5 Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers


The best golf ball for mid-handicappers is the Srixon Soft Feel. Known for its exceptional balance of distance, control, and feel, this ball is designed to help mid-handicap players improve their game. With a soft cover and low-compression core, it offers superb greenside control and increased distance off the tee. Elevate your golf experience with the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball today.

It hurts when you reflect on how much money you are losing each time you nail one ball into the water, out into the bushes, and every other out-of-reach place. As a mid-handicap player, you stand on the tee with tension, not wanting to lose one of your new golf balls. This can even affect your game in the wrong way.

However, with the right golf ball for your skill level, you can enjoy your time on the tee with absolute peace of mind. I’m a mid-handicap golfer myself. A mid-handicap golfer shoots between 80 and 89 on a par 72 course.

I currently use the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball because of its low compression, soft feel, and reasonable price. However, I look for a few key things in a golf ball as a mid-handicapper, mainly because I’m intent on taking my game to the next level.

The perfect golf ball for mid-handicappers should have reasonable distance, respectable forgiveness, and a touch of greenside spin. If I can find a ball that checks all those boxes, it’s a winner. But the search isn’t always that easy. Hence, this review.

Overview of the Best Mid-Handicapper Golf Balls

I have researched and tested five of the best golf balls that have been proven to help mid-handicappers improve their game, and I will share my experience with them to help you decide which is worth buying in the end.

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s an overview of the top golf balls we will review in this buying guide:

Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel

  • Best overall. It offers unmatched ball flight to stop on the green, a soft-feel Fusablend cover, and a low spin-off driver face for straighter shots.
Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft

  • Suitable for slower swinging, the urethane cover makes for an impressive spin.
Titleist AVX golf ball

Titleist AVX golf ball

  • Looks premium. Long and tight dispersion with irons
$5.34 per count
Wilson Triad

Wilson Triad

  • For extra distance off the tee and soft off-pitch pitches
Taylormade Tour Response

Taylormade Tour Response

  • Ideal for more wedge spins

We must also establish that we all shop for golf balls for different reasons. In my case, I eventually settled for the Srixon Soft Ball because I wasn’t concerned with distance. I needed something that would minimize the damage of misshits more than anything else.

Maybe for you, you prefer a softer ball when putting, and you’re on a tight budget. Even if you’re willing to splurge, you may need some spin on your new set of balls. Whatever your preferences are, these reviews of the best golf balls for mid-handicappers will meet your needs.

1. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel


  • Best overall. It offers unmatched ball flight to stop on the green, a soft-feel Fusablend cover, and a low spin-off driver face for straighter shots.
  • Affordable: At just $29 for a dozen, it is an economical choice compared to more expensive golf balls.
  • Wedge Spin: It provides a respectable wedge spin, aiding in control and precision during short shots.
  • Suitable for Slower Swing Speeds: With a compression of around 60, it is ideal for players with slower swing speeds, helping them achieve better distance.
  • Price: $29 for a dozen
  • My Remark: It’s the best golf ball for mid-handicappers who want softer balls. It’s also cheap and offers a respectable wedge spin. But it’s not the best for fast-swing players.
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The Srixon Soft Feel is a particular favorite of mine. It helps to have peace of mind that you won’t lose $4 balls; instead, you kick $1.50 balls smoothly. The Srixon Soft Feel is a popular recommendation for mid-handicappers, and for good reason.

It will best suit players who want a softer golf ball. The two-piece ball has a compression of around 60, which grants distance to golfers with slower swing speeds.

As a mid-handicapper, the Srixon soft feel is one of the best balls I’ve hit and has helped me improve my game.

What I like about this golf ball

  • The ball flight is impressively high on the green.
  • The soft-feeling fusal-blend cover is appealing.
  • Affordable 
  • Good reputation among many mid-handicap golfers in online communities.

What I don’t like about this golf ball

  • Not a great option for players with faster swings.

2. Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft


  • Suitable for slower swinging, the urethane cover makes for an impressive spin.
  • High Visibility: The ball offers excellent visibility, making it easier for golfers to track it during play, which can be especially beneficial for mid-handicappers.
  • Suitable for Near Single-Digit Handicaps: This golf ball is recommended for mid-handicappers who are on the cusp of achieving a single-digit handicap, as it offers a High Energy Speed Core for increased ball speed and distance off the tee.
  • Three-Piece Construction: With its three-piece design and urethane cover, it delivers enhanced spin and overall performance, particularly in short game situations.
  • Price: $38 for a dozen
  • My Remark: The best golf ball is for slightly more advanced golfers whose handicap leans towards the lower end of mid-handicap, nearing a single-digit index. Excellent visibility for tracking the ball.

I’m inclined to conclude that the Vice Pro Soft golf ball works like the Volvik Vivid ST. I’ve had experience hitting the latter, so it gave me an idea of how the Vice Pro would work in flight and feel off my clubs.

This is an ideal option for mid-handicappers close to clinching the single-digit index because the High Energy Speed Core offers a higher ball speed and more carry off the tee.

It’s a three-piece golf ball covered in urethane, which gives it extra spin and performance.

What I like about this golf ball

  • You can track the ball better on the green due to its high visibility.
  • The spin is impressive, thanks to the urethane cover.
  • Ideal for players close to breaking into single digits.

What I don’t like about this golf ball

  • None so far.

3. Titleist AVX golf ball

Titleist AVX golf ball

Titleist AVX golf ball

$5.34 per count

  • Familiarity with Pro V1: The Titleist AVX provides a sense of familiarity for golfers accustomed to the renowned Pro V1, making it easier to transition to this ball.
  • Responsive Short Shots: The AVX golf ball is known for its impressively responsive performance on short shots, helping mid-handicap players improve their short game.
  • Front-to-Back Dispersion: It offers fantastic front-to-back dispersion, aiding in accuracy and consistency when striking the ball.
  • Impressive Feel: Golfers appreciate the feel of the Titleist AVX, both off the clubface and on putts and chips, contributing to improved touch and control.
  • Price: $5.34/count
  • My Remark: For what it’s worth, the familiarity of the famous Pro V1 helps to utilize the Titleist AVX golf ball. The AVX has impressively responsive short shots and fantastic front-to-back dispersion.
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During my research and testing, I soon realized that the Pro V1 from Titleist was among the standard recommendations in golf online communities for mid-handicap players. However, sometimes the gold is where you’re not looking.

The Titleist resembles the famous Pro V1, which, for some reason, makes it more comfortable to use. I particularly love the feel of this ball, and it translates on the putts as well.

What I like about this golf ball

  • The premium look is appealing.
  • You can achieve long and tight dispersion with irons.
  • The feel is impressive on putts and chips.

What I don’t like about this golf ball

  • It’s pricier than most other options.

4. Taylormade Tour Response

Taylormade Tour Response

Taylormade Tour Response


  • Taylormade Loyalty: This ball is ideal for mid-handicap players who are loyal to Taylormade and prefer its products.
  • Decent Spin: It offers decent spin, particularly on chip shots, which can help improve short game performance.
  • Wedge Spin: The Taylormade Tour Response provides more wedge spin than other golf balls, enhancing control and precision around the greens.
  • Affordable: It is noted for its affordability, making it an attractive option for mid-handicappers looking for value without compromising on performance.
  • Price: $3.75/count
  • My Remark: If you’re a Taylormade loyalist as a mid-handicap player, this is your ball. It has decent spins but not as high a ball flight as Srixon Soft Feel.

The Taylormade Tour Response replaces the loveable Project (a) ball from a few seasons ago. It resembles the Wilson Duo Professional but delivers more wedge spin.

Not many people like this particular model from Taylormade, but that doesn’t stop it from being a decent option for mid-handicappers, especially if you want proper distance, straight shots, and spin.

What I like about this golf ball

  • The spin on chip shots is impressive.
  • For performance, it’s an incredibly affordable golf ball.
  • The urethane cover grants this ball a Tour feel.

What I don’t like about this golf ball

  • Not a good option for players with slower swing speeds.
  • It didn’t take time for the urethane to start scuffing.

5. Wilson Triad

Wilson Triad

Wilson Triad


  • Greenside Spin: The Wilson Triad excels in providing greenside spin, making it an excellent choice for mid-handicap players seeking better control around the greens.
  • Scoring Potential: It is recommended for golfers looking to break 80, suggesting that it can contribute to lower scores and improved performance.
  • Consistent Quality: Despite being less popular than some other brands, Wilson consistently produces impressive golf balls, and the Triad is no exception.
  • Moderate Swing Speeds: With a compression rating of around 85, it is well-suited for players with moderate swing speeds, helping them achieve better performance.
  • Price: $40 for a dozen
  • My Remark: Wilson Triad may not be as popular as a few golf balls I tested, but it’s among the best for mid-handicappers, especially those desiring greenside spin.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Wilson Triad since it rolled out in the wake of 2022. If you wish to break 80, this is the ball for you. I recommend it for players who hit the ball reasonably straight but need more greenside spin.

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I must mention that not too many players hype balls from Wilson as much as other name brands. But Wison has consistently shown up with impressive golf balls.

This particular one is excellent for a greenside spin, even though the distance isn’t as impressive as other balls I tested. With a compression rating of around 85, the Wilson Triad will benefit players with moderate swing speeds.

What I like about this golf ball

What I don’t like about this golf ball

  • Not among the softest balls I tested.

Final Verdict 

So far, we’ve explored five of the best golf balls you can consider as a mid-handicap player. While there are still many options, these are the models I’ve tested as someone who’s still breaking 90, and they have helped tremendously.

Also, in my experience, I’ve learned that it’s better to find a ball that’s within your budget and stick with it. It’s easier to lower your scores when you know how a ball will behave around the green and off the putter face.

Of course, your swing mechanics have to be repeatable and reliable to some degree for a ball to do anything consistently. But knowing how a ball will behave when it hits the green surface will help you get closer to the pin, leading to shorter putts.

I gain improved distance control when I know how quickly a ball comes off the face of my putter. So if you eventually go with the Srixon Soft Feel or Taylormade Tour Response, stick with it. Playing with one ball may not improve your score by many strokes, but it will likely enhance your average putt stat.

I hope you found this buying guide helpful.


Can mid-handicappers use Pro V1?

The Pro V1 golf ball was initially designed for low handicappers seeking advanced performance, but mid-handicappers can also benefit from its consistent flight and greenside control. However, considering your swing speed and budget, you might also explore options that balance performance and cost-effectiveness.

What is the mid-handicap range?

A mid-handicap range is the stage of a golfer’s skill where they still shoot between 80 and 94. This golfer falls within the middle range of golfers, with a handicap index between 9 and 18. If you’re a mid-handicapper, it means you have more experience than beginners, but you still need improvement to reach the level of lower handicappers.

How do I know what golf ball is right for me?

To find the right golf ball, consider your skill level, swing speed, and preferences. As a beginner, it’s best to stick with a two-piece ball for distance and durability. Mid-handicappers benefit from a softer ball for control. Low-handicappers need precise sp, so multilayer balls will be better.

What is the difference between Srixon Soft Feel and AD333?

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls prioritize a soft cover for enhanced greenside control and feel. AD333 balls, on the other hand, focus on balanced performance with a mid-compression core for distance and a urethane cover for spin.

If you want a mix of distance and control, AD333 is the way to go. The soft-feel golf ball will appeal more to those who prioritize a softer touch.



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