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For a while now, we have pretty much all gotten used to going online and looking for one thing or another. There is an unwritten rule that for everything we need, the Internet most definitely has an answer. That holds true when it comes to perfecting our golf game too. This “resource center” has been transformed into an indispensable wealth of crazy information about everything we can imagine.

You need something – go online. Find someone – search online. Learn something new thing – look online. That includes educational content for many different sports, golf included. For the skeptics out there that think it’s impossible to learn how to improve your golf skills by watching an instructional video online, I’m about to prove you wrong.

Below I bring you a review of the website, an online resource where people can find all kinds of educational content on many things golf-related. Trust me, Rotary Swing is pretty amazing.

Rotary Swing

The Rotary Swing Golf Site Review

Here are some fun facts about this site… was founded in 2004, by a man named Chuck Quinton. Chuck has worked as a golfing instructor at the Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado (for years).

He founded the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Orlando. Mr Quinton is also an author of a golf instructional book and a series of instructional DVD videos, which only solidify his credentials as being a professional.

Needless to say, he’s done a lot of things golf-related!

As for, the website has a simple, elegant design, with a welcoming image of a swinging golfer. The website’s motto is also a catchy one – One Drill – One Result, pointing to the simplicity of the lessons offered here and the promise of improved results.

The navigation through the site is easy and simple, with several menus that bring to you all kinds of information about golf. There are detailed articles that explain a lot about the biomechanics of the golf swing, all the way to how our brains learn and take in all the knowledge.

If before and after stuff is your thing, there are many before-and-after examples of students that only serve to prove the efficacy of this program.

The great thing I discovered here is Chuck’s golf swing analysis. It’s a really cool opportunity where you send the site a video of your swing and a professional RST Certified Golf instructor analyzes it. They then provide you with detailed, personalized advice on how to improve your swing.

The website also lists all the programs they have available. These are divided by DEAD drills, steps, and courses and have detailed explanations of each aspect of the drill. Unfortunately, these are not available for everyone but require a sign-in. This leads me to the next step in my review of the website – the memberships.

I’m a big proponent of paying for upgraded experiences and online golf lessons are no exception to this rule. Memberships are exclusive and they give you an edge, so worth getting IMHO.

I will say, if you are a Senior golfer, the Simple Senior Swing System is the product you want to get as it’ll simplify your game.  This was designed exclusively for Senior golfers (40+.)

Membership Options

To be able to watch the instructional videos on the site, you will be prompted to make an account and log in. The Rotary Swing website offers two types of memberships: a free and a paid membership, but you are required to create a user account for both. Here’s what you get with each…

Free Membership

This is the basic option you get, and with it come just a few perks. There is limited free content in the form of short videos and only one free video golf swing analysis. I actually think that this serves only as a teaser so you are tempted to buy the paid membership.

In my opinion, the free membership is good only for beginners that need to cover only the basics, as this is the only thing it offers.

Paid Membership

The paid membership comes in two options: a monthly membership and annual membership. Depending on which payment plan is better for you, you can opt for either one. The monthly membership will cost you a little more in the long run.

But, if you are not that into golf and are only interested in learning a couple of new things, this is the one for you. The financially-favorable option is the annual membership, which will cost you less than $20/month, but you’ll have to pay the full yearly fee in advance.

Rotary Swing Dead Swing

Every member with a paid membership plan has a lot of perks and gets access to the complete list of DEAD drills and lessons. The members also get the option to have two golf swing videos analyzed per month. I did try to submit a video for analysis and got an excellent response a few days later, so it should not be a troublesome effort for anybody to give it a try.

The instructional videos are detailed and are not boring or tedious. Everything is on the point, so it is easy to watch and you will learn a lot. There are additional videos that are only available to paying members with advice on the most common mistakes we do in golf and are not even aware of, and how to fix them.

Additional Options

For anyone that is not interested in becoming a member, there is the option to only get your golf swing evaluated by a pro, of course, for a fee. There are several payment options, like a single review, a package review and a review by Chuck Quinton himself.

There is also an Unlimited Review option with the different coaches available on the site, which, depending on the coach you select, will cost you quite the buck.

The Videos

The DEAD drill learning system is structured in such a way as to cover each aspect of the golf swing. The videos are divided into six core lessons and edited to be up to eight minutes long, so they don’t become lengthy and confusing.

There are additional vids where necessary, so any topic that might seem confusing to you is broken down to the tiniest details imaginable. However, the videos are more devoted to perfecting the golf swing, and a little attention is paid to the other aspects of the game. is basically an online golf school, so as such; it is in the interest of the teachers to sell lessons. But from what I’ve seen, Chuck and the other teachers are really committed to showing to their students how to improve their golf swing and how to prevent serious injuries. I’ve read the testimonials from satisfied students which only confirmed my last point.

Is There Value?

I know a lot of people that have picked up a hobby and learned a lot about it by watching instructional videos on the Internet. Is golf one of them? I can’t be certain, so I’ll leave it at that. But to be completely clear, I truly believe that we are able to learn a lot by watching an instructional video online.

Where some people can learn by watching, others need a more hands-on approach. The videos are detailed in their explanations, so even if you are a person that learns better with a hands-on approach, I bet you will learn a thing or two about how to improve your golf swing.


For anyone that has little to no time to visit a golf school, but still wants to learn all about the golf swing, is a great online resource to do so. The video lessons provided here are made in a systematic way and they flow from one to the next, covering all the basic steps necessary for a great golf swing. Plus, you can watch them any time, any place and repeat them as many times as you need.

A great thing, although a little on the expensive side is their video golf swing analysis. I believe that anyone who is interested in improving their golf swing can at least try this option and get their swing analyzed by a world-famous golf instructor.

Opt for a free membership if you are only in it for the basics, while the paid membership will offer a crazy amount of knowledge. Perhaps so much that you feel like you’re golfing like a lucrative PGA pro.

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