Rotary Golf Swing Instruction: A Comprehensive Review

Imagine transforming your golf swing into a powerful, efficient, and consistent masterpiece. That’s the promise of the rotary golf swing instruction system. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the unique approach of the rotary golf swing, evaluate its effectiveness, and help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your golf game. Are you ready to revolutionize your swing? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • RotarySwing is an instruction system to help golfers of all levels improve their full swing game.
  • It provides a step-by-step system for improving mechanics, power and accuracy with personalized content & feedback options.
  • RotarySwing has been effective in helping users get better consistency & distance on the course, but success depends on dedication!

Introduction to RotarySwing

Rotary Swing

Chuck Quinton developed the RotarySwing system in 2006, aiming to simplify golf instruction and enhance golfers’ skills. RotarySwing prioritizes utilizing the body’s core to make the swing. This allows the small muscles and the rest of the body to work in coordination with it. Over the years, the system has grown significantly, boasting a whopping 350,000 members and a vast library of instructional videos, drills, and golf tips.

Their most viewed YouTube video, posted in September 2006, analyzes Tiger Woods’ swing and impact position. From free content available to everyone to premium lessons for paid members, RotarySwing offers a comprehensive approach to golf instruction. As a former paid member of RotarySwing in 2017, the author of this review has firsthand experience with the system and its effectiveness.

Who Can Benefit from RotarySwing?

Golfers of all levels, from beginners to mid-handicappers or those favoring a technical approach, find the RotarySwing system useful. The method emphasizes core movements, aiming to develop a simple, repeatable, and safe swing. With key elements such as:

  • pulling the trail shoulder to the right
  • creating and maintaining leverage for power
  • setting up and balancing
  • staying consistent

With the right ball, a golfer can expect significant improvements in their game.

However, it’s worth noting that the main focus of RotarySwing is on the full swing. While it does offer a variety of instructional videos, golfers looking for extensive guidance on putting or short game techniques might find the system lacking in these areas.

Getting Started with RotarySwing

Golfers can initiate their RotarySwing journey by choosing either a free or paid membership. The free membership grants access to some content and a few videos, offering a glimpse into the systematic approach of RotarySwing. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the system and decide if it aligns with your learning style.

Those choosing a paid membership would incur a cost of $47 monthly or $197.97 annually. With this investment, golfers unlock access to a wealth of instructional videos, drills, and swing analysis resources. Additionally, paid members can purchase swing reviews for personalized feedback on their swing, further enhancing their learning experience.

Navigating the RotarySwing Platform

The RotarySwing website is organized into different sections of the full golf swing, known as the “Rotary Swing – Tour Swing”. By following this structure, golfers can progressively learn and apply the concepts taught in the instructional videos and drills.

In addition to the main content, the website features bonus sections dedicated to hitting the driver, golf fitness, and faults and fixes. This supplementary material helps golfers address specific areas of concern and further refine their skills, contributing to audience engagement and site enrichment. Moreover, this approach positively impacts engagement and site statistics while helping to maintain Google services. By offering personalized content and ads, the website ensures a tailored experience for its users and helps protect against spam fraud and abuse. To further enhance user experience and use cookies and data, the website may show personalized ads depending on user preferences and browsing history. Utilizing site statistics to understand user behavior is essential for continuous improvement and better audience engagement. The search functionality also allows users to easily navigate through the wealth of information available on the site.

Golfers can optimize the RotarySwing system’s benefits by:

  • Gradually working through the content
  • Regularly submitting their swing for review
  • Practicing most drills in the comfort of their own home, often without even needing to swing a club

With around 10 hours of video tutorials available on their YouTube channel, golfers have plenty of resources to watch and improve their swing, depending on your settings.

The AXIOM System & DEAD Drill Explained

The AXIOM system, a crucial component of RotarySwing instruction, offers multiple services to assist golfers in improving their game. Utilizing the AXIOM system can lead to better swing mechanics, increased power, and greater accuracy, making for a high-quality golf experience.

