Bombtech 3.0 Driver Review

Bombtech 3.0 Driver Review: Is It Worth The Buy?


The Bombtech Golf 3.0 Driver is not a winner on all levels, but golfers who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a driver but want something that can hit the ball far down the fairway will find this product satisfactory. This is not for you if you wish for an adjustable name-brand golf club. After testing, I realized that the BombTech 3.0 Driver is a moderately priced iron for game improvement—nothing more, nothing less.

In 2019, I first stumbled on PGA Golf professional Andrew Ainsworth’s video about the Bombtech 3.0 driver. My first impression about this driver was that it’s not for everyone. Any player would easily get attracted by the neon/lime green and matte black design, but there’s more than meets the eye.

We spend thousands of dollars (if not more) to use golf clubs produced by the big brands. But with a $397 (now $157) price point,  BombTech stormed the market with its premium driver and wood offering. But the real question is: does it compete with the powerful golf driver brands? You’ll find out in this review.

Bombtech 3.0


  • The Bombtech is evenly distributed and allows you to take huge swings without exerting power.
  • Provides a large sound upon impact.
  • Affordable option

Key Specifications of the BombTech 3.0 Driver Club Head

Face MaterialTitanium
Head Weight200 grams
Face Angle1* closed
Hosel Depth38mm
Hosel Diameter0.335”
Lie59 degrees
DexterityRight Handed

The Design

Head-wise, the driver has three non-adjustable weights: one in the heel, one in the toe, and one in the back, which, according to the manufacturer, increase forgiveness, reduce off-center hits, and lower spin.

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The unsupported face design increases COR (coefficient of restitution) across the entire face, and there’s a more prominent sweet spot resulting from a deeper CG and higher MOI.

It also features a generous sole radius that allows the club head to ease through versatile turf conditions.

The shaft options

Bombtech 3.0 uses a premium shaft. The manufacturer doesn’t specify who makes it, but it’s offered in only two models: a 9-degree stiff and a 10.5-degree regular.

The shaft has a torn velvet-style grip that is low-girdled with the Bombtech logos. Here are the shaft specifications:

Kick pointMid
WeightRegular 54 G, Stiff 56
Driver Length45.75 inches

The Appearance

Regarding golf club design, I’ve always leaned towards a more minimalist approach, and that’s exactly what BombTech has embraced.

The face of the driver shares the same black color as the crown and features lime green paint in the grooves. This combination effectively frames the ball, providing a visually pleasing setup, which is ultimately what matters most.

The crown of the 3.0 Grenade driver sports an intriguing choice of matte black, in contrast to the reflective black finish on the club’s sole. Opting for matte black has advantages; it significantly reduces glare compared to the matte white and reflective black crowns I’ve tested.

Surprisingly, the crown has no alignment aid, and I’m fine with that. I’ve always preferred subtle alignment aids like TaylorMade’s discreet “T” logo.

Switching to a driver without an alignment aid posed no challenges for me. If anything, it compelled me to focus even more on ensuring the face was square and adequately aligned, but I can say this for other players.

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I also appreciate that BombTech doesn’t copy TaylorMade or Adams by incorporating significant, ostentatious markings and shapes to assist with alignment.

Frankly, I’m not convinced that such embellishments serve any purpose besides appearing garish.

The Performance

The grip of the Bombtech 3.0 driver is solid. I also like the light and balanced feel. Unlike quite a few drivers from big names I’ve tested in the past, the weight of the Bombtech feels very evenly distributed, allowing me to take big swings without exerting power.

I mainly compared my performance with the Bombtech 3.0 and TaylorMade drivers. The result of my few shots summarizes that the Bombtech driver gave me the highest ball flight, and the margin differences were apparent.

However, the lack of adjustment proved to be a hitch in my game.

Since there were no hosel adjustments, no weights to move around, and no sole plate to tinker with, it was hard to get precise shot preferences.

The sound was also a problem. I used to think my Cally Epic Flash SZ had a loud sound upon impact, but the Bombtech 3.0 driver does worse.

Nevertheless, the unique selling point of this driver, in terms of performance and Playability, has to be consistency.

You will enjoy the straightness of your shots. And considering the affordable price points, this is easily among the best starter sets for any player. You could replace them quickly.

The 60-day on-course guarantee

Speaking of replacement, another notable aspect of considering this driver is that the manufacturer not only gives you a golf driver and a free three wood for less than the price of a retail driver, but a 60-day guarantee also backs it.

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This gives the impression that they are confident you will love the product. Bombtech Golf claims to have sold over 670,000 clubs with a return rate of less than 5%!

So there’s a lot of pessimism here.

Pros and Cons of the Bombtech 3.0 Driver

It performs well and will effortlessly stand out from the crowdNo adjustability, unlike other drivers on the market
It has a loud sound upon impact, which can be a good thing.It hits a little high for a 10.5-degree driver
It is incredibly affordable, thus a budget-friendly optionThe high-pitched sound can be unpleasant

In Summary

I have realized that not all golfers will be comfortable throwing money into golf equipment made by a new brand name, no matter how “affordable” the items may be.

But Bombtech has been on the market for a long time, and its 3.0 golf driver has attracted colorful reviews.

Overall, the Bombtech Golf 3.0 driver is a decent option if you’re looking for a great club without any gadgetry that will get the job done and deliver distance. This “game improvement driver” is also a fantastic option for budget-conscious players.

The aesthetic and purchase guarantee is appealing and live up to the hype of their advertisement. However,  after repeatedly testing this driver, I find it difficult to pinpoint where Bombtech Grenade 3.0 outperforms the significant brand drivers in the market.


Kevin Stone

Kevin is a gold addict playing off of an 11 handicap. A Midwest native, he works on his game 2-3 times per week, even in the winter! When he's not golfing, he enjoys cigars, libations, and watching the PGA Tour.