strikes a balance between being lightweight and being the right size and offers enough storage space for your clubs and accessories. A lighter bag is not only easier to handle when lifting it on and off the pushcart but also contributes to reduced fatigue during extended periods on the golf course.


A lightweight golf bag also facilitates effortless transportation, whether you’re pushing it on a cart or carrying it between holes. This is particularly important when using a push cart, as a heavy bag can make maneuvering the cart more challenging and potentially lead to premature wear and tear on the cart itself.


Club organization:

When selecting the ideal golf bag for your push cart, paying close attention to dividers and club organization is paramount. Opt for a bag with a well-thought-out divider system, preferably full-length dividers.


A bag with full-length dividers keeps your clubs organized and offers protection by preventing them from coming into contact with each other. This is particularly important for those with graphite shafts, as it minimizes the risk of scratching or damaging the clubs on the pushcart during transport.


Consider the number of dividers as well; a bag with more dividers allows for a higher degree of organization, ensuring every club has a slot. Additionally, some bags feature specialized dividers for putters, accommodating their unique size and shape.


And here’s a pro tip from personal experience: always check if those dividers go down to the bottom of the bag. Full-length dividers reaching the base provide not just organization but extra stability. This prevents your clubs from touching the ground and adds a layer of protection.



Look for a bag with sufficient pockets to cater to various needs. Consider compartments for golf balls, tees, gloves, rangefinders, valuables, and even insulated beverage pockets. The key is to have dedicated spaces for different items, ensuring easy access and organization.


Check out the placement of pockets concerning the bag’s position on the pushcart. Ensure that essential pockets are easily accessible, even when the bag is secured to the cart. This accessibility minimizes the need to constantly remove the bag for access during your round.


Don’t forget a velour-lined pocket for your valuables—your phone, wallet, or watch. That soft lining isn’t just a fancy touch; it’s a practical move to prevent scratches and give your delicate items an extra layer of protection. And speaking of practicality, pay attention to the zippers and fasteners on those pockets. Opt for durable, easy-to-use zippers;

Material and durability:

Look for nylon, polyester, or lightweight alloys in the bag’s construction. Bags made from nylon or polyester are lightweight and offer durability. These materials often provide excellent water resistance, ensuring your bag withstands the elements. If you frequently play in varying weather conditions, opt for a golf bag with waterproof features. Choose bags with sturdy fasteners, zippers on pockets, and club dividers.


If you are a casual golfer who hits the course occasionally, you may not need to invest in a high-end, feature-rich bag. A golf bag between $200 and $250 would suffice. On the other hand, if you are a regular golfer, it might be worth considering a higher-priced bag, around $280 to $350, with additional features and durability. Assess the features offered by golf bags within your budget range and consider what features are essential for your needs.

Final Thought

In conclusion, choosing the ideal golf bag depends on individual preferences and priorities. You should always seek durability, great storage, an effective carry strap, and your budget. The Sun Mountain C-130 2023 Cart Bag stands out for its impressive storage capacity, secure strap system, and organizational features, making it the best overall in my book.


The Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag is a more premium option, but despite its premium features, it is more expensive and lacks adequate waterproofing. The Datrek Transit Cart Bag, with its rolling convenience and ample storage, caters to senior golfers but has notable drawbacks in terms of stability and noise. Your personal preferences, budget considerations, and specific needs will ultimately guide your choice.



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