EVolution Golf Carts Reviews

EVolution Golf Carts Reviews


The EVolution golf cart may have more “features” than many popular models. It’s also affordable, but it doesn’t have the best reputation for durability. It can be a great-performing cart, but be ready to deal with parts unavailability and not-so-great aftermarket support. After researching and testing the EVolution, I recommend someone interested in an electric golf cart stick with one of the “big three: Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha.

Despite being in the golf industry for more than ten years, the EVolution company may not have as good a reputation as many of its rivals. However, the premium cart manufacturer claims to be producing the  ‘quickest and most capable golf carts in electric vehicle history.’ The unique selling point of their models is that they are fully electric and have great looks.

I’m three weeks into ownership of one of these, the Classic 4 Plus. It has the larger motor and battery of their two options (lithium batteries). In all fairness, I like it so far. However, some areas make me bat my eyebrows.

In this article, I have reviewed all you need to know about EVolution golf carts, including their other models. We will also take a bird’s-eye view of what other users say about this cart to help you decide if the brand is worth your consideration.

EVolution Golf Cart Models

EVolution has a long list of models for personal golf cart vehicles. While we cannot focus on all models in a singular article, I will focus on the model I’ve worked with and touch on the researched information from other users who have tried different models. Here is a list of models available from EVolution:

Cart SeriesUnique features
Classic seriesIt is the best value pick and has good looks.
Carrier seriesSix to eight seats. Basically, to demand transportation
Turfman seriesFor rugged and heavy-duty usage
Forrester seriesFor rough terrain
Classic series

Classic series

  • 6.3kw motor
  • 9-inch touchscreen with Speedometer display, backup camera, stereo system, and Bluetooth connection
  • 48V AC Induction motor drive system
  • 144″ x 55″ x76″
Buy Now From $8,499 – $9,999
Carrier series<br>4 Seater

Carrier series
4 Seater

  • 48V AC Induction motor drive system
  • 400A EVOLUTION controller
  • 103″ x 55″ x 74″
Buy Now $13,999
Turfman series

Turfman series

  • 4KW
  • 48 Volts
  • Evolution Lithium Battery
  • 2 Passenger + Golf Attachment
Buy Now $13,999
Forrester series<br>6 Seater

Forrester series
6 Seater

  • 148″ x 55″ x 87″
  • 48V AC Induction motor drive system
  • 400A EVOLUTION controller
  • 6.3kw motor
Buy Now $11,540 – $14,130
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The Car App Connection

Some models of the EVolution cart feature car app connections, so you can download the company’s mobile app and connect it to your golf cart from your phone. It means that you can access charging and other controls from your phone.

The premium features

The Evolution Cart is a premium miniature vehicle. It features top qualities such as a luxury steering wheel, two-tone seats, Bluetooth speakers, color-matched inserts on the wheel, and a touchscreen. The company also offers custom color options and seating arrangement options built to match.

The Touchscreens

The touchscreens on the dashboard of some of the EVolution carts are impressive, especially as seen in the Carrier Plus models.

These touchscreens are 9 inches long and give you access to activated radio, music, movies, a speedometer, or even a backup camera.

The lithium power system

The EVolution cart uses lithium batteries. They are expensive upfront but last a long time and are incredibly easy to care for. So, one of the best parts of owning this cart is that you no longer have to set reminders to fill your batteries with water. They are also easy to clean.

The lithium batteries make the golf cart lighter in weight than other options. This is reflected in its improved speed.

My Classic 4 Plus tops out at 30 mph and gets there quickly. I had tested the lithium EZGO and a Yamaha before buying this one three weeks ago, and it would leave both of them behind.

The ride and handling are also lovely. It feels more stable than the lifted EZGO I drove during testing.

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How long does an EVolution golf cart battery last?

According to EVolution, their golf cart batteries typically last 4–10 years. In other words, you can expect the lithium-ion battery to work optimally for between 2,000 and 5,000 charging cycles.

The Warranty

Another exciting aspect of purchasing an EVolution golf cart is the warranty. The company offers a 2-year warranty for parts and labor, which is good compared to most other brands. A 4-year warranty is placed on the charger and controller of the cart, no matter the model.

As for the lithium battery, it comes with a five-year warranty. The frame is the only component with a lifetime warranty on the EVolution cart.

The customer service

One thing about customer service is that you can’t know how helpful they are until you’ve used the product for a while and have developed issues that require you to make contact.

With just three weeks into ownership, I don’t have first-hand experience with how helpful the EVolution cart’s customer service or help is. Still, my findings revealed that local West and East Coast dealers provide support.

However, many users are not hesitant to come out and say how poor the customer service for this brand is compared to other top brands.

The Cost 

Depending on the series, model, and year of manufacture, EVolution golf carts range from $10,000 to closer to $20,000. Many buyers work with local dealers to see what deals they can get within this price range.

The process is similar to acquiring an average car. I had to work with my dealership to get the Classic Four Plus. But the pricing of this particular brand is no different from other rivals like EZ Go, but it’s a bit pricier than Club Car.

Pros and cons

Evolution may come packed with features, but it has highs and lows. If you’re looking to buy from this brand, keep the following pros and cons in mind:

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Options for different uses (golf course, work, rugged terrain)Older cart models have been reported to develop motor problems.
Made with premium featuresPotential battery issues over time
The speed is impressive (you can go from 0 to 25 mph in 5 seconds).
Solenoid can break
Slick lookingYou can’t adjust the side mirrors vertically.
You can drive it on the streets. 

Is it worth buying?

In terms of performance, the EVolution golf cart is a beautiful option. However, the verdict changes when we throw service and parts availability into the discussion. People who have not used the coach for more than two years may have different views because of the warranty.

But after my in-depth conversation with a dealer who has tried to partner with the ‘value brand,’ it’s apparent that it doesn’t work out because they have little to no access to replacement parts, a proper service manual, and a wiring diagram.

There’s no doubt that the features of EVolution golf carts are fantastic. The overall performance is excellent, but more and more users are saying the support on the back end is just as bad.

So far, with my Classic 4 Plus, I’ve not experienced brakes squeaking or rubber tires rooting out, even though I’ve read that this is a common issue with the EVolution carts. Perhaps it’s because I’m only three weeks into its usage.

If you are okay with paying above $10,000 for short-term usage of your cart or waiting for replacement parts and finding nobody willing to work on them, then there’s no issue.

However, suppose you’re intent on long-lasting durability and access to replacement parts in case of any defects or upgrade needs. In that case, I recommend you get a Yamaha, such as the QuieTech EFI and PowerTech AC models I’ve used.

My Final Take: Time Will Tell

In all fairness, I’m only three weeks into owning the EVolution Classic 4 Plus golf cart. So, it will be a long shot to come to a verdict. Performance-wise, I like the coach. The aesthetic is also impressive. The fit and finish are good. And it applies to other models.

Generally, the cart is lovable. Aside from the low-quality factory speakers I replaced with this $50 pair from Amazon, it now sounds ten times better.

However, with advanced research and combing through reviews and testimonies from other users who have owned the cart for three years, I discovered this is not the best EV cart out there.


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Kevin is a gold addict playing off of an 11 handicap. A Midwest native, he works on his game 2-3 times per week, even in the winter! When he's not golfing, he enjoys cigars, libations, and watching the PGA Tour.