Jones Trouper R Golf Bag Review

Jones Trouper R Golf Bag Review


The Jones Trouper R golf bag has a lightweight design. Its durable construction and ample storage space have attracted the praise of many golfers. However, the lack of full-length dividers and X-harness carry straps are areas to frown at. Still, Trouper R remains an excellent choice for golfers prioritizing portability, functionality, and a minimalist aesthetic.

I’ve been a fan of the Jones Sports Company even before they rolled out the Utility Trouper 2.0 golf bag two years ago. Unlike Sun Mountain or Callaway, the Jones Golf Bag brand has constantly introduced something fresh with new products, which has interested me in every newly released bag.

In this article, I will walk you through the features of the Utility Trouper R golf bag, how it performs on golf courses, its significant pros and cons, and other relevant areas to help you decide if it’s worth your consideration.

Jones Trouper R Golf Bag Specifications Summary

  • Water-resistant, recycled F35-R ripstop fabric
  • 11″ x 7″, 5-way top (fits 14 clubs even with oversized grips)
  • 7 Pockets
  • Large insulated front cooler pocket
  • 2 Fleece-lined valuable compartments
  • It comes with a Rain Hood
  • 36” in length
  • Double shoulder straps are longer to allow maximum comfort
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Available in 12 color options: Clay Green, Moon Gray, Greyson, Sienna. White, Olive, Navy Pink, Sonoma, Le Creme, Fern, Black, and Charcoal.
  • Price: $280

Jones Trouper R

Jones Trouper R Golf Bag


  • JTR golf bags are lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comfortable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry for long distances
  • Minimalistic approach with clean aesthetics

Functionality and Performance

The Trouper R is an improvement from the previous version in many ways. However, the prominent areas of advancement that make the golf bag stand out are the dividers, pockets, carry straps, and built-in features that are not present in most other competitors or even Jone’s previous models.

1. The Dividers

The Jones Trouper R golf bag features five dividers: one for the wedges at the bottom, two in the middle for your irons, and one above the irons compartment for woods. The manufacturer also included one divider for the putter well, which, in my opinion, is wide enough. At least I don’t get to mash my headcover each time, as I do in my Sun Mountain Sync Golf Cart Bag.

2. The Pockets

One exciting thing about the Jones Trouper R golf bag is the storage space in the large side pocket.

You can put a rain cover, jacket, or pullover in this side pocket. I also love the secret zipper that allows you access to the bottom of the bag. Sometimes, you can mistakenly drop stuff into the top, and this pocket is functional.

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Also, on the side, you have two softly lined pockets allowing you to store other valuables, such as your wallet, keys, rangefinder, and so on,  while on the golf course.

First side pocketA pretty large area outside the cooler pocket as well, so there is no shortage of roomThe idea for putting golf balls but can also accommodate other items
Second side pocketFeatures a small mesh stretchy piece at the bottom to prevent items from sliding out. However, it’s not an open spot in the bag.I noticed it’s probably easy to zip open/close, so it’s perfect for storing water bottles. You get easy access to water while walking or golfing.
Medium side pocketThe main pocket for versatile storage functionalityItems like your extra gloves, sunscreen, and practice items can fit into the medium-side pocket of the Jones Trouper R.
Cooler pocketThis is an insulation-lined pocket where you can prevent items from melting on a hot day at the golf course, but it also doubles as a shared storage space.I find it the perfect place to store various snacks and drinks that I’ll later eat after a few games.

3. The Carry Straps

If you’re familiar with Jones, you’ll agree that they have repeated the left-arm design of the carry strap on all variant bags. However, they did something different with the Trouper R model.

The right one is shaped differently so that you can use it as a one-strap carry or a backpack style.

I prefer the backpack style, and I also like that the straps on the Trouper are satisfactorily padded. But they did too much on the thickness, giving a little away for comfort. But it does a better job than most other golf bags (whispers: Ping 4 Series). The Adjustment of the strap is also seamless. No complaints.

Unlike previous versions, the Jones Trouper R model also allows another small bag to be clipped on externally, allowing external storage for items.

4. The built-in carabiner

The Jones Trouper R comes with a built-in carabiner. This presents a place for storing items like a range finder, towel, brush, divot tool, or an extra ball when riding. But it’s also another testament that the brand was intent on solving the storage space issue many golf bags have failed to address in the last few years.

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5. The legs

When picking a golf bag, one of the features that makes it a 10 is the legs. They must be stable, solid, durable, and easy to snap in and out of. Fortunately, these are the attributes of the Jones Trouper R golf bag legs.

The bag also has an umbrella slide-in compartment, and the other handles are well-placed.

6. The Appearance

The Trouper R has the typical Jones fashion: a minimal approach to design and not a screaming billboard (which is good for players who do not like extravagant flaunting or advertising of the brand). The logo is also minimal.

They also offer affordable customization options to personalize the bag’s look to your preferences.

The new “R” bags are also made with recycled material, which makes them easier to sell.

It is available in twelve excellent colors with little to no branding.

  • Clay Green
  • Moon Gray
  • Greyson
  • Sienna
  • White
  • Olive
  • Navy Pink
  • Sonoma
  • Le Creme
  • Fern
  • Black
  • Charcoal.