An integral part of the AXIOM system is the DEAD Drill, a golf instruction drill that breaks down the golf swing into six simple steps. The DEAD Drill Learning System guides golfers through phases that cover:

  1. The basics of consistent straight shots
  2. Maximum power with minimal effort
  3. Proper grip and alignment
  4. Correct body rotation and weight transfer
  5. Timing and tempo
  6. Follow-through and finish

By mastering these phases, golfers can systematically improve their swings and gain better control over their shots.

Golfers who have used the AXIOM system and DEAD Drill have praised them as the “Holy Grail” of golf instruction. Richard from the USA, for instance, claimed to have played better than ever after trying the AXIOM system. The effectiveness of these components makes a one-month membership well worth the investment.

Real-Life Impact of RotarySwing

The RotarySwing system has had a positive impact on many golfers’ games. The author of this review experienced significant improvements in their consistency and distance, particularly with the driver. The system helped them feel more confident and in control on the golf course, even leading them to think, “Golf is easy!”.

As with any golf instruction method, the success of RotarySwing is largely dependent on the golfer’s effort and commitment. To truly reap the benefits, it’s essential to consistently engage with the drills, follow the step-by-step system, and remain committed to the learning process.

Rotary Swing Dead Swing

Challenges and Limitations of RotarySwing

Even though the RotarySwing system has numerous advantages, it does come with certain limitations. For instance, it primarily focuses on the full swing, leaving golfers seeking comprehensive guidance on short game techniques, putting, and course management strategies unsatisfied. Users have expressed a desire for more in-depth instruction and drills to improve their short game skills, including chipping, pitching, and putting.

Moreover, some golfers may face challenges when attempting to focus on body movements from the center, diagnosing and fixing swing faults, or adjusting their golf setup position to influence clubhead speed and swing faults. These challenges highlight the importance of dedication, consistency, and patience in achieving success with the RotarySwing system.

Success Stories from RotarySwing Users

The success stories from RotarySwing users are a testament to the system’s effectiveness. From average golfers to professionals like Billy Horschel from the PGA Tour, many have experienced significant improvements in their swing and overall game through the RotarySwing method.

The website features a collection of success stories and before-and-after videos, showcasing the remarkable progress made by golfers who have invested time and effort into the RotarySwing system. These testimonials provide valuable insight into the real-life impact of the method and inspire other golfers to embark on their own journey towards swing perfection. Additionally, they help measure audience engagement, ensuring the content resonates with viewers.

Is RotarySwing Worth It?

Upon assessing the different facets of the RotarySwing system, it is apparent that it can be extremely beneficial for those dedicated to the learning process. The focus on core movements, structured approach, and wealth of instructional content make it a valuable resource for golfers looking to improve their swing and overall game.

Yet, it is important to recognize the system’s limitations like the absence of exhaustive short game instruction. Ultimately, the decision to invest in RotarySwing will depend on individual preferences and learning styles. For those who resonate with the system’s approach and are willing to commit the time and effort required, RotarySwing may just be the key to unlocking their full golfing potential.


In conclusion, the RotarySwing golf instruction system offers a unique, structured approach to learning and improving the golf swing. With a focus on core movements and a wealth of instructional content, the system has helped thousands of golfers enhance their game and achieve greater consistency, power, and accuracy.

While the system does have some limitations, particularly regarding short game instruction, its effectiveness for those who commit to the learning process cannot be denied. If you’re seeking a systematic and comprehensive approach to improving your golf swing, the RotarySwing system may be the perfect fit for you. Swing your way to success and revolutionize your golf game today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rotational golf swing?

A rotational golf swing is designed for more athletic players who are able to use their stronger muscles to generate power, resulting in a full body rotation for every shot.

Why can’t I rotate in golf swing?

Not having the right wrist motion and clubface position can prevent your body from rotating correctly in the golf swing, resulting in timing or rotation issues.

Who is the founder of the RotarySwing system?

Chuck Quinton is the founder and creator of the revolutionary RotarySwing system.

What is the cost of a paid membership for RotarySwing?

A paid membership for RotarySwing costs $47 per month or $197.97 annually, providing an affordable way to access all their amazing features.

What is the AXIOM system, and how does it help golfers improve their swing?

The AXIOM system is an essential part of RotarySwing golf instruction that helps golfers improve their swing mechanics, increase power, and gain greater accuracy.