What Pros Use Evnroll Putters


Evnroll putters have become popular among professional golfers like Tommy Fleetwood, Zac Blair, and Ian Poulter. The fact that these pros choose Evnroll highlights the effectiveness and appeal of these putters, demonstrating the brand’s recognition and acceptance in professional golf.


Selecting the right putter has become increasingly complex in today’s golf world, given the vast array of options available. Among the many choices, Evnroll putters stand out as a compelling option. Considering that nearly 40% of a golfer’s shots occur on the putting green, finding the right putter cannot be overstated. This is evident on the PGA Tour, where the precision and performance of Evnroll putters have gained recognition, making them a focal point for those seeking to improve their short game.


If you want an Evnroll putter but are curious to know if any pro golfers are using it, you’ll get the answer and more in this article.

Evnroll Putters Construction and Technology

The precision and advanced technology of Evnroll putters have greatly impacted my approach to improving my putting performance. One standout feature is the SweetFace, which has variable-width channel technology. It significantly reduces the dispersion of mis-hit putts and ensures consistent distance control. This intricate design guides the golf ball toward its target on off-center hits and enhances energy transfer, improving my overall putting experience.


The strategically designed channels in Evnroll putters, wider in the center and gradually narrowing towards the heel and toe in a V-shape, have personalized my putting journey. This intentional calibration redirects my putts off the sweet spot, ensuring smooth travel along the target line. The increasing spacing between channels away from the center provides a larger surface area for higher energy transfer, showcasing Evnroll’s dedication to consistency. This feature resonates deeply with my quest for precision in putting.


Evnroll’s commitment to personalization continues with various hosel options in the V-Series model. There are six putter heads with four interchangeable hosels, including long slant, long plumber, short plumber, and short slant. This allows me to tailor my putter to correct various putting strokes according to my preferences.


The Midlock putting grip, a thoughtful addition, caters specifically to my choice of arm-locking the putter. It reduces shaft lean, encourages a one-piece takeaway with the shoulders, and minimizes wrist movement, providing me with a personalized touch for optimal control and stability.


The Gravity Grip, a breakthrough in putter grip technology, has further enhanced my connection with the putter. It is crafted from super lightweight EVA foam and features a 70-gram steel shaft running 1/2 inch below the grip. This design allows my hands to feel the precise angle of the putter face, connecting them with the putter head for a square impact before and after contact. This underscores Evnroll’s commitment to elevating my overall experience through innovative features tailored to my preferences.

Pro Golfers Who Are Using the Evnroll Putters

Evnroll putters offer golfers a reliable tool to enhance their short game, boost confidence, and potentially improve their scores. Despite being more expensive, the advanced technology and endorsements justify the investment for those seeking consistent and precise putting on the greens. Here are some notable pros who use the Evnroll putters:

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  • Brandt Snedeker: A seasoned veteran on the PGA Tour, Brandt Snedeker has made a name for himself with his precision putting. Known for his accuracy and consistency, Snedeker switched to an Evnroll putter and experienced positive results. These putters are designed with innovative technology to enhance roll consistency and minimize mishits, making them popular among pros like Snedeker.


  • Lydia Ko: Among the top female golfers globally, Lydia Ko has also embraced the Evnroll putter. Her short-game prowess is well documented, and the Evnroll putter has become integral to her toolkit. The combination of feel, alignment aids, and performance benefits has contributed to her confidence in the greens.


  • Tommy Fleetwood: Tommy Fleetwood, a prominent figure on the European Tour, has added Evnroll putters to his collection. Fleetwood’s precision and accuracy on the greens have been crucial to his success in various tournaments. One of Fleetwood’s preferred choices is the Evnroll ER5 Hatchback putter, known for its high performance, adjustable weights, and distinctive alignment features. What sets Fleetwood apart is his adaptability, as he has even experimented with a unique putter purchased on eBay for £90, showing his willingness to explore different options.


  • Zac Blair: Zac Blair, a well-known player on the PGA Tour, openly supports Evnroll putters. Blair is recognized for his exceptional putting skills and has used the Evnroll ER1TS model during tournaments. Choosing this particular Evnroll putter likely contributes to Blair’s proficiency on the greens, ultimately aiding his success in professional golf.


  • Ian Poulter: Ian Poulter, famous for his charismatic and enigmatic presence on the golf course, has consistently used Evnroll putters since 2018. Poulter’s commitment to the armlock putting technique has made him a formidable force on the greens. Carrying the Evnroll Tour ER putter in his bag, Poulter benefits from the SIK Pro C-Series Armlock putter, allowing him to control his arc effectively. The patented Descending Loft Technology ensures a consistent launch, regardless of the strike location on the putter’s face.

What Evnroll Putter Length Do Pros Use?

According to the PGA of America, the average PGA Tour player, typically around 6 feet tall, tends to use a putter of 33.5 inches. This is notably shorter than the standard putter length of 35 inches.


A golfer’s height often influences putter length. For instance, the standard recommendations suggest that a 33-inch putter is suitable for golfers between 5’2″ and 5’4″, while a 34-inch putter is recommended for those between 5’6″ and 5’8″. These guidelines help align the putter with the golfer’s physique, promoting a more natural and comfortable stance.