Jones R Trouper Pros and Cons

Lightweight and easy to carryLimited storage space compared to larger bags
Sleek and stylish designSingle strap design may not suit everyone’s taste
Durable constructionLimited color options
Comfortable shoulder strapLack of full-length dividers for club organization
Easy access to pockets and valuablesNot suitable for golfers who prefer cart use
Ideal for walking golfersAbsence of stand legs
Quality materials and craftsmanshipLimited customization options
Minimalistic approach with clean aestheticsHigher price point compared to basic golf bags

What are golfers saying about the Jones Trouper R?

Jones has earned the high-quality title with their Utility golf bags, so the Trouper R is no surprise other than a fantastic alternative to the other big names currently dominating the market.

After combing several review metrics and customer ratings, I observed that most players who use the Trouper R are raving about the many pocket combinations and the practicality of the drawstring or magnetic pouch.

However, I did notice that the carry straps appeared to be the most talked-about issue with the Trouper R. While it has two straps, some players don’t find it as comfortable as some carry-on bags.

But the praise outweighs the criticism. On Amazon alone, about 80 percent of golfers who have purchased the Jones Trouper R are satisfied with the material, construction, functionality, and performance.  Meanwhile, reservations about carry straps are expressed in the cross-section of golf bag communities.

Comparison of Jones Trouper R With Alternatives

On many occasions, the Jones Trouper R has been placed head-to-head with the PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag, chiefly because the latter compensates for where the Trouper R lags. But we should remind ourselves that there’s no perfect product out there.

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I have used so many golf bags over the years that I’ve lost count. But the top three bags I can say serve as worthy alternatives are:

  • Vessel Player IV Pro
  • PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag
  • Stitch Golf SL2 Bag

Vessel Player IV Pro

Vessel Player IV Pro

Vessel Player IV Pro

Product Specs

  • SPECS: Material: Premium Synthetic Leather
  • Top Diameter: 10.5″
  • Weight: Approximately 5.5 lbs
  • Divider System: 6-way top with full-length dividers
  • Pockets: 10
  • Insulated Cooler Pocket: Yes
  • Towel Ring: Yes
  • Umbrella Sleeve: Yes
  • Rain Hood: Included
  • Integrated Handle: Yes
  • Multiple Color Options

Regarding the luxury feel and premium materials, the Vessel Player IV Pro gets mentioned a lot. However, the Trouper R outshines it when it comes to a lightweight bag.

The golf bag features a nylon rain hood, which packs much smaller and is lighter than the standard ones but still lands on the heavier side of the divide.

PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag

PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag

PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag

  • Stand Type: 4-way top with anti-flex walls
  • Number of Dividers: 4
  • Weight: Approximately 5.5 pounds
  • Strap System: Dual shoulder straps with cushioned pads
  • Pockets: 12 total pockets, including an apparel pocket, water bottle pocket, range finder pocket, and valuables pocket
  • Rain Hood: Included
  • Umbrella Holder: Yes
  • Velcro Glove Attachment: Yes

The PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag is infamous for its divider issues. I also have reservations about the ease of getting the clubs in and out of the bag. But the bag has practical features that make life on the golf course easier.

It has very comfortable shoulder straps, sturdy build quality, looks and feels premium, and even plenty of thoughtful touches you may not find in the Trouper R. However, the 2.5-gram weight of the Ping Hoofer is too heavy for a stand bag, and it’s not waterproof.

Stitch Golf SL2 Bag

Stitch Golf SL2 Bag

Stitch Golf SL2 Bag

Product Specs

  • SPECS: Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Top Diameter: 10″
  • Number of Dividers: 4
  • Pockets: 8 total pockets
  • Cooler Pocket: Yes
  • Strap System: Dual strap with foam padding
  • Stand: Yes, with a non-slip base
  • Removable Logo Panel: Yes

The Stitch Golf SL2 Bag boasts premium materials, excellent craftsmanship, and a sleek design. It offers abundant storage space, including multiple pockets and compartments. The bag also features a comfortable, ergonomic strap system and full-length dividers to protect your clubs. However, it is a bit heavier compared to the Trouper R.

On the other hand, the Jones Trouper R golf bag stands out for its lightweight construction and minimalist aesthetic. It is straightforward to carry and features comfortable shoulder straps. The Trouper R may have fewer pockets compared to the SL2 Bag, but it compensates with its durability and simplicity.

The Jones Trouper R will be an excellent choice if you prioritize lightweight portability and a minimalist design. However, if you value premium materials, extensive storage, and organizational features, the Stitch Golf SL2 Bag might be your better option.

My Final Opinion

Overall, I love what Jones did in Trouper R. They have redefined what it means to have a golf bag with ‘enough’ storage space for golf essentials and other valuables.

It’s a great blend of clean looks and a perfect utilitarian style, just like the name of its lineup.  Also, not every player wants to be a walking golf bag advertisement. So I love the minimal design of this bag.

Would I repurchase one?

Yes, and I can recommend someone hunting for the best golf bag to buy this Trouper R. However, deep down, I frown at the carry straps because they are tricky to use as X-harnesses. But if you’re okay slinging it over one shoulder, there’s no issue.

I also see no reason why this product shouldn’t be ranked in the top ten.


Kevin Stone

Kevin is a gold addict playing off of an 11 handicap. A Midwest native, he works on his game 2-3 times per week, even in the winter! When he's not golfing, he enjoys cigars, libations, and watching the PGA Tour.