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Eyeline golf makes golf training aids that are designed, in their own words to “shatter your personal best.”  With a bold proclamation like that, I had to dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

They want you to “experience the fun of improvement,” which is something that I echo when I train people on improving their golf game.

Official Website —>  EyelineGolf.com

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About Eyeline Golf

Founded by passionate golfers to create training aids to make everyone have more fun playing the sport of golf, the company boasts 15 of the top 20 players in the world use at least one of their tools in their daily practice routines.  That statement right is one that many golf brands, no matter if it’s a major company like Titleist or Callaway, simply cannot make.

The company is run by CEO Sam Froggatte, a Kansas City native who got into the game of golf during his teens.  He started as a caddy in high school in addition to being a part of the course watering crew before making his high school golf team and obtaining a scholarship to play golf at the University of Colorado.  Before getting into the golf industry as an Independent Sales Rep, he was with IBM.  Along with his son, Grant, he founded Eyeline Golf in 2002 and released the putting alignment system that he personally designed.

The company has grown to offer over 50 products that are sold globally.  Their products rank in the best putting mirrors not only with me, but with the best golfers in the world!

Popular Eyeline Golf Products

#1:  The Late Night Training System $299

Late night golf training package

Take advantage of possibly the best value in golf training aids.

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This golf training aid allows you to work on your game any time, anywhere.  It includes a bundle of the company’s top training aids that you can use in virtually anywhere.  Upgrade your golf with this popular bundle of the following products and save $125 versus purchasing them individually.

The Roll the Rock Putting Matt ($225 Value)

This is an entertainment hub that has many games of skill you can play to enhance your putting skills.  You can play this alone and work on your putting or get a competition going with friends.  The ball rolls right back to you which allows you to get in a lot of reps and it’s engineered to give you pace control.

Check Point Swing Laser System ($125 Value)

This personal swing trainer works for golfers of all skill levels to get your swing plane working to perfection.  The laser dot is traced on the path stripe, and if the dot is on the stripe, you are in the perfect swing plane.  You’ll obtain a more straight, consistent golf shot that you can work on from anywhere.

Groove Putting Mirror – ($60 Value)

This putting mirror is used by 16 of the best 20 players in the world, so why not add this to your arsenal?  Built with home training in mind, you simply lay this flat, line it up, view your lines, and gain confidence.  You can view your putter face alignment and eye position with ease with this revolutionary golf putting mirror used by the top pro’s on tour.

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Myroll 2 Color Golf Ball ($20 Value) 

When you take the perfect golf stroke the center line on the ball will go straight, it’s as simple as that.  Bring your focus using the red Impact Ball line so you can hit the ball square.  If you leave your putter face closed or open you’ll make the center line wobble, signaling you didn’t hit the ball square.  This is a very simple way to find out where your putting game currently is.

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Create a more powerful golf swing using this simple tool that you can use just minutes a day to improve your game.  Any time you swing your club at the Impact Cube, your club head will highlight any inefficiency in your swing.  As an example, I used this product and immediately found out that my hands were trailing the club when I made impact.

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As you do more reps with this product, you’ll create a swing that fully connects at impact giving you more powerful, consistent golf shots.  Eyeline Golf has a series of videos you can view that will show you many of the practice routines that will elevate your game in as little as five minutes per day.

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Overall I found Eyeline Golf products to be among the best out there for improving your golf game from anywhere, at any time.  There is a reason the company has so many top professionals using their devices to help them rack up PGA Tour wins!  And yes, I looked into it, even Phil Mickelson uses these products!

Do you really need any other endorsement?



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