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Top 3 Evnroll Putter Models Used by Pro Golfers

If you were considering pro golfing and that made you wonder if any pros use the Evntoll putter, here are some Evnroll putter models some notable pro golfers have used:


  1. Evnroll ER1

The Evnroll ER1 putter has made a significant impact on my golf game. Its blend of control, roll, and forgiveness is outstanding. The putter’s innovative technology and features contribute to its exceptional performance.


The milled face of the Evnroll ER1 is truly revolutionary. Its unique pattern, covering the entire surface, provides a consistent milling experience. When I run my finger across it, I feel the precision, transforming the entire face into a sweet spot. This ingenious design guarantees a smooth roll for the ball, even on off-center putts, making distance control extremely accurate.


I have found the alignment aids on the top line of the putter to be incredibly helpful. There are two dots on each side of the center cavity sightline, which guide the positioning of the ball. This ensures that my putts consistently stay on the high side of the hole, ultimately improving my accuracy.


The Evnroll ER1 offers three length options (33 inches, 34 inches, and 35 inches), each corresponding to a specific head weight. This customization ensures optimal balance and distance control, catering to individual preferences and adding to the putter’s versatility.



  • Its unique face grooves, wider in the middle and narrower towards the edges, provide consistent distance control and a smoother roll.
  • It appeals to players who prefer a traditional blade with its visually appealing design, enhanced feel, and improved roll.
  • Players can choose from a range of high-quality stock grips for the ER1 to add a personal touch.



  • Some golfers may feel that the customization options for the ER1 putter are more limited compared to other putters.
  • It is classified as a high-end putter with a higher price tag.


  1. Evnroll ER2

The Evnroll ER2 putter has revolutionized my putting game on the greens. With its Face Groove Technology, the putter ensures a consistent roll no matter where I strike the ball on the face. This personalized design philosophy perfectly resonates with Evnroll’s commitment to delivering even and reliable ball rolls.


As an avid user of the ER2 model, I’ve found that the blade putter aligns seamlessly with my slightly arcing and straighter strokes. What sets the ER2 apart is its ability to provide the most consistent roll among all putters, giving me a satisfying feel with every stroke. Incorporating alignment dots and a line on the flange makes lining up shots effortless, enhancing my accuracy on the green.


With 15 degrees of toe hang, the ER2 accommodates my slight arcing stroke, allowing for a smooth and natural putting motion tailored to my game. The stainless steel head contributes to the putter’s aesthetics and generates a satisfying “click” on impact, further enhancing the feel of each putt.

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  • The ER2 putter enhances performance on the greens by providing a controlled and consistent roll across different putt lengths.
  • It sets up perfectly with its sophisticated finish and wide blade shape.
  • It minimizes the negative impact of mishits, offering forgiveness and instilling confidence in your putting stroke.



  • Some players may need some time to adjust to its slower speed.
  • Compared to other putters, the customization options are limited.


  1. Evnroll ER8v Tour Mallet Putter

The Evnroll ER8v Tour Mallet Putter, released in 2021, has quickly become my go-to putter on the green. It relies on the innovative Sweet Face Technology, elevating forgiveness, stability, and accuracy in my putting game and significantly contributing to improved performance on the green.


The microgroove pattern on the face, coupled with the squared-backed mallet head, delivers a pleasing balance and a remarkable feel and sound upon impact that I find truly satisfying. This putter’s modern and stylish design goes beyond aesthetics; it boosts my confidence during shots thanks to its adjustable weighting features, gravity grip technology, and alignment aids, all working together to enhance my putting precision.


However, although exceptionally smooth, the milled face occasionally reflects sunlight due to its steel composition, creating a minor inconvenience during play. Despite being a bit heavier than some alternatives, I’ve found that the Evnroll ER8v more than compensates for this with its advanced features, making it a valuable investment for someone like me who’s always looking to enhance consistency on the green.



  • The ER8v incorporates Evnroll’s patented Sweet Face Technology, designed to deliver a consistent roll across the face. This leads to increased accuracy and fewer mishits.
  • This putter offers a high-end look with CNC-milled stainless steel, a sleek black flange line, and customizable neck options.
  • For an extra fee, you can opt for the gravity grip, which enhances face angle awareness and helps maintain a balanced tempo throughout your stroke.
  • It delivers a pleasant and muted “tock” sound upon impact, providing a consistent feel even on off-center strikes.



  • Some players may not find the muted feel and lack of strong feedback appealing because it doesn’t provide sufficient sensory information about the quality of the strike.
  • The ER8v has a high price tag (over $400), which may discourage budget-conscious golfers.
  • Occasionally, the steel face of the putter can reflect sunlight, which could be distracting for certain players.


The fact that professional golfers like Tommy Fleetwood, Zac Blair, and Ian Poulter have adopted Evnroll putters shows the brand’s popularity and appeal among top players. By choosing Evnroll, these pros demonstrate the putters’ ability to enhance accuracy and consistency on the greens. The endorsement from skilled and diverse players within the golfing community reinforces Evnroll’s reputation as a reliable and high-performance choice for those looking to improve their short game.



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