Steadfast Golf Shaft Review

Steadfast Golf Shaft Review 


Steadfast Golf Shafts may not be a popular name in the golf industry, but they have been making notable waves and gaining lots of love as affordable, high-quality shafts. According to the company, this carbon shaft’s unique selling point is its advanced technology and materials that can help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. But how true is this? I decided to test and review this shaft.

After trying different stiff shafts for my Callaway Edge Big Bertha driver, I like this one the best. Long story short, I achieved a good distance and hit the shots straighter. However, the brand doesn’t seem to be doing enough to put out information that can help buyers know if this is truly what would help them. The Steadfast Golf shaft is worth the shot if it swings around 90 mph or less if you’re a senior player like me.

In the rest of this article, I’ll walk you through this safe, how it performed, and other relevant details so you can better determine if it’s a good option for you. To begin with, let’s look at the specifications of the Steadfast golf shaft.

Steadfast Golf Shaft Specifications

The main gist about this shaft, the JUPITER ONE PLUS Driver Shaft, is that it’s designed with torque and balance. So it promises the best feeling and the most stable beams on the market.

Steadfast Golf Shaft

Steadfast golf shaft review


  • The Steadfast golf shaft is reasonably priced at around $100, making it a cost-effective option for golfers.
  • The shaft boasts innovative features, such as ultra-low torque, which can potentially enhance performance and accuracy.
  • Suitable for golfers with swing speeds of 95 mph or less, providing them with a good match for their playing style.
Ladies70-74 mph223 CPM45g45.5 in. play length
Senior70-89 mph227 CPM50g45.5 in. play length
Regular90-99 mph241 CPM55g45.5 in. play length
Stiff 100-109 mph258 CPM58g,45.5 in. play length
X110-129 mph273cpm61g,45.5 in. play length

First Impressions

At first, the offerings of Steadfast golf shafts sound a little gimmicky because it’s uncommon to find a brand claiming ultra-low torque in their posts.

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Before writing this review, I burrowed into reviews on forums and online shopping platforms to see what users say about this shaft.

The reviews have been 50/50, so it’s still a long shot to conclude based solely on the assessment and rating of this shat.

I play a Hazardous Smoke Yellow 60S for context and get along fine with it. But I have still decided to try this out.

The first green light about this product is that Steadfast claims a money-back guarantee, and the shaft is around $100.

So, for the first impression, it’s mixed because I have experience with many promise-and-fail shafts, but this sounded different.

The Appearance 

The shaft has a grip and adapter installed, so it has a plug-and-play approach, making it easy for new players.

While I do not like that they use stickers as a label, it even stinks to see that the sticker is too big and crackles as you touch it.

In my opinion, the club would look fairly nice without the sticker or some other paint option.

On the brighter side, the shaft is thicker than normal but oddly thinner in the grip section compared to my hand.

It also felt more flexible without being too whippy.

Club Build

Based on the manufacturer’s recommendation of swing speed, I went with the R flex of the Steadfast Golf shaft.

The range for this flex is quite large—90 to 99 miles per hour, which made me rethink going for a stiff. So this might be a little confusing for new buyers still trying to figure out what shaft flex works best for them.

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The advertised weight is 55 grams, which is excellent for pairing with one of my driver heads—the Maltby KE4 Tour TC—at a playing weight of 204 grams.

The Feel 

I found out that if I swing very easily, I get a nice tight dispersion—a baby draw or a baby fade—but nothing ridiculous. It was pretty impressive at first, but I had trouble getting this face square as I swung harder.

I suspected it was either lagging or deflecting too far forward and slamming shut. The only logical conclusion I could draw from this outcome is that since I followed Steadfasts’s recommendation and built the driver to 45.5”, the length was probably overwhelming.

Meanwhile, not many driver heads these days are above 200 grams, which is already considered the heavy side, except when you look at models like PING, which can be a couple of grams more. But most drivers are lighter.

The Performance 

The shaft is very flexible in the midsection. I also like that I can feel the shaft load. That’s not to say it’s the only way you can handle the bag, but that’s something for a smooth tempo.

When I swung slowly, the only way that I could get the ball to draw was to release my hands consciously.

How Does It Improve Swing?

The only way I could measure how well it imparted my swing was to pay attention to the data tracked by the Flightscope Mevo + launch monitor.

Initially, I tried to swing at 99 mph or lower to get this regular flex shaft’s lower swing speed range and I was pretty successful at 90 mph.

Here is the data result:

When I stepped it up to my regular swing speed, closer to the upper range of the regular flex of the shaft, I was shooting for 99 mph and could get pretty close swinging on average at 98 mph.

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Here is the data result:

So you can see that this is a good-performing shaft. It didn’t jump out with a particularly high or low launch angle or high or low spin. Those are typical for me when testing shafts.

Steadfast Golf Shaft Pros and Cons

Unlike most other shaft reviews I’ve done, it’s going to be challenging to give a rating to the Steadfast golf shafts because the primary purpose of this is to put out enough information about a relatively new and innovative product with the hope that it’ll help others inform their decisions about trying it.

That being said, here are the key pros and cons I jotted down while testing this shaft:


  • It’s super affordable.
  • Innovative technology 
  • It is an ideal option for those who swing at 95 mph or less.


  • The swing speed range for the R flex of this shaft is quite broad.
  • There is not enough visual information from the brand about this shaft and how it works.

The Price

The Steadfast Golf Shaft sells for $99 on Amazon, but on the Steadfast brand’s official website, you can get it for $106. It’s not a bad price point for a quality shaft.

I think it’s a huge benefit, given that they market directly to the consumer and cut out the middleman.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, I think the Steadfast golf shaft is worth consideration. Graphite shafts are brittle and do not stand the test of time. But Steadfast is constructed using the highest quality carbon fiber, the pure form of graphite, so you can be assured of more durability and a better overall feel.

However, during my research, I did come across some reviews on possible flaws of this product, especially with the tip prepping or the epoxy that made some heads fly off and adapters come loose.

I didn’t have any issues with this particular shaft spec, but I did a little extra prep and used 24 epoxy to ensure I didn’t encounter any of those issues.

What do you think about the Steadfast golf shaft? Let me know in the comments.



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