Swingman Golf Review

We all love golf, including you (most not more than Mr. Phil Mickelson), but we all do. Otherwise, you would not be on this website, right? In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not as good are some aspects of my golf game as I’d like to be. In order to improve that, but seeing as I can’t afford the time I need to visit professional classes, I went online and looked for something that could possibly help me improve my swing.

Today, I share with you my Swing Man golf review. This is a product that helped me add extra distance to my drives.  I have to admit, I was skeptical, but read my full review to see why I recommend this product.

swingman golf review

Among the sea of educational programs on the internet (programs like Rotary Swing and Consistent Golf), there are several aimed at helping people become better at the various aspects of the game.

I was interested in improving my swing (manly the core fundamentals) and found such a program named the Swingman. This is a series of educational videos that promise to help you improve your swing and increase your speed.

I’ve taken a closer look at what Swingman Golf has to offer and I’ll share my findings with you. If you’re planning on using this site to get better, then great! However, do yourself a solid and find out all about it before investing cold hard cash in it. Here’s the full rundown of things and all you need to know.

What is SwingmanGolf.com?

This is a set of programs designed in such a way as to help people that have trouble with their golf swing. The programs were created by a certain Jaacob Bowden. He is a professional PGA trainer, a professional tour golfer, and a speed golfer.

According to his story, he was an average-length golfer when he was younger, and he devoted his efforts to significantly improving his skills, soon becoming a long drive champion.

With his workout regime, he was able to increase his swing speed by 37 mph in just 49 days, which is an incredible feat. He soon became a champion in the World Long Drive Championships, reached the Top 100 most popular instructors, and joined the ranks on the world’s leading swing speed training experts.

All of these efforts have prompted him to create the Swingman Golf program that was launched in 2007.

Swingman Golf Program

This program is for everyone that is looking for a way to lower their handicap score. It also promises to teach the student how to gain about 10 mph of speed with their driver swing in a matter of a month. This may sound too good to be true for most of us out there struggling with our driver swing, but I still decided to check it out and see what the fuzz is all about.

There are even more specialized training lessons that come with the promise of gaining over 30 mph of driver swing speed and in a time of only three to four months. Translated into a distance, this averages to more than 75 yards, which could be a truly amazing improvement.

The program includes additional lessons and the complete educational content the Swingman Golf program has amassed during the years. Some of these include:

  • Hit longer – A training lesson designed to help people learn how to increase their swing speed using longer drivers
  • How to lower your scorecard numbers – An explainer lesson on what people are unconsciously doing wrong and how to improve on their shots
  • The Mike Austin Video Library – A collection of with over 16 hours of video material explaining anything and everything about golf
  • 5 Years of the Monthly Handicap Improver series
  • Zero Point Golf Mental Game Training Audio Program

The initial package looks really amazing, and even though I still haven’t had the chance to go through it all yet, there is some good advice I already found there. Not to mention the really affordable price of the package, which will cost you less than $50.

swingman golf price

Additional Program Offers

During my browsing through the SwingmanGolf.com website, I saw that they not only offer good educational material, but they have some specialized tools as well that are worth checking out.

Swing Speed Radar

This is a product that is helpful to anyone working on improving the speed of their swing. Even though this is not something that will help with your swing speed, it is a measuring device that will help you follow your progress. It can be really helpful for anyone in training, as you can be motivated by your improvements.

Some of the reasons why anyone looking to improve their driver swing should invest in such a tool are explained on the Swingman Golf website and here are just a few:

  • Immediate feedback on the speed of your swing
  • Keeping your motivation and increase your level of confidence
  • Have an insight into the swings that have garnered you the desired results
  • Has a very, very affordable price and fits right in the golf bag
  • Single-button operation and proper accuracy

Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer

A Swing Speed Radar with improved options, this is a product that offers additional information about your swing. The same as with the simple Swing Speed Radar, this one also displays your swing speed, but it also shows your tempo or the time you need to make a backswing and a downswing.

This speed measuring tool is able to measure the clubhead swing speed and tempo separately or work in dual mode, toggling the display between both mods. Here are some of the things this product has going for it:

  • Speedy feedback on every swing
  • Ways to know which swing is good and keep doing that
  • Reasonable pricing for such an accurate tool
  • Small size fits in your golf bag
  • Measuring tempo from take-a-way to impact
  • Single-button operation

Sterling Irons Single Length Irons

I was mostly curious about this product when I browsed the Swingman Golf website, as I’ve noticed that some professional players have gained consistency in their game by playing single length irons.

Even though these are sold on their own website, they are worth checking out. These are designed by Jaacob Bowden, as he is also using them. Their official website has quite the extensive information about the design and fit, as well as the ball-striking advantages these bring.

Jaacob Bowden Twitter

These are available in custom-fit options, where the user gets to select his preferred shaft material, flex, weight, lie angle, and grip size. Made with high-grade materials, these clubs are assembled in the USA. I’m still waiting on the wife to allow me to buy a set, so my review could take a while.

Conclusion: Swingman Golf Will Improve Your Game

From all the things I’ve seen and read about the Swingman, I can say that this is a program worth giving a try. It is full of helpful information on how to improve your swing speed, and excel at your long driver game.

Coming from a world-renowned champion in Long Drive events, this means something. Plus, the added video material is very helpful in improving your overall game. It offers information presented in a very comprehensible way.

You can even buy a Swing Speed Radar or a Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer from their website or one of the Sterling Irons. My overall conclusion from the short time I’ve had the Swingman program I think it’s worth the money, but I’ll wait a month or so more to share my progress with you. For now, give this a shot but first read up on it more here.