Consistent Golf Review

Looking to learn from pros like Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson? Just starting out? Thinking of picking up golf? Whatever it is, this might help. Heck, maybe you’ve played at those miniature golf amusement parks preferred by young couples as a first date kind of thing. You’ve really grown to love the game. Well, to really hit it off on the green, you will need a proper golf education.

In the true spirit of the 21st century, the natural thing to do is check online for a suitable golf school. What you will surely stumble upon is the Consistent Golf School aka The following article is a review of this online golf school. Let’s waste no more time and dive right in.

consistent golf school review

Consistent Golf: Acquire Ball Striking Skills Online?

Apparently, you can. Well, that’s what the Consistent Golf School founder Jeff Richmond thinks, at least. Jeff is a professional golfer and an experienced golf teacher with over 25 years of experience in the field.

He was inspired by one of the greatest golfers of all time, Ben Hogan, and after extensively studying his playing style; he has said that he created the program which is supposed to discover the secret of being a consistent golfer.

That is the basic premise behind the Consistent Golf School. The actual course is, however, more complex than my simple definition. Read on as I explain what the program includes.

The Program

To be eligible to use the program, you will first need to get the details of signing up and paying for your membership out of the way. Only after your payment is made, you will get access to the program.

The program creator has designed this as a five-step learning course. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, as each course is adjusted per the student’s needs.

Once enrolled, the students are prompted to state what they consider to be their weak areas as well as what the strong skills in their golf game are. After this, the students are ready to start learning and address their weak spots throughout the course.

Five-Step Educational Course

The Consistent Golf School program is actually a set of videos that the student follows and works according to the instructions outlined in there. Surprisingly, this course is very reasonably priced, with a one-time payment of less than $20 you get complete access to everything this school has to offer. Here is a basic outline of the five steps this online golf course offers:

  • Step 1

The student first needs to rank their strengths and weaknesses. There are four sections of ranking: long game, short game, putting and mental preparedness. The students need to be honest and realistic in their rankings, as this is a crucial step for the success of the course.

  • Step 2

Based on the rankings provided in Step 1, the program will give each student specialized training lessons that are intended to help with improving the weakest areas.

  • Step 3

More specialized training lessons will be added so each student can further improve the weakest areas of their golf game.

  • Step 4

Planning how the student should go about and stay on the new level they’ve achieved and how to improve on their newly acquired knowledge.

  • Step 5

Analyzing the abilities and going back to Step 1 and ranking the strongest and weakest aspects of the golf game, this time with a new weakest spot, effectively starting the program all over again.

Real Benefits and Improved Game

The Consistent Golf School program is very nicely organized, as I can see. The educational courses actually focus on improving the weaknesses of the student, and it helps students overcome these weaknesses and become better.

There is no time limit or age limit. Once enrolled in the program, anyone gets lifetime access, so they can use the educational content to become better at their golf game. Also, anyone, no matter how young or old can join and start learning more about golf.

It does not matter if you are only a beginner or are a seasoned player if you feel like you are lacking in your game, you are welcomed to try this program.

What I found particularly interesting about it is that they have specialized courses for every aspect of the golf game. Where someone may excel at the long game, they have a poor putting game, and this program helps them in the area where they need it the most.

The mental game is a very important part of the whole golf game. While someone may consider they are mentally ready, nerves can be tricky little buggers, which can lead to a poor game. Since golf is generally a game played slowly, the mental game has a big part in the victory or loss. This program has a great section about mastering your emotions and thus helps you refine your golf game.

stress free consistent golf swing

Consistent Golf School Pros and Cons

I’ve been looking at this program and have noticed some good pros and found some things I consider cons. You need to remember that these are only my opinions, and you don’t have to agree with me.


  • Lifetime membership with complete access to each training course
  • Video format – you can watch the lessons at a time and place of your convenience
  • Fair price and a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Additional bonus material, online support, and free e-book


  • Wait time for responses on any inquiry
  • Large video size, you will need a high-quality connection

Conclusion: Consistent Golf School Helps You Improve

The Internet is full of resources for anyone that is interested in learning something new or improving on their abilities. So, it’s no shocker to me that the Consistent Golf School offers a really good online program for learning how to golf.

A program based on identifying and improving on the weaknesses in the game is what many people like me actually needed. Additionally, there is the small (reasonable) signup fee that many can stomach and a risk-free money-back guarantee.

This Guarantee makes this program very appealing for anyone interested in learning how to do better on the course. Look, if you’re planning on driving further for show and sinking more putts for dough, then this is your online training.

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