Axis Golf Cart REVIEW

Axis Golf Cart Reviews


The Axis EV golf cart (Ace NV) will accommodate four passengers. It runs on a 48-volt electric motor with a charger included and gets a full charge in 10 hours with a 43-mile range. It features four built-in USB ports, a rear flip cargo seat, and a 2-year warranty. It’s an affordable cart for neighborhood and golf course driving, selling for $8,999 on the Hisun website but exclusively available at Lowe’s.

Golf carts keep improving each year as the electric vehicle revolution sets in. Consequentially, manufacturers are pushing industrial design, and Axis is one of these guys.

If you are just beginning your search for new (or used) golf carts for sale, you might have come across the Axis Ace NV, among other popular options like Club Car and EzGo. In this review, I’ll take you through a thorough review of the Axis EV golf cart and what you should expect when you purchase this cart.

Axis Golf Cart

Axis Golf Cart


  • Battery Capacity 48V 150AH
  • Max Power 13.4 HP/RPM
  • L x W x H: 107″ x 48″ x 79.5″
  • Vehicle Weight: 1221.36 LBS

Axis Golf Cart Specifications

The distinctive details about this cart are the 43-mile driving range, 10-hour charge time, automatic CVR clutch, and foldable rear cargo bed.

But beyond these features, here are the key specifications of this cart:

Battery capacity48V 150AH
Max power13.4 HP/RMP
Max torque39.8 FT/LBS
Max speed20 MPH
TransmissionAutomatic CVT/direct drive motor
GearsReverse, neutral, and forward
Dimension size107″ x 48″ x 79.5″
Ground clearance5.3″
Front axle load410lbs
Rear axle load811lbs
Passenger capacity 4
Warranty2-year limited
Color available Coastal blue and black

Axis Golf Cart Availability

The Axis EV golf cart is also marketed as a neighborhood car. It is exclusively available at Lowe’s Hardware, the second-largest hardware chain in the United States after Home Depot.

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Hisun makes the cart, and they have a large assembly plant in McKinney, Texas; their services are available at several dealers if you need them.

Axis golf cart features

  1. The tires of this golf cart are 12 inches with a 3-inch lift, which is excellent. The tires are also built for off-road adventures, which makes them ideal for driving through golf courses.
  1. Turn signals are installed close to the steering wheel and horn.
  1. high-beam and low-beam headlights.
  1. A full windshield that separates—one folds up into the roof, and the other folds down.
  1. It has an extra two at the rear that double as a rear bed, giving it a pickup-like appearance for added storage if you don’t have four passengers. According to Axis, this bed can hold up to 400 pounds.
  1. There’s storage underneath the rear seat.
  1. The extended roof is unique because many golf carts have a top that covers only up to half the length of the Axsis EV roof. So, the extension shades the extra two passengers at the back.
  1. It has a horizontally placed mirror at the top of the roof, which gives the driver plenty of rear visibility.
  1. One large mirror on each side is also adjustable.
  1. There are four USB charging ports in total—two inside each compartment on the dashboard.
  1. Two large cup holders are also placed on the front passenger side of the dashboard.

The Appearance

The Axis golf cart is a decent-looking vehicle. There is nothing particularly grand about the unit’s appearance, but I love the extensive shade and rugged-looking tires. It’s also compact and value-packed.

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Meanwhile, it’s only available in coastal blue and black colors, which limits options for interested buyers online and for most other brands that offer customization.

The Batteries

Four AGM batteries power the Axis EV golf cart. These batteries are heavy but not as severe as six lead-acid batteries or flooded batteries. This is the part where I envy models like the Evolusion Classic 4 Plus.

Nevertheless, the batteries on the Axis golf cart are sealed and maintenance-free. The brand doesn’t have a lithium battery option yet.

I also like the charger because it automatically shuts off when the battery is full. If you’re taking a long trip, you can take advantage of this and leave the cart plugged in. Meanwhile, the cable charger is 10 inches long.

Speed and performance

In my experience, the Axis golf cart goes between 22 and 24 miles per hour at top speed. This contradicts the specification listed on Lowe’s hardware page, which is 15 miles per hour.

The ground clearance is also decent because it gives you easy access in and out of the car, especially for a person like me, who is six feet and two inches tall.

The Price 

The Axis golf cart costs $8,499 on the manufacturer’s official website. However, this is simply the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Depending on where and how you eventually get yours, destination charges, taxes, license fees, or dealer preparation can apply.

For instance, I got my Coastal Blue Axis golf cart for $9,200. I live in Brackettville, Texas. This is a decent price for a brand-new golf cart that doubles as an electric neighborhood vehicle.

Is it worth the buy?

If you’re looking for an electric neighborhood vehicle or golf cart, the Axis golf cart is worth considering. However, there’s nothing grand about this unit.

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It is good-looking and does the job of a Trike or even Yamaha, and the price point is also reasonable. The customer support is also decent; you will find this running at many dealerships. So, overall, it’s a great cart to buy if you’re looking for something average that can stand the test of time.

Let me know what you think about this golf cart in the comments.


